Bridging Points Media Advertiser Network

Bridging Points Media’s Ad Serving Policies:

Bridging Points Media prohibits the below from promotion on its owned, managed and partner publications –

  • Explicit and/or illegal content.
  • Malware/Scare-ware/Phishing.
  • Real cash money games/gambling/casino.
  • Google parked domains or Google Adsense.
  • Any kind of pharmaceutical products or pills.
  • Paid subscriptions without price information.
  • Any sexual content that is not suitable for minors.
  • Toolbars/downloads with toolbars/fake software updates.
  • Any downloads except official app stores. (Google, Apple, Microsoft…)
  • Sites pretending that the visitor has or may have a virus on his device. (“Tech Support”)
  • Landing pages in violation of legal provisions, privacy rights, trademarks and/or third party rights or which offend common decency.

Getting Started

The advertiser can soon start advertising with us. To do so please create a Bridging Points Media account. If you are already registered, then please sign-in.

(If you are having trouble signing in, please write to [email protected] or call at +91- 9266 663 044)

Login Requirements

  • It must be an e-mail address.

    The users can login with their email IDs. For example: [email protected]

    Requirement #1

  • E-mail must be unique on our system.

    Multiple users cannot use the same email ID. Only one email ID per user is acceptable.

    Requirement #2

Password Strength Requirements

  • Include at least one number.

    For example: Myp@33w0rd

    Requirement #1

  • Minimum length is 8 characters.

    Passwords less than 8 characters are not acceptable due to security concerns.

    Requirement #2

  • At least “Fair” level is required.

    Fair Level means that the password should not be simple. An example of fair level: JZne183@NVN

    Requirement #3

  • Include at least one capital letter.

    For example: MyP@ssw0rd

    Requirement #4

  • Avoid using plain dictionary words.

    You should never use plain dictionary words. For example: Mypassword, Password, HappyMe, ColorRed, BestPerson, Iamthebest etc.

    Requirement #5

  • Special characters are recommended.

    Use special characters to increase the complexity of the password. For example: Mexiz(A*73##&1

    Requirement #6

Register Now

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Prohibited mechanisms on landing pages:

  • Alert sounds that distress users.
  • More than one entry/exit pop up.
  • Imitation of system error messages.
  • Pop up loops that can’t be closed by the user.
  • Downloads/installations starting without user interaction.
  • Any mechanism that prevents the user from closing the browser window.

Though Bridging Points Media checks the content on the landing pages at regular intervals, however, it is the advertiser who is in control of the content on the final landing page and has a responsibility to adhere to Bridging Points Media’s ad serving policies.

These policies as mentioned here (Advertiser Signup page) serve as a guideline and can be extended or modified anytime.

Bridging Points Media reserves the right to stop the promotion of any landing page at any time at its sole discretion.

By buying traffic through Bridging Points Media or by signing up here you hereby agree to the ad serving policies of Bridging Points Media.

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