Content Marketing


Content Marketing is a marketing strategy focused on creating, publishing and distributing valuable, relevant and timely content with an objective to attract and retain visitors or customers – ultimately leading to profitable customer action.

It is a natural human tendency to believe an editorial or a news piece/content more than an ad content. Hence we witness a huge demand for advertorials. Marketing taps this mindset with Content Marketing.

We are living in a time and age where the buyer does a good amount of research – mostly online, before actually buying a product or a service. In this process the consumer wants to be 100% sure of the product/service and proactively reaches out to the brands and businesses to seek answers and help. Content Marketing is the answer to this buyer driven environment.

Content Marketing is then the creation of high quality and valuable content to attract, inform and engage potential customers and in the process promote the brand. Content Marketing through valuable and effective content taps various digital and non-digital mediums to reach out to the potential buyers.

These mediums can be social media, article posting, e-newsletters, case studies, blogs, white papers, webinars/webcasts, print magazines, videos, promotion of content in traditional media, microsites, print newsletters, research reports, podcasts, digital magazines, virtual conferences, ebooks, infographics, books, etc.

Thus Content Marketing is all about building an audience base that builds the company’s business and in BPM we create high quality and long lasting refined content per the brand and business needs.