BGRemover: Image Background Removal Made Easy!

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BGRemover: Image Background Removal Made Easy!

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Whether you are snapping pictures for personal use or a commercial project, there is a good chance the results are not as perfect as anticipated. Thankfully, minor adjustments such as cropping, red eye removal, and color modifications can easily be made with the default tools available on our phones, and laptops. 

However, the real trouble arises when someone ‘photobombs’ a candid moment. Or perhaps the existing background appears blurred, dull, or disoriented for some reason. Additionally, eCommerce platforms often require product images to have a transparent background. Here comes in the handy BGRemover!

While established businesses have the budget, and resources to employ a professional graphic designer for this task, small, and mid-size business owners lack this luxury. 

In this situation, tools like BGRemover become a handy asset, and allows users to seamlessly eliminate the unwanted background from their pictures. With the browser-based tool, you can take full control of your image, and separate the subject from the background within seconds – without any technical knowledge.

The ready picture (minus the background) can be used with creative freedom in any personal or commercial project.

Let’s find out how!

What is BGRemover?

BGRemover by is an easy to use image background remover that integrates smart technology to separate the subject from the backdrop with flawless accuracy. It is equipped with AI algorithms that automatically detect the subject’s edges, and cut them out from the picture.

Plus, it’s extremely fast, and has the ability to complete the background removal process in less than 8 seconds. 

And, of course, there is no need to be hesitant about the steep learning curve that is part of notable image editing tools. The BGRemover is user-friendly, and requires no human intervention. All you have to do is upload the desired picture, and the tool will handle the rest. 

Pros of Using BGRemover

The BGRemover may be easy to use, but it’s loaded with features that make it one of the most outstanding options for a background remover. Some of the advantages include:

  • Smart AI integration for quick, and precise background removals.
  • Trained on unlimited image sets, and scenarios to provide outstanding results. 
  • Needs only one click to remove the background. 
  • Quick as a flash speed of 8 seconds. 
  • No sign-up is required.
  • Accepts all major image file formats
  • 3 free background removals. 
  • Flexible paid plans for additional background removals. 
  • Bulk processing is available with paid plans.
  • API for app or website to improve workflow. 

Cons of BGRemover

The only disadvantage of using BGRemover is the limit on background removals. On a free subscription, the users only get 3 free background removals. They can upgrade to 20, and even 100 removals by subscribing to one of the premium plans.

These plans also offer more power to users, including upgraded output size, and even faster processing. 

However, if you are a casual user utilizing the background remover for personal use only, we have good news for you! The 3-credit limit refreshes within 24 hours, so you can continue to enjoy free background removals after a small pause only. 

How to Use the Tool for Background Removals?

Here is a step-by-step guide to using BGRemover by

Step 1

Upload the picture of your choice. The tool accepts images in JPG, PNG, TIFF, WEBP, and BMP formats. The image size should be at most 10 MB.How to Use the Tool for Background Removals?

Step 2

Turn your stopwatch on, and watch the AI algorithms work on the picture. Once the time is up, the tool will show a real-time comparison of the picture – with, and without the background. Tool for Background Removals

Step 3

Background Removals

If the results are satisfying, just press the ‘download’ button to save your new picture in PNG format. Now that your image is ready, feel free to use the picture in different personal, commercial, and marketing projects.

Examples of BGRemover in Action

Here are a few examples of BGRemover on different types of images to assess the results. 

Example 1: Before

Example 1

Example 1: After

Example 1 (a)

As you can see, the tool has accurately identified the edges of the cat, and eliminated it from the grassy background.

Example 2: Before

Example 2

Example 2: After

Example 2

The tool accurately identified the woman’s curly hair, and removed her cut out from the colorful background. The new image is ready for portfolios, profile pics, and even resumes. 

Why Do I Need a Background Remover?

There are many instances where removing the background from the main subject becomes necessary. This includes:

For adding focus

In many scenarios, the marketers have to shift the focus to the main subject instead of the complete picture.

An easy-to-use background remover tool clears the background, and enhances the focus on the subject. This is especially beneficial for eCommerce product photographs, where more than 75% of shoppers rely on clear pictures to make purchase decisions.

To remove unnecessary props, and elements

We often have to use props, and other materials to ensure the photograph of a specific item turns out well. For example, mannequins, hangers, coat hangers, and even door knobs.

However, these items look unprofessional when displayed in a commercial activity. An accurate background remover like BGRemover will precisely detect the edges of your main subject, and remove the distraction with extreme perfection. 

To comply with eCommerce platform guidelines

eCommerce platforms such as Amazon, and eBay prefer that marketers upload product pictures on a white background.

However, business owners usually need help getting a clean background. A swift background remover will provide you with a picture on a white background so you can quickly upload it on your desired portal.

Optimizing the background

Say you have a great picture of yourself. However, the background is your messy bed with clothes strewn all over it. An efficient background remover tool can replace the background with any scene you choose, such as a beach, mall, or even a faraway resort. 

Using for other purposes

Another reason to utilize a background remover is for different purposes. For example, if you upload a product photograph to your online store, it is likely that it will not be the only place you will upload it.

The same picture can be utilized on social media, websites, logo designs, and even advertising material such as carousels. A background-free image can serve all these purposes without the need to capture multiple different pictures. 

Final Words

Regardless of your use, an automated background remover tool like BGRemover can make the task easy, fast, cost-effective, and immaculate. With this asset at your fingertips, there is no need to spend hours on photo editing.

And, definitely, no requirement to hire a professional graphic designer. Simply login to the website of BGRemover by, and benefit from a clean picture within seconds. Give it a try, and share your experience below. 



Ivy Attie
Ivy Attie

Ivy Attie is a researcher, and content creator. She writes for various visual media publications, highlighting the importance of visual imagery, and ways to use them for your marketing benefit. In her free time, she enjoys literature, and performing arts. 

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