6 Digital Certification Courses For Career Success

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6 Digital Certification Courses For Career Success

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Searching for a job is hard enough – but what if you had a trick up your sleeve?

In today’s cutthroat competition era, everybody has a struggle story of trying to land a job or internship. It can be very difficult to stand out from the crowd, especially when Covid-19 and lockdowns have cut so many internship opportunities.

This is why you should be looking for the best online courses and digital certification – they are the boost your CV needs.

Digital Certification – Why?

Certifications especially digital certifications can help you out in your career in the long run
Certifications especially digital certifications can help you out in your career in the long run

Digital certification essentially refers to a label, title, and value added to your professional life on completion of an online course. Unlike traditional  courses, these digital certification courses are centered around practical, technical, and applicable skills, which makes them among the best online courses for your CV.

With these certifications, you show that you have the skills needed to succeed in the workplace, which makes you stand apart from the competition and much more likely to be selected.

These certification courses are also a great opportunity for you to learn and practice new digital skills. Apart from jobs, you can put these into freelancing or work from home internships, and earn some money on the side.

Thus, even though most digital certification courses do have expenses attached to them, they can be a great skill investment.

6 Digital Certification Courses to Consider

The kind of best online courses that you look for would vary depending upon your specific workplace and industry. However, here are some near-universal options that you should consider –


MS-Office Certification
MS-Office Certification – Image Credits: 1Training

MS Office certifications are very popular among those who aim for a computer-intensive job, be it in statistic or data management, content writing, or public speaking and presentations. The office digital certification ranges from Specialist, Expert and Master, with the lattermost denoting the highest level of proficiency in MS Office.

These courses are aimed at the use of Office – they do not assess administration or installation aspects.

MS Office can be a great choice for anybody who is planning to enter the job market, especially at an entry-level desk job. Virtually every single workspace requires some tasks or the other, especially with MS Word and Excel, so knowledge of these can quickly make you the office star.


Cybersecurity Certification
Cybersecurity Certification – Image Credits: Reciprocity

Even if you are coming from a background such as History or Psychology, the basic knowledge of cybersecurity is an absolute must. Employee mistakes are actually among one of the top threats to companies in the cyber sphere.

Most cyber attacks are very subtle and can involve something as simple as opening a legitimate-looking email that can lead to a trail of destruction.

Learning the basics of cybersecurity helps assure employees that you are aware of what is needed to keep business data and systems safe, and it may also make you more likely to be given more sensitive and important tasks, thus making it an ideal digital certification to pursue.

Google Certifications 

Ideal certifications, such as those by Google, provide both skills and brand value
Ideal certifications, such as those by Google, provide both skills and brand value

One way or another, everything comes back to the home page. The tech giant provides certifications in google ads, analytics, cloud, UX design, and android development among many others. The key point with Google is that you will likely work on its systems at one time or another, so a digital certification will certainly help you achieve more.

Additionally, Google has tremendous brand value, and any certification that you obtain from the Silicon Valley star would be a very valuable addition to your CV. Google provides need-based financial assistance for certifications as well, so you can earn them without burning a hole in your pockets.

YouTube Certification

YouTube Certification

If you are considering branching off into the influencer category, or looking for job openings that tap into your video-making creativity, a YouTube certification is what you need. As the world’s second biggest search engine, YouTube is an absolute must for businesses to tap into today.

This digital certification is one of the best online courses to learn about best practices and video-making on the platform.

However, these certifications are only available to those who are qualified for YouTube and Google Advertising partners, so you may have to clear that hurdle before you get to this exclusive, but free, certification.

Project Management Certifications

Project Management Certifications
Project Management Certifications – Image Credits: ProjectManager

If your ultimate aim is to get into management and help business teams achieve its objectives, project management courses are the way to go. Many boast about their skills in management, but those with certifications add value to their words by showing demonstrable knowledge and skills.

These certifications are helpful in virtually every industry, and can be applied to numerous manager and leadership positions. These can also be useful during promotions, as those with documented leadership skills are much more likely to be given charge.

Any Digital Marketing Certification

Any Digital Marketing Certification
Any Digital Marketing Certification – Image Credits: DigitalMarketer

Digital marketing is one of the best online courses that young professionals can chose. Marketing is always a central tenet of any business, and digital marketing is set to be the dominant focus of the next decade. If you are considering a future in marketing or adjacent fields, a digital marketing certification can help set you apart.

Numerous courses are available from many reputed universities and platforms, some of which focus on digital marketing as a whole, while others go in-depth into specifics such as content writing and SEO. Thus, there is plenty of choice when it comes to such certifications.

Which of these courses would you be interested in taking? Do you think digital certification really add value, or are they a waste of money? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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