Google AdWords


Google AdWords is Google’s advertising ecosystem wherein the advertisers bid on certain keywords such that the advertiser’s ad is discovered prominently as a paid ad when someone searches for something on google using those set of keywords OR the advertiser can opt for the ad to be burned as a display ad on google adsense partner publications, or both. Mostly google strives to display ads with a high a degree of contextual relevancy.

Google AdWords can be categorized into Google Display Network(GDN) and Google Search Network(GSN).

Google Display Network comprises of Google websites such as Google Finance, Gmail, Blooger, Youtube, etc along with a million of non google websites. GDN also comprises of mobile websites and apps. The Display Network was until recently being referred to as Content Network.

Google Search Network is the most well known and common form of PPC advertising. Search Network is a list of search engines where the advertisers ads will appear, Google being the primary search. It is only possible to run text ads in the Search Network. Though it is expected that ads other than text ads will also be possible in search soon. 

It is important  to segment the client’s budget between the above networks basis how these networks have performed or will perform for the client’s campaign.

We strategize and execute Google AdWords campaigns on behalf of our clients.