Print Advertising


Print Advertising uses physically printed media such as magazines, newspapers, booklets, flyers, newsletters, etc. to reach consumers, individual and business customers and prospects.

Going by the number of books being sold on Amazon and the horde of newspapers, magazines and other forms of print out there in the market, print is far from from done and still holds a strong future. We have seen some incredible forms of print advertising in the past.

Print media advertising offers the advertisers the opportunity to target different types of readership with the print media costs based on  the circulation and the nature of readership. Every media has its own advantage. Print media benefits from very loyal readership. There are dedicated subscribers of their favorite magazines and newspapers almost in every part of the world. Print Ads also have  very high credibility and gain from the pass along exposure.

We at BPM provide clever print solutions to our esteemed clients and help them reach their target audience by placing their ads on our partner publications. We are rather more focused these days on interactive print ads. 

We also provide combo solutions to our clients i.e. print + digital.