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SMS Campaigns
SMS Campaigns

We dispatch promotional and transactional SMS on behalf of our clients.

Display Campaigns
Display Campaigns

We run display campaigns on our partner publications both web and mobile.

Email Campaigns
Email Campaigns

We run email campaigns on behalf of our clients.

We provide the Best of Digital Marketing Solutions..

We strive to offer our customers the best and widest range of digital services and solutions to enhance their business in the digital world. We are dedicated to offer the best quality and timely work and ensure customer satisfaction and are willing to find new ways to support our client's business and enhance sales. We offer convenience, affordability and super fast delivery.

" Providing the best Digital services and solutions to Increase your Business. "


Public Relations


As small business owners we try our best to manage everything from planning to execution and squeeze our shoestring budgets as far as they will go in order to find new opportunities for our brands.

Public relations for small business are powerful because it helps you get more exposure and it places you in front of your target audience.

Some people think of PR as ‘free advertising’ which couldn’t be farther from the truth. Building relationships with the right people and organisations is time consuming so if you need quicker results a PR agency is the best way to go (they do cost $$$). Most bloggers and influencers now charge for reviews, promoted posts and featured posts so PR is definitely not free.

PR however is very important for any brand, and for numerous reasons.

  1. To raise awareness. People trust established brands. One way to make your business known and compete with established brands is to send out your message by a third party such as a popular magazine in your industry, a high-traffic website, a respected influencer or social media superstar.
  1. Build credibility. Unlike advertising, a magazine mention of your product or a product review is not a direct sell so it comes out as a recommendation from a person that could be an authority in your niche like a celebrity beauty blogger with thousands of followers.
  1. Tailors information. Every business has its unique brand message. People adore brands that have a compelling or relatable story so make sure that you carry yours wholeheartedly at every function you go to because it is what makes people remember you.
  1. Helps manage reputation. Having trusted connections in the media is not always about free marketing but also reputation management. In your business journey, you will encounter (but I hope you don’t) dreadful situations like advertising gone wrong or unsatisfied customers lashing out on social media about how bad your product is. In times like these, media connections can help you repair the damage through a press release or similar means.
  1. Helps shape a likable image. Customers love friendly and community-engaged brands. By maintaining a constant presence in your industry or in front your customers’ eyes, you are creating a strong connection with your audience.
  1. Cost-effective. Paying for a magazine spread is not a bad idea if you have the budget for it. However, if you are on a tight budget, having friends in the right places can get you a full feature or an article mention on the same publication without paying loads of cash.
  1. Promote brand values. You can use PR to send out positive messages to your target audience that are in line with your brand image by using the language and ideas that your target customers respond to more positively.
  1. Strengthens community relations. When you make new connections, you are building ties with the local market by attending functions, joining groups, donating time to charity or causes related to your business. Being an active member of a community establishes your credibility with peers, consumers, and editorial contacts.
  1. Boost your niche authority. Getting featured on media outlets may come out as simple to many but for a business owner, the effect could be massively beneficial especially if you are trying to own a niche.
  1. Know your competition up-close and personal. You are not the only one who spends time in making new connections. It’s one way of knowing what your competitors are up to, which gives you clues how to keep up with them.

PR is not free in the sense that it requires time and effort in making new connections. It may seem labor intensive but if your business does this right, it will help your company look more likeable, influential, and successful.

 At BPM we engage in PR activities on behalf of our clients.

Content Management System (CMS) and Website & Application (App) Design and Development

Content Management System (CMS) is a software or a suite of applications deployed to seamlessly input content on a website. It is an interface or a medium for the creation, edition or modification, review and publishing of content on a website and enabling multiple users to upload content at the same time and work collaboratively on the website.

CMS offers a web based graphic user interface (GUI) enabling publishers to access CMS through a web browser. CMS designed for web publishing provides options and features such as the indexing and search of documents and specifying keywords and metadata for search engine crawlers, etc. At the same time the CMS abstracts away the low level details unless they are required.

Essentially CMS is an interface for the management of content of a website. CMS basially has two components : Content Management Application and Content Delivery Application. Content Management Application is a front end user interface useful to add, modify, remove content from a website even with limited expertise and without any knowledge of html. Content Delivery Application compiles that information and updates the website.

We architect the Content Management System for our clients depending on the publication requirements. Some of the basic features that we deploy in the CMS are : SEO friendly urls of the web pages, Online help, Group and user functionality, Support for changing template designs, Installation of various wizards and their up-gradation, Audit logs & all other features as required by the client.

Website Design is the process of designing the front end of a website including writing mark up. There are also many different areas within web design such as web graphic design, interface design, user experience design, etc. Web Designers use many latest tools available in the market for drawing up a design and these tools are also updated periodically.

Design considerations vary greatly depending on the target audience for whom the website is being designed. How well we understand and how we interact with the site depends on the design of  the website. Home Page design, design that will help in SEO are a few of the factors our web designers keep in mind while designing a good looking and user friendly website. Our designers design responsive websites, such that they can be accessed from any device..irrespective of the screen size – the web page will always perfectly fit to the screen size.

Website Development basically means to get an website ready for the world wide web. Web development can range from the simplest single page plain text static website to the most complex of web based internet applications, electronic businesses and social media infrastructure.

We develop the whole range of responsive websites – static, dynamic, ecommerce, etc. for our clients. The websites so designed are state of the art and are developed adopting the lastest digital technologies.

mobile app mobile site

Mobile Applications (Apps) are softwares that can be downloaded to and accessed directly from a smart phone, tablet or other mobile devices such as a music player. App Development is basically the process of developing an application for these mobile devices.

These applications can be pre-installed in the phones while manufacturing or can also be accessed through server side or client side processing to provide an application like experience within a web browser. Front end development tools as well as back end servers are required to develop an app and deploy it in an mobile environment.

Mobile User Interface is essential and considers all constraints,  context, hardware, screen, mobility, input, output, etc as guidelines for design. These days mobile apps are a trend and we design and develop high utility and extremely functional mobile apps.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) in simple terms is the promotion of websites on search engines through paid advertising such that the websites are visible in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).

SEM is thus buying traffic through paid listings on search engines. Apart from Google – the behemoth search engine, the other two important ones are Yahoo and Bing.

SEM is one of the most effective ways to grow visibility, traffic and business in an extremely competitive business environment. Advertisers bid on certain keywords relevant for their business and when a user of say Google or Bing searches for something using that keyword/s, these advertisers or their ads show up alongside the answers to the queries on the SERP. SEM’s USP is that it puts the relevant ads right in front of the motivated potential customers who are ready to buy at that precise moment. 

SEM is a non intrusive form of marketing. Marketers understand that the person is on a hunt mode and is looking for information which may directly or indirectly be of commercial nature. Keyword research plays a critical role as selecting and bidding on the right set of keywords can give the advertiser excellent results.

Many forms of search is now evolving including voice search and search within app environments. Many countries have their own general purpose or specialty search engines locally build up to meet the needs of their local population.

We at BPM help suggest the right keywords and execute & optimize the search campaign for our clients to deliver best results.

Content Marketing


Content Marketing is a marketing strategy focused on creating, publishing and distributing valuable, relevant and timely content with an objective to attract and retain visitors or customers – ultimately leading to profitable customer action.

It is a natural human tendency to believe an editorial or a news piece/content more than an ad content. Hence we witness a huge demand for advertorials. Marketing taps this mindset with Content Marketing.

We are living in a time and age where the buyer does a good amount of research – mostly online, before actually buying a product or a service. In this process the consumer wants to be 100% sure of the product/service and proactively reaches out to the brands and businesses to seek answers and help. Content Marketing is the answer to this buyer driven environment.

Content Marketing is then the creation of high quality and valuable content to attract, inform and engage potential customers and in the process promote the brand. Content Marketing through valuable and effective content taps various digital and non-digital mediums to reach out to the potential buyers.

These mediums can be social media, article posting, e-newsletters, case studies, blogs, white papers, webinars/webcasts, print magazines, videos, promotion of content in traditional media, microsites, print newsletters, research reports, podcasts, digital magazines, virtual conferences, ebooks, infographics, books, etc.

Thus Content Marketing is all about building an audience base that builds the company’s business and in BPM we create high quality and long lasting refined content per the brand and business needs.

Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate Marketing is a form of performance based marketing in which an advertiser rewards an affiliate/publisher through a commission for a traffic, lead or sale being brought by the affiliate to the advertiser by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the oldest forms of online marketing wherein an affiliate refers a visitor to a product or a service and when the visitor evinces interest or buys that product or service online the affiliate receives a commission. Affiliates in a way can be considered as an extended sales force of the advertiser.

Advertisers prefer affiliate marketing because ideally the advertisers do not have to incur a cost until and unless a sale is made. Terms like affiliate program, affiliate link, affiliate website and affiliate sales continue to remain in the trend because of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing works best when the advertiser’s products and services are contextually placed on the websites and it helps further if the ad is well supported by a write up of an experience of using that product or service and the context of using that product or service.

To succeed in affiliate marketing an affiliate/publisher needs to have relevant and timely content on websites, build relationships with other niche publications and strike effective partnerships with these publications.

The quest is for the cookies as the cookies help the advertisers identify the publications/affiliates from where the traffic, lead or sale has been generated. Even if the visitor does not buy the same product but buys some other product from the advertiser but within a specified time frame normally 24 hours to even 90 days depending on the affiliate program, the credit and the commission for the sale of this other product still goes to the affiliate. Some advertisers though do not give credit or commission for the sale of any other product, other than the one in the link. So the affiliate terms and conditions needs to be clearly understood before joining the affiliate program.

Print Advertising


Print Advertising uses physically printed media such as magazines, newspapers, booklets, flyers, newsletters, etc. to reach consumers, individual and business customers and prospects.

Going by the number of books being sold on Amazon and the horde of newspapers, magazines and other forms of print out there in the market, print is far from from done and still holds a strong future. We have seen some incredible forms of print advertising in the past.

Print media advertising offers the advertisers the opportunity to target different types of readership with the print media costs based on  the circulation and the nature of readership. Every media has its own advantage. Print media benefits from very loyal readership. There are dedicated subscribers of their favorite magazines and newspapers almost in every part of the world. Print Ads also have  very high credibility and gain from the pass along exposure.

We at BPM provide clever print solutions to our esteemed clients and help them reach their target audience by placing their ads on our partner publications. We are rather more focused these days on interactive print ads. 

We also provide combo solutions to our clients i.e. print + digital.

Social Media Optimization (SMO) & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

social-media-marketingSocial Media Optimization (SMO) is the process of increasing the awareness of a product, brand or event by using a number of social media platforms and communities to create viral publicity.

The purpose of SMO is to use social media to grow the traffic flow to a website. SMO helps build familiarity and trust as people will find you not only mentioned but also recommended.

According to Google’s Hummingbird algorithm the more the content is shared on social media, the higher the perceived quality and hence the content will rank higher in Google’s search rankings. Thus the motto these days is to make the content more easily transportable and shareable. The content should be available and easily visible on apps, widgets, social networking sites, blogs, video sites, forums..that is as far as possible on all digital entry points.

seoContent is King and sharing it smartly is what matters to make it widely popular. When people find the content valuable, reliable or interesting they want to share such content. Even simple steps such as having the social share buttons displayed prominently with the content goes a long way in making the content popular. Further showing the number of shares a content/post has generated establishes social proof.


Social Media Optimization is here to stay. BPM provides top grade SMO services and solutions.

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is similar to Search Engine Optimization in that the objective being to grow the traffic flow to the website. The major difference between SMO and SEO is that SMO is based on content and SEO is based on keywords. 

diff-btween-onsite-offsite-seo-chartSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical to attract and pull visitors to the websites. Here payment to search engines is not involved as with paid search ads. It is the process of positively affecting the visibility of a website, webpage or content in the search engines unpaid results.  Unpaid results are also referred to as free, organic, natural, editorial or earned results. SEO could mean text search or even image and  video search. SEO can be divided into two distinct categories: On-Page (or On-Site) SEO and Off-Page SEO. Both are complementary to each other and go hand in hand in improving the search rankings of the website. However we would advice to get the On Page right first before focusing too much on Of-Page SEO.

In recent past BPM has achieved some amazing SEO results – such that some not so popular websites have ranked extremely high in search results in relation to certain keywords vis-a-vis some very popular websites.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

banner-social-1Social Media Marketing (SMM) refers to the process of gaining attention or traffic through social media sites.



Social Media Marketing is the use of social media websites and platforms to generate leads and sell a product or a service. Companies tap their current and potential customers, current and potential employees, bloggers, their target audience through applied filters and in fact tap  the general public or as they say the entire wild west world.

Social media campaigns are those that utilize one or more of the social media channels be it Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Google Plus, et all to promote a message, build an awareness or a brand. Most of these social media platforms have their own built in data analytics tools which helps the marketer to keep a tab on the progress of the campaigns, the level of engagement being generated, the success of the campaigns and the overall performance of the campaigns.

Social networking sites act as word of mouth or more accurately e-word of mouth. Social media websites help companies to interact with all their stakeholders and help build relationships and online communities.  

Social Media is a useful source of market information and hear customer perspectives.

We provide a whole host of social media services such as Facebook Page Management, Increase Facebook likes, Increase Twitter Followers, Increase YouTube Views, CRM, ORM, Competition Intelligence, Industry Intelligence and Research Reports through smart social media tools, etc..in fact the end to end ‘Social Media Infrastructure Management‘.

SMS Marketing

sms-campaignSMS messages are directly delivered to the pocket/inbox of the potential customers. According to statistics 97% of the SMS messages being sent out on behalf of the clients are being consumed by the potential customers in the very first 3 minutes of it being delivered. 

We dispatch promotional and  transnational SMS on behalf of our clients. However we do not dispatch any message to the numbers subscribed for DND. We strictly adhere to this rule.

With Bulk SMS we can reach out to millions of new and existing customer’s within seconds. We can easily schedule and send the message/s with a personalized touch to the client’s potential customers. We can also attach files in the SMS and send PDFs, word documents and spreadsheets.

Tracking is also easy for our SMS campaigns and we keep a tab on the count of people who have read the message, clicked on the link, etc.

This is “The Marketing Medium” to instantly catch the attention of the potential customers.

Email Marketing

email-campaign-1Email Marketing is good for any business. In email marketing we typically tap our various opt-in/double opt-in email database to roll out a commercial message on behalf of our clients.  An email blast is sent out to a mailing list or a large group of people known as subscribers. Email marketing is a cost effective method to test different marketing content and pin down the content/s or part of the content/s generating maximum interest or leads and sales for the company.

Emailers or EDMs is an effective medium to reach out to the potential customers very quickly and effectively with very fast results. We pride ourselves with a very high rate of inbox delivery. We also have niche databases of HNIs, Super HNIs, CXOs, SMEs, Lawyers, Doctors, Architects, etc. filtered as per gender, age, city, occupation, income, ARPU, etc.

Post completion of the email campaign we provide a detailed report to the client on the number of mailers sent out, number of mailers delivered, number & percentage of mailers opened, number & percentage of mailers clicked, if there is more than one call to action – the call to action generating the maximum interest, etc.

Go for Email Marketing if you want quick results – with the right database and right marketing content, this is a lethal weapon in the hands of the marketers.

Google AdWords


Google AdWords is Google’s advertising ecosystem wherein the advertisers bid on certain keywords such that the advertiser’s ad is discovered prominently as a paid ad when someone searches for something on google using those set of keywords OR the advertiser can opt for the ad to be burned as a display ad on google adsense partner publications, or both. Mostly google strives to display ads with a high a degree of contextual relevancy.

Google AdWords can be categorized into Google Display Network(GDN) and Google Search Network(GSN).

Google Display Network comprises of Google websites such as Google Finance, Gmail, Blooger, Youtube, etc along with a million of non google websites. GDN also comprises of mobile websites and apps. The Display Network was until recently being referred to as Content Network.

Google Search Network is the most well known and common form of PPC advertising. Search Network is a list of search engines where the advertisers ads will appear, Google being the primary search. It is only possible to run text ads in the Search Network. Though it is expected that ads other than text ads will also be possible in search soon. 

It is important  to segment the client’s budget between the above networks basis how these networks have performed or will perform for the client’s campaign.

We strategize and execute Google AdWords campaigns on behalf of our clients.

Display Advertising

banner-social-2Display advertising is advertising on websites to communicate an advertising message through banner ads, text, graphics, animation, videos and other rich media to sell products and services in a visually appealing way.

Display ads is one of the best medium for effective targeting and real time conversion measuring.

The placements of display ads is the key..tuning in to what the target audience is already consuming and aligning the advertisements such that they are timely, relevant and personalized.

Display ads is evolving fast with many trends shaping this transformation such as native ads, retargeting (or remarketing), growth of mobile as a device and a medium, programmatic advertising, to name a few.

We work with a lot of corporate clients and SMBs and execute their display campaigns on our partner publications both in web and mobile/apps. Display campaigns not only help the brand to gain visibility and establish brand recall and brand connect with the target audience but also help the brand go the entire distance and generate leads and sales.

Our forte is display advertising and we provide the best ROI with effective targeting and optimization of all campaign parameters.