About Us

We are a catalyst, a media that serves as a bridge between the varied (digital) points in a way such that the whole is bigger than the sum of all the parts and such that – all the stakeholders involved are in a win-win situation.

A Team?

We are an unique, and a dedicated team of digital experts with varied, and complementing digital abilities.

Most of us have been in this digital industry for over a decade, and during this journey have been associated with many organisations of repute.

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A Promise?

At BPM we are all in and 100% committed to our client’s brief and go all out to provide the optimal digital solution.

We create as well as reinforce the client’s corporate identity as well as profitability through an increase in the digital footprints on the digital properties.

We chalk up the mechanics to garner more quality leads, and help spike up the sales, and thus grow the client’s business, and success.

  1. We are a full-service (even though for now a boutique) Digital Ad Agency, and Ad Network.
  2. We are also into Digital Publishing with a few digital news publications of our own in English, Hindi, and other vernacular languages. We also manage a few news and niche publications for our publication partners.
  3. We impart end to end Digital Education, and Training on various digital subjects.
  4. We also provide holistic Digital Marketing Services.

Our Digital Marketing Services include Tech Support, Traffic Generation, Lead Generation, Display, Programmatic & Native Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, SMS & WhatsApp Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Video Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Infrastructure Management, SEO, Search Engine Marketing, Website Design & Development, Mobile App Design & Development, Designing Services, CRM, ORM, Competition & Industry Analysis and a whole host of other digital services.

We even extend our bouquet of Digital Marketing Services to Celebrities, Politicians, Astrologers, Businessmen, and more…



We study the Web and App Analytics and publish brand intelligence reports, industry intelligence reports, competition intelligence reports, market research reports, and more…

We do this on various niches and segments.



We impart digital education and training through our structured course modules.

The courses can be availed both Online as well as Offline.

The objective is to spread digital knowledge, and help the students understand the digital dynamics.



We also extend our services to print promotions through our Print Ads sales team.

We book ads in many of the reputed print newspapers, tabloids, magazines, and journals for our esteemed clients.

Bridging The World Together Through Digital!

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