10 SEO Tips To Drive More Traffic To Our Website


10 SEO Tips To Drive More Traffic To Our Website

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What is SEO? And Why is the digital world going gaga over it? Let’s demystify the term and also learn several tips and tactics that we can arm ourselves with in order to ensure that our business’s website doesn’t lag behind in the Search engine index.

SEO is the short form for Search Engine Optimization. Well that’s good. So it must be related to optimizing Search Engines, right? This is something that Search engine like Google and Bing do, and we as common people don’t need to worry about it, right? Well that would be absolutely wrong and the consequences could be disastrous. According to Wikipedia the correct definition of SEO is “Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results—often referred to as “natural”, “organic”, or “earned” results. ”. What?

Basically SEO is the process of optimizing our website and the content present in order to ensure that when people search for related content, our webpage lists on the top index. SEO is of prime concern for a business’s online presence as it is important for the business website to be the first one to be displayed when a user searches for their product or their services.

So how does one achieves the perfect ‘SEO’? Well in the modern digital world, SEO is no longer just a simple-set of rules one can implement and hope to succeed, but it’s like a car which has to be well maintained in order to achieve the maximum mileage out of it.

So Here Are Few Tips And Tactics That We Can Implement In Order To Ensure Better Results In The Search Engine Index- 

  1. Selection Of Proper Keywords

We have prepared the content and published it on the internet. But we observe that not too many customers have read it. Why? Because the words we think that people search may be quite different from what our users actually do.

Well how to rectify this? The primary thing is to research. Analyse the data from our users, the comments that they leave in order to come up with most vital keywords and phrases that correspond to what an ideal user of our website would be more likely to search with. Armed with this knowledge, we can now create the list of keywords that would help us ascend the search engine rankings pretty smoothly. A tool that is highly recommended is the Google Keyword Planner.

  1. The Previous Tip mentions Research. Research Our Competition

Research is an integral part of the modern art of building a website and ensuring that a website receives an appreciable amount of traffic. Now that we have the keywords we need, key them in and observe the search results. All the results above our web page are our competition. Observe why are they above us in the result index.

Now wait. Before we rush to copy the same features, remember that plagiarism is always a sin. We have to improve upon the existing methods in order to get better, not blatantly copy them.

  1. The Content We Write Is The Content That Helps Us To Build Our Online Presence

We know what our competitor’s strategy is. Now it’s our turn to blow them out of water. Invest a healthy amount of time in content creation and ensure that the content is fresh, engaging and convincing. Copying may seem like a great way to complete our content canvas, but trust us, it is better to have sleepless nights creating beautifully crafted content rather than resorting to plagiarism and cry over fall of ranking in the search index.

  1. Ensure That Our Title Is Eye-Catching

When anyone sees our article in the search result, it is the title that they see first. Put simply, A bland and uninteresting title will surely put the mouse cursor out of the reach for our article’s hyperlink while an interesting title does make it easier for the user to click it and have a chance to go through our content. So we need to ponder a bit over the title of our content, and ensure that it has that x-factor. Provide our potential customer the incentive to click our link using a well-thought title !

  1. Proper Meta Descriptions

What is a Meta Description? It is sort of a snippet with a maximum length of 155 characters which describes the web page’s content in a nutshell. 155 Characters? That’s way too small. Small yes. But eye-catching? Definitely if we put some work in it. Also put the keywords in the meta description as it is definitely going to help in the search ranking index.

  1. Image1.jpeg, Image2.jpeg , confusion.png

A picture speaks a thousand words, doesn’t it ? Well the Search Engine bots can’t see our carefully crafted and designed images. They do however scour our websites for image files. How they are named can improve our SEO strategy by a lot. It takes only a few minutes to rename the Image1.jpeg to “Graphs describing quarterly sales.jpeg” but it is going to have a very positive effect on the Search Rankings for our website, i.e, it’s effect are going to be long lasting. Adding an alt tag will also help with the ranking opportunities.

  1. Internal Linking Is Essential

Strategically speaking, Internal Linking is a powerful SEO technique, especially when our business continually churns out fresh content on a proper schedule. Internal linking offers three benefits, that is, it helps improve the  website navigation and also improve the architecture and hierarchy of a website. However the best benefit of proper internal linking is the fact that it helps distribute Search Engine Ranking power throughout the website. Thus it helps achieve better SEO.

  1. Why Hasn’t The Site Loaded Yet 🙁

We may have the most compelling and well-thought content, we may have the most meticulously designed web-page ever, but if it isn’t fast enough for the user, it is never going to be a user’s first choice and by extension, a search engine’s first choice. Yes, the Need For Speed is real. Optimization of our website is as important as SEO, especially when Google considers Site Speed as a vital ranking factor. We need to ensure that our website is bloatware free and the loading times are fast to keep the users interested.

  1. Spread The Word, Share The Links

It’s not rare to see SEO professionals completely ignore the value proposition that external linking via social media offers. We have already seen the power of linking. In fact, The Linking Ecosystem is a major stakeholder in the Search Engine Ranking Systems. Combined with the power of social media platforms, there is almost infinite linking possibilities. So we need to ensure that there are social media sharing options available on the web-site so that the users can spread the word on the various social media channels available.

  1. Where’s That Smartphone?

It is surprising how quickly have smartphones(and Tablets, to a lesser extent) have become the dominant form to explore the oceans of the internet. This change has also caused SEO tactics to change overtime. It is now important to optimize our website for mobile and other mobility devices. In fact, Google now considers the mobile experience an important factor while deciding the ranking. There are several ways one can achieve a good mobile performance like building the website, keeping specifically in mind the mobile audience. There is however, a shortcut, named AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages. An open-source Google Product, this allows us to create mobile versions for our websites, enabling better experience for the mobiles and improving the search engine rankings. Win-Win!

Bonus: Analysis! Plan! Repeat!

We should be well on our way to implement SEO tactics on our website, but we also need to keep track of how helpful the changes and modifications have been regarding the number of views, and the search engine index. We can use software such as Google Analytics, Google Search Consoles to help us to analyse the data and track our success.

These tips are just the tip of the iceberg, though. There are still a mind-boggling ways to achieve perfect SEO. However if we stick to these, we’ll definitely create better content, achieve more traffic and definitely receive a substantial growth in the revenue.

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