7 of the Best Language Learning Apps and Websites

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7 of the Best Language Learning Apps and Websites

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Do you want to learn a new language? However, you are still a little hesitant because of time and or financial constraints? 

Well, as we know that in today’s world, literally anything and everything is possible. So, learning a new language and that too for free is also not out of reach, thanks to the new age technologies and the will power to learn more and even more!

If you’re still passionate about learning a new language, for example French, say in order to fully understand what the characters of a movie are communicating and all this without a translator or translation, then this article is for you. 

Today, there are multiple apps and websites for almost every need, right from cooking to seeking personalized fitness goals. Likewise, there are many language learning apps that have been solely created to help you learn these languages.

This article is going to break down the best language learning apps for you. But if you’re still holding off that decision to learn a new language, you need to read a little further… 

Why do you need to learn a new language?

Most people consider it important to know another language especially if their job entails frequent travelling to multiple international destinations. Here are a couple of key reasons why you should consider learning a new language. 

Advances your career

Learning a new language is beneficial for your career advancement.

Learning a new language is beneficial for your career advancement.

Communication is an important skill to have as you step into the professional world. Knowing more than one language clearly states that you are fully invested in clear and lucid communication. 

If your job involves meeting people who belong to different countries and cultures, learning a couple of other languages would be highly beneficial. 

This is especially true in the field of tourism and hospitality. In fact, most recruiters consider good communication skills in among the top eight skills that professionals must have on their resumes when they’re job hunting. Moreover, this is the one key factor that sets you apart from the rest!

According to Lead with Languages, between 2010 to 2015, the postings in the U.S job market enlisted this one particular skill more than any other skill, as communication with the customer was and still continues to be the cornerstone for all industries.

Today, with the best language learning apps and websites, you don’t have to travel all the way to another country to learn a new language. Learning a new language has become more accessible and affordable for professionals in the present world.

Exercises your brain

While exercising your body regularly is a must, it is also imperative that you exercise your brain. And learning a new language can help you do just that. It has been established that learning a new language has known cognitive benefits like that of improved memory, critical thinking, improved problem-solving capabilities, etc. 

You can also multitask better and can attain enhanced concentration. It has been observed that as compared to monolingual individuals, bilingual individuals adapt to their environment fairly easily and can also harness the ability to switch between multiple tasks.

Bilingual individuals are also known to be creative and are flexible because of their ability to quickly adapt and adjust. Being bilingual is also beneficial in the old age and helps keep mental decline at bay. 

Makes Travelling the world fun

Learning a new language makes you feel more confident as and when you travel.

Learning a new language makes you feel more confident as and when you travel.

You may think, “even monolingual individuals can travel the world.”  The difference being – if you know the local language of the place, it can truly transform the experiences that will be shaped in that place. 

While travelling, as you know the local language, you are able to connect with the local populace, engage and interact with them much better and in general, have the ability to navigate the area and complete the tasks without any hurdle.  

As a result of knowing just one language, the monolingual individual will lack such an ability. Hence, he will find it difficult to go beyond that tourist bubble. 

The list of our best language learning apps also includes an app that connects you real time with the natives of that place and helps you practice your vocabulary with them and thus learn the right way.

Helps connect 

Connecting with individuals from other backgrounds, cultures and countries has many benefits. 

First, you learn about a different culture and are able to relate to your experiences and also exchange your experiences, as you come from a different background and culture. And if you are able to or can manage to communicate in the local language, it would make the local populace more comfortable around you. 

Second, as you learn a new language you are no less than a local who can talk the talk and walk the walk. This knowledge of the local language encourages and smoothens community interaction and helps shape unique experiences for you. 

Third, it enables you to learn and understand all things from the local population’s perspective and hence equips you with all the relevant knowledge. This helps you gain understanding and tolerance of their beliefs, thus enabling successful cultural exchange.

Gives a confidence boost

Confidence is the key to grow professionally and personally. Even though you may make quite many mistakes when you learn a new language, don’t quit as mistakes are a common part of the learning process. 

Learning a new language will boost your confidence when interacting with people who speak the language. 

So convinced about learning a new language? Looking for easy ways to do so? Here’s a list of the best language learning apps.  

7 Best Language Learning Apps 


The best language learning app: DuoLingo

The best language learning apps: DuoLingo. Taken from DuoLingo’s website.

If you ask about “the best language learning app,” and that too the one that comes free, then they’d definitely tell you about DuoLingo. It’s a fan favourite with more than 500 million registered users worldwide. This free language learning app offers courses in 98 different languages. 

DuoLingo has the reputation of being one of the best language learning apps because of it’s innovative way of teaching through animation and gamification. The more correct answers you give in the app, the more points you win in your account. 

DuoLingo is available free of charge in mobile versions i.e on Android and on iOS. It also has a web version available for those wanting to learn on the big screen. The courses on the platform have been mostly created by the native speakers and so accuracy isn’t much of an issue on DuoLingo. 

Additionally, one of the other reasons why DuoLingo has the reputation of being among the best language learning apps is because of it’s unassuming functionality. It’s interface is very simple and easily makes lessons available to those whose first language is not English. 

And so, this explains it’s ability to reach a large audience unlike some of the other language learning apps.


The best language learning app: Memrise.

The best language learning app: Memrise. Taken from Memrise’s website.

If a variety of languages is what you’re looking for, look no further. Memrise is your answer. The reason why Memrise is on the list of the best language learning apps is because it has over 24 languages with over 200 language combinations

More than what you expected right? Another aspect of Memrise is that it makes learning a new language very very fun and thus creates an unique learning experience. 

This app has a free and a Pro version. Both versions give you access to the same number of languages, however the functionalities are fewer in the free version vis-a-vis the Pro version. Memrise helps recognition of vocabulary (that too, without context) utilizing the very Generation Z concept of Memes. Yes, it’s that fun.

Using this innovative learning technique, the app is able to engage the users and draws them to a fun learning experience and keeps them entertained and glued despite sometimes with a repetition of words and scenes. The app helps the users learn better by forming entertaining associations with the language through memes.

Do you still think learning a new language is tough? Then try Memrise today and your perspective will change!  It’s available as an app on Android and iOS, moreover, it also has a web version. 


The best language learning app: Busuu

The best language learning app: Busuu. Taken from Busuu’s website.

You might think that the word “Busuu” is pretty unique! Yes, and that’s because it is! Find out the story of this app here. Busuu is not just a word, it’s actually a language which is on the verge of extinction. It has now just 8 native speakers. 

This app, just like Memrise, offers a free version as well has a premium paid version. Depending what you choose, the features will be accordingly made available to you. 

There are full courses for which you can enrol yourself through this app. Busuu offers languages such as Arabic, Turkish, German, and more. In total Busuu offers 12 languages to users. 

The learning method in Busuu involves quizzes and interactive exercises making learning fun and non mechanical. In this app the exams and certificates are only part of the premium version. The level of these exams are in line with the Common European Framework of Reference. 

Busuu is available on Android and iOS. It also has a web version. 


The best language learning app: Babbel.

The best language learning app: Babbel. Taken from Babble’s website.

Babbel was founded in 2007 and is the first language learning app in the world. This app offers fewer options with respect to the number of languages available. Babbel, also has a free version and a paid version.  

But the teaching techniques are quite effective. You can also learn at your own pace. They have various podcasts available for different levels of the language. There’s also words, concepts and phrases that you can learn through their interactive exercises. 

The app claims they have over 10,000 hours of learning content. Languages that can be learned here include Swedish, Italian, Dutch, Spanish and many more. 

If you find other apps easy, then you should definitely try Babbel since it adds to the difficulty level, however Babbel makes it fun to learn which is why it’s part of this list of the best language learning apps. You can download Babbel on Android and iOS. You can also access the website version of this app.


Lingualift is the best language learning app for you, if you want to learn through a tutor.

Lingualift is the best language learning app for you, if you want to learn through a tutor.

If you’re a very serious learner and want to learn a new language, then you should ideally opt for LinguaLift. It has a complete full course language programme along with a tutor. Yes, it has tutors to help you with your learning. The tutors help with grammar, recommend resources and assign homework which they later check and correct. 

LinguaLift scores in it’s ability to give the learners a cultural insight into the language that they’re learning. That’s why it’s one of the best language learning apps. The app is great for beginners as it’s got useful learning tools – in grammar, vocabulary and scripts. 

LinguaLift, has a free demo version but you need to subscribe to get the full benefits. If you’re really adamant on learning, spending some bucks won’t be a waste as you’ll have access to tutors who will assist your learning. 

When you do subscribe, one of the many bonuses is that you get to download a free ebook, “Language Learning Secrets” which is also immensely helpful. The courses are about 10 to 15 minutes long and are not very difficult. This ensures that you have time by yourself to grasp what you’ve learned for the day.

LinguaLift is available on Android and iOS. If you’re not comfortable with the small screen, they also have a website version of it. 

Rosetta Stone 

The best language learning app: Rosetta Stone.

The best language learning app: Rosetta Stone. Taken from Rosetta Stone’s website.

Rosetta Stone is among the few well known language learning apps. Their learning punchline is “learn like a baby.” They offer learning in 30 different languages. They have also got speech recognition which is great for learning pronunciations and more. 

This app is paid, however Rosetta Stone allows you to try out different languages before you can settle on learning the language that you like. It’s also ad-free which is also a benefit. Rosetta Stone is great even if you just want to improve on your diction.

Moreover, they deploy an innovative learning technique, i.e. learning through the camera which is more like a hunter scavenger game. 

Yes, it is as fun as it sounds. All you need to do is switch on your camera and point to an object. You then get the translated word and you learn! 

Rosetta Stone is available on Android and iOS as well as on the web. If you want some fun and are serious about learning, Rosetta Stone is one of the best language learning apps.

Hello Talk

The best language learning app: Hello Talk.

The best language learning app: Hello Talk. Taken from Hello Talk’s website.

Do you want to actually learn a language by connecting with someone who speaks the language as a part of his or her daily life? Well, then Hello Talk, from our list is the one for you. Hello Talk allows you to connect with the native speakers of different languages through it’s chat feature.

Often, the native speakers also want to learn the language that you speak and it thus results in a language exchange program which is quite fun and interesting. You can also use the app to refine your pronunciations.

The app also has an inbuilt translation system which helps you in seconds when you forget a word. Hello Talk has more than 150 languages. It’s available on Android and iOS.

It’s among the best language learning apps as it helps you to interact with the native speakers of the language. Thus, helping you gain confidence as you speak.


We have discussed the best language learning apps to help you in your language journey. Even if you’re on a budget, you can always choose to study your desired language on the free version. If you find the learning good and beneficial, you can then decide to go ahead with the paid version. 

Remember – learning is always a valued investment. So save this list of the best language learning apps. Given a chance or if you had the time, which language would you prefer to learn and why?

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