Content Management System (CMS) and Website & Application (App) Design and Development

Content Management System (CMS) is a software or a suite of applications deployed to seamlessly input content on a website. It is an interface or a medium for the creation, edition or modification, review and publishing of content on a website and enabling multiple users to upload content at the same time and work collaboratively on the website.

CMS offers a web based graphic user interface (GUI) enabling publishers to access CMS through a web browser. CMS designed for web publishing provides options and features such as the indexing and search of documents and specifying keywords and metadata for search engine crawlers, etc. At the same time the CMS abstracts away the low level details unless they are required.

Essentially CMS is an interface for the management of content of a website. CMS basially has two components : Content Management Application and Content Delivery Application. Content Management Application is a front end user interface useful to add, modify, remove content from a website even with limited expertise and without any knowledge of html. Content Delivery Application compiles that information and updates the website.

We architect the Content Management System for our clients depending on the publication requirements. Some of the basic features that we deploy in the CMS are : SEO friendly urls of the web pages, Online help, Group and user functionality, Support for changing template designs, Installation of various wizards and their up-gradation, Audit logs & all other features as required by the client.

Website Design is the process of designing the front end of a website including writing mark up. There are also many different areas within web design such as web graphic design, interface design, user experience design, etc. Web Designers use many latest tools available in the market for drawing up a design and these tools are also updated periodically.

Design considerations vary greatly depending on the target audience for whom the website is being designed. How well we understand and how we interact with the site depends on the design of  the website. Home Page design, design that will help in SEO are a few of the factors our web designers keep in mind while designing a good looking and user friendly website. Our designers design responsive websites, such that they can be accessed from any device..irrespective of the screen size – the web page will always perfectly fit to the screen size.

Website Development basically means to get an website ready for the world wide web. Web development can range from the simplest single page plain text static website to the most complex of web based internet applications, electronic businesses and social media infrastructure.

We develop the whole range of responsive websites – static, dynamic, ecommerce, etc. for our clients. The websites so designed are state of the art and are developed adopting the lastest digital technologies.

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Mobile Applications (Apps) are softwares that can be downloaded to and accessed directly from a smart phone, tablet or other mobile devices such as a music player. App Development is basically the process of developing an application for these mobile devices.

These applications can be pre-installed in the phones while manufacturing or can also be accessed through server side or client side processing to provide an application like experience within a web browser. Front end development tools as well as back end servers are required to develop an app and deploy it in an mobile environment.

Mobile User Interface is essential and considers all constraints,  context, hardware, screen, mobility, input, output, etc as guidelines for design. These days mobile apps are a trend and we design and develop high utility and extremely functional mobile apps.