Top 10 Google AdSense Alternatives For 2021

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Top 10 Google AdSense Alternatives For 2021

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Despite the rise of AD blockers, most of the websites still rely on advertisements for a sizeable portion of their income.

Undoubtedly, the most popular ad network is AdSense as it provides a way for the publishers to monetize their websites by displaying relevant and contextual ads.

Although, Google AdSense has the maximum number of publishers and the most vied for ad network, it does have its own limitations, just like any other ad network. Moreover, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get an AdSense approval, especially if your website does not have quality content and significant traffic.

Moreover, your AdSense approval/account can be suspended or withdrawn for certain website and ad violations. So, if you are a publisher who is unable to or doesn’t want to use AdSense for whatever reason, then this article is for you. We are going to list down some of the best alternative ad networks/solutions and everything you need to know in order to choose the right ad network for you.

What is Google AdSense?

An easy and effective way to monetize your website or blog is by placing ads on them. Every website owner and blogger has heard about this popular ad network – Google AdSense. This ad network makes it easy for publishers to monetize their online content and traffic by placing contextual ads on them.

Launched in 2003, AdSense is an advertising program operated by Google. It is one of the most popular advertisement networks for bloggers and webmasters looking to monetize their websites and digital properties.

Blogs, forums, and websites that have quality content and a decent number of users are usually the type of digital properties best suited for monetization using AdSense.

However, the good news is that AdSense is not the only choice available out there to publishers. There are plenty of ad networks to consider vis-a-vis the kind of traffic your website is generating.

Why should I look for Alternatives to Google AdSense?

AdSense is the preferred choice of most websites having regular traffic but sometimes you are forced to look out for other available ad networks.

It’s perfectly normal if you had trouble getting approved, had problems setting up your AdSense account, or just didn’t find the platform ideal for monetizing your website. And are therefore looking for an alternative with different ad types and better customization options.

It could also be because you are looking to diversify your income streams, or you want to add additional revenue streams or maybe you just want to earn more revenue with the same ad space by using another ad network instead of AdSense.

And with lot many quality ad networks to consider, let us help you out —

We have listed our top 10 favorite AdSense alternatives for monetizing your website in 2021.

Best Google AdSense Alternatives

1. Ad Network Ad Network is a leading global advertising company and is the leading AdSense competitor.

It is the second largest ad network after Google AdSense. It is a Yahoo-Bing ad network that’s enabling ads to over 500,000 bloggers and website owners from across the world.

The advantage of is its high RPM (revenue per thousand impressions). It has an effective way of displaying the most relevant ads to the audience through their keyword search technology. Publishers also get to customize the ad layouts to fit their website.

The website reviewers from use tools like Alexa to check your website’s global rank as well as the rank for certain key countries. It is important that your website must have a good amount of traffic coming in from countries –  Canada, UK, and USA for you to generate a good revenue.

Though Google AdSense is compatible with, it is advised that you disable all ad units from the other ad networks for about a week when applying for, especially disable all the pop-up and the pop-under ads.

The sign up will hardly take about 10 – 15 seconds. The review process normally takes upto 2 to 3 business days. will only approve your site if the content is in English.

The key reason you should go in for instead of Google AdSense is that they are way better in display of text-based ads. These text-based ads are contextually relevant to your website’s content and therefore to what your audience is already consuming. provides two payment options to publishers. Publishers get paid either through Wire Transfer or through PayPal. The minimum payment threshold is $100. allows only 3 ads per web page.

2.     PropellerAds

PropellerAds Ad Network

PropellerAds Ad Network

PropellerAds is an AdTech company, providing powerful performance marketing solutions on a global scale.

It is being used by hundreds of thousands of publishers across the globe for monetizing their web content. A good feature of PropellerAds is they ensure that the spammy ads never appear on your website.

This ad network platform is a really good alternative to AdSense as it not only displays relevant, contextual ads, in fact most of these ads can even sneak past the ad blockers. Publishers can earn high CPM and generate handsome revenue if the majority of their traffic is from premium countries like Australia, Canada, UK and USA. PropellerAds does not have any minimum traffic requirement for becoming a publisher.

This platform offers an easy sign-up, just head on to the website, sign up and then copy-paste the codes on your website to start earning. Publishers are entitled to 80% of the revenue and the network keeps 20%. PropellerAds also has a referral program. The publisher earns 5% of all future revenues for a lifetime, when someone signs up using the publisher’s referral link.

Payment is on a NET 30 days basis. There are multiple payment options available such as Prepaid Mastercard, Payoneer, Global Bank Transfer, Bank Wire Transfer, ePayments, EPESE, Webmoney and PayPal with different minimum payout thresholds. It is USD 100 for Payoneer, USD 500 for Wire Transfers, and USD 50 for PayPal.

3.      Amazon Display Ads

Amazon Display Ads Ad Network

Amazon Display Ads Ad Network

Associates program by Amazon is also one of the best alternative’s to Google’s AdSense.

Most websites earn more from affiliate ads than from Adsense. Publishers get a commission every time a user buys a product or service through their link. So the more people use the publisher’s link the more money the publisher makes.

Amazon’s Associates Program definitely has a huge advertiser base. A publisher thinking to monetize its website should definitely consider Amazon’s affiliate program. However, if you do not make 3 qualifying sales in 180 days, your application to the program is rejected.

4.      Adversal

Adversal Ad Network

Adversal Ad Network

Adversal is another good ad network to monetize your website and lets you set up native ads.

The easy-to-use interface makes it easy for you to start, pause and stop all your ads. It lets you use video-based ads and has an auto filter to save you from malicious frauds.

You need to meet these requirements so that your publisher ad account is approved –

  1. Minimum 50,000 ad impressions per month.
  2. Must own the domain name.
  3. Publishers that use fake traffic either before or after they get the approval are banned.
  4. Primarily English content is required.

Adversal is quick and easy to set up. Approval is also quick and most websites are accepted. Adversal allows you to customize the color scheme as well as its placement for each ad.

Advseral being a relatively new ad network, sometimes there is poor ad relevancy thus impacting the earning potential. However, they do have excellent customer support and can be contacted 24/7 via Phone, Twitter, and Email.

They pay every two weeks. They require you to have a minimum of $100 before you can cash out. If you are using wire transfer, the minimum balance to cash out is $1000. Moreover, there is a $45 charge if you use Wire Transfer. There is an 8% charge if you use Web Money to cash out. They charge $1if you request payment through Paxum.

We recommend using PayPal for all of your Adversal cash outs to keep these additional charges as low as possible.

5.      Viglink

Viglink Ad Network

Viglink Ad Network

Viglink is an user-friendly in-text advertising ad network for website owners who usually use a lot of ad links on their website.

With Viglink integrated on the website, links such as those for amazon products are automatically added. Viglink’s dashboard helps you keep track of your overall performance.

This way you can monitor and compare performance metrics and keep track of your visitors. You can work out your own custom integrations to create the best visual experience for your users. They give instant approval and they pay through PayPal.

Viglink has been recently re-branded as Sovrn //Commerce. They cover almost every niche and have a huge number of merchants. Whenever a product is mentioned in an article, it is hyperlinked allowing you to earn revenue out of it. Viglink has stated on it’s website ‘Unlock more revenue with intelligent, valuable links.’

Viglink works on javascript and that’s why it will not work if javascript is disabled or unsupported on your website.

6.      Skimlinks

Skimlinks Ad Network

Skimlinks Ad Network

Skimlinks is an in-text contextual ad network and the only tool you will ever need to set up your affiliate links.

It automates the whole process by updating your content with affiliate links. You can join Skimlinks and earn good commission through their preferred partner program. They give publishers 75% of the commission earned while they keep 25% of the commission.

In Viglinks network you have to apply to merchants. If you don’t like applying to merchants, you can go with Skimlinks. When you’re starting out it’s not that easy to get approved by affiliate networks and merchants, it is here where Skimlinks can be very beneficial.

Moreover, Skimlinks offers great data and reports to track performance such as the kind of type of content or the type of merchants that perform the best.

7.      Adsterra

Adsterra Ad Network

Adsterra Ad Network

Adsterra is the preferred ad network for most publishers.

It is a well-respected ad network, clocking over ten billion ad impressions per month. With its easy to use platform, Adsterra makes it unbelievably simple to monetize your website traffic.

Along with the customary ad banners, it additionally offers popunders, pre-roll videos, push notifications and other multiple as well as innovative ad formats for both desktop and mobile experience. Adsterra is the adnetwork to use especially if you have a high flow of American and European traffic.

Adsterra a net of 15 days payment term, though they offer exclusive terms to publishers with high revenue. Adsterra also has has a Lifetime referral program. Each and every publisher who joined Adsterra via your referral link will add 5% of their profit to your income forever.

Adsterra offers a wide range of payment options such as PayPal, Bitcoin, and Wire transfer. For Bitcoin and Paypal, they have $100 as your minimum payout limit. The minimum payment limit for Webmoney and Paxun is just $5. Adsterra pays every two weeks.

8.      PopAds

PopAds Ad Network

PopAds Ad Network

PopAds as the name suggests specializes in pop up/pop under ads.

They have been around since 2010. PopAds offers very high CPM rates and provides worldwide coverage to publishers.

This ad network offers almost a 100% fill rate. You only need a minimum of 1000 page views a month to monetize your website with PopAds. You can even monetize the adult content websites with PopAds.

It is expected that you will earn a minimum of $4.00 for every 1000 impressions and the minimum amount required to cash-out on PopAds is just 5$. PopAds offers multiple payment options to publishers, i.e. Bank Wire, PayPal and Payoneer. PopAds processes payments on a daily basis, i.e. every time you reach 5$.

9.      Adcash

Adcash Ad Network

Adcash Ad Network

Adcash is another well-known ad network and helps two hundred million active advertisers increase their conversions and app installs.

Adcash allows the publishers to feature numerous ad formats, from display ads to pop ads and more. The ad network serves ads in more than 196 countries. T

his means that you can monetize your website from most countries. They also offer multiple options for publishers to receive payment.

A very helpful feature of Adcash for all publishers is Adcash’s opposing Adblock Technology. This means that the website visitors who have enabled AdBlocker can still get to see Adcash ads on your website. Adcash manages to bypass adblockers to grow and maximize your earnings.

10.      RevenueHits

RevenueHits Ad Network

RevenueHits Ad Network

Last, on our list, we have RevenueHits.

Though RevenueHits is a recent Ad network, it offers multiple ad formats to the publishers right from the display banners to interstitials and prime & footer vogue banners, pop-unders, sliders, buttons and more. They have very interactive ads which makes the user take action.

This ad network has no minimum traffic requirement. However, RevenueHits doesn’t allow ads on the pages where there is no content.

RevenueHits makes the payout to publishers either through Wire transfer, PayPal and Payoneer. Once the publishers earn $50 using RevenueHits, they can withdraw their money using PayPal. For Payoneer it is minimum $20 and for Wire transfer it is a minimum of $500. Payment is done on a net 30 days basis.

The point which does not go in favor of RevenueHits is that the publishers are not allowed to integrate other ad networks and demand partners and make them compete with RevenueHits for the same ad space.

Bonus Ad Network


AdNow Ad Network

AdNow Ad Network

AdNow is essentially a native ad network and generates excellent revenue for publishers as it offers very high CPM rates.

AdNow provides widgets that the publishers can customize and place on their websites. These customizations are very simple.

English and a few more languages are accepted and tracking is a breeze as AdNow offers real-time tracking.

They have multiple options for publishers to receive payments such as PayPal, Bank Wire Transfer, ePayments, and Webmoney. The minimum threshold for receiving money through Paypal, ePayments, Webmoney is $20, and through Bank/Wire is $200. They pay weekly i.e. every 7 days i.e. if you have reached the minimum payment threshold.


If you are a blogger and you are consistently publishing high-quality content, ads are a great source to monetize your content. AdSense may lead the monetization market and with rich content and an engaged audience you can most certainly generate a handsome revenue using AdSense. But is AdSense your only choice?

There are many more viable alternatives and we hope you try out some of these most popular ones shared in this article. The key is to trying out different ad networks and figuring out what works for your website and your traffic the best.

What are your ad networks of choice?


If you are a publisher, relying on advertisements to monetize your website and are looking for a way to sneak past AdBlockers…then the below article is worth a read!!!

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