Become a successful DIGITAL WRITER with these 7 basics

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Become a successful DIGITAL WRITER with these 7 basics

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Are you someone who’s really good at writing?

Do you want to know how to use this wisely and make money out of it? Then read on!… 

Quite many people have now begun to choose the career of a digital writer either as a side hustle or in some cases, their only profession.

Given that 77% of internet users read blogs, this career choice can give you a whole lot of benefits. In this way, you’ll be able to not only enjoy writing but also make money out of this talent-turned skill.

Nevertheless, it’s easy to just talk about becoming a digital writer, as a digital content writer you require a bunch of skills that you need to hone so that brands keep coming back to you. 

A career in digital content writing requires a good degree of adaptability. If you’re someone who can learn quickly and adapt to a different writing style for each set of your clients, then, this is the best career choice for you. 

What is digital writing? Who can be a DIGITAL WRITER? 

Digital writing taps on the vast arena of writing opportunities online. It is communication in the form of writing that uses digital platforms to connect with the world wide network via the internet. 

As a digital writer, your job would mostly entail writing, editing, or publishing articles or all of these tasks combined. 

This means that you’d be working on all things digital – from blogging, to content for email marketing, to writing effective copy for social media advertising and more. So if you choose to pursue a career as a digital writer, multiple opportunities will come your way. 

Well, to be a digital content writer, you need more than just writing skills. Ideally, you need to be a good researcher because creating holistic and wholesome articles requires a lot of reading and writing. And as discussed earlier, you also need to be adaptable. 

Since there are too many jobs in the web writing sphere, you need to adapt to each and every of these writing styles that’s out there. If not to all of them, then to at least a few of them. This will demonstrate that you pay due attention to the writing requirements of the brand and thus craft your content accordingly. 

Freshers good at writing too can just begin by interning at a digital marketing company.

Think you can hone these two tricks of the trade i.e. research and adaptation to the required writing style? Then digital writing is for you.

Adaptability is a core soft skill that you need as a digital writer
Different brands have different requirements, to which as a digital writer you need to quickly switch and adapt. Picture taken via Unsplash

Become a DIGITAL WRITER with these 7 tips

Digital writing has tremendous potential and the requirement for quality digital writers is only going to grow further and so it’s important to get started and to get familiarized with the playing field first. So here are some key tips to help you get going and to becoming an effective digital writer.

Digital writers need excellent language skills

You probably expected this one. 

But seriously, you need to know how to read and write well. When you write on the internet, you write for a target audience. For this, the content needs to be simple, interesting and engaging. 

After all, 68.52% of internet users say that blogs add to the credibility of a website. And if you’re interested in maintaining that trust factor, language skills are a necessity.  

Similarly, when you write copy for social media and for Search Engine advertisements, the content should be able to draw the attention of the intended reader. 

Get familiar with SEO as a digital writer

Search Engine Optimization is an important concept to understand before you delve into the world of digital writing for good. 

This skill will help your articles get recognized, ranked and featured by Google’s Search Engine every time someone searches for your subject matter. For this, you also need to do a good job with your keyword research. 

Keyword research basically means that you will have to understand the phrases within your niche that people use while searching for their answers on Google. 

Accordingly, you need to use these keywords to your advantage and incorporate them into your digital writing. SEO is constantly changing and hence you’ll need to stay updated about the developments in this area. 

If you have absolutely little to no idea regarding how to go about learning SEO, you can read this article here which is simplified for beginners.  

A digital writer must do research

As a digital writer, you cannot ignore this key task that gets you all the important information – research. You need to hone this skill if you decide to take on this career because only with good research, will you be able to create some good engaging content for your readers. 

As a digital writer you must first do the needed research before you start writing an article.
As a digital writer you must first do the needed research before you start writing an article. Picture taken via Unsplash

Around 83% of bloggers research for keywords before they write. Additionally as per Content Marketing Institute, 61% of buyers claimed that they purchased a product after reading a blog and that is why, research is extremely important.

A digital writer and social media go hand in hand

Yes! You heard that right. 

Social media can give you and your work some valuable exposure. The more active you are on your social media, the more likely you are to have conversations with the industry experts and the potential clients.

Besides, 95.9% of bloggers said that they used social media to promote their blogs among followers and non followers.

With this, you’ll be able to develop a good network while you also create a portfolio of your work. 

A digital writer needs to choose a niche

This is something that most platforms recommend for digital content writers since your content will be consistent and your followers will know what to expect from you. 

Experimenting with one niche at a time can help you understand the nuances, the scope and the potential of your digital writing in that field. 

The most common niches are: How-To write ups, Lifestyle write ups and Product Reviews and Writing.  

Just choose one content niche and begin writing your samples!

WordPress is a digital writer’s best friend

You must use WordPress to your advantage if you want to advance your career as a digital writer.
You must use WordPress to your advantage if you want to advance your career as a digital writer. Picture taken via Unsplash

This is another skill that you need to master if you decide to become a digital content writer. 

Most digital writers choose WordPress as this digital platform has too many tools to help out writers with all their SEO and other needs. There are a number of plugins that WordPress offers for SEO and more. You’ll just need to read up a little more on that here before you go ahead and download your plugin of choice.

And if you’re unfamiliar with WordPress altogether, then too don’t worry! 

You can always take the time to learn and experiment from scratch. You can take a look at this blog for WordPress beginners, it’s super simple and easy to follow.  

After all, you need to remember that WordPress has around 75 million sites, which means that this platform is not only very popular amongst the bloggers but that you also have enormous competition out there!

Writing samples are proof that you’re a digital writer

With the help of the previously covered tips, you can start your experiments on your selected niches. Figure out what people like and what is working and write accordingly so that your work can get recognized. 

You can also submit your articles to other blogs, websites, online magazines and news mediums that invite guest authors to write articles that are specifically suited for their target audience’s needs and interests.

So then what are you waiting for? Get started!


These are the key tips to kick start and to have a successful career as a digital writer. Also remember, to not believe in one-hit wonder articles as quality work takes time, effort and consistency. 

Effective tips for becoming a successful digital writer.
Effective tips for becoming a successful digital writer. Picture taken via Unsplash

Are you ready to begin your journey as a digital writer?

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