Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns For Marketers – Goldmine Waiting To Be Tapped!

WhatsApp Marketing

Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns For Marketers – Goldmine Waiting To Be Tapped!

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Hear that ping? Its profit texting!

Launched in 2009, WhatsApp was one of the final death-knells to the age of SMS (though SMS Marketing is still flourishing). The instant messaging app, which uses Internet to instantly send across texts, documents, photos, videos and now, calls, is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world today.

Many businesses have also adapted WhatsApp into their fold, using it to keep their clients updated. However, there is a lot left untapped by many. WhatsApp Marketing can be what is needed to take your business to the next level.

Why WhatsApp Marketing?

Why WhatsApp Marketing?If you are unsure as to why a texting service should be on your next marketing strategy, here are some convincing reasons –

Everybody’s On WhatsApp

WhatsApp is used by a whopping 1.5 billion users – that’s marginally more than the people of China, the world’s most populous country. Tapping into this vast network and planting your roots there, means that the word of your business can spread like wildfire.

Thanks to WhatsApp and WhatsApp Marketing and it’s very easy sharing systems such as forwards and groups, you can easily percolate your information and details into groups that would be interested in your products and services.

WhatsApp is Unsaturated

On social media, millions of businesses compete for ad space and attention, and getting to consumers can be a very hard task. The benefit of WhatsApp is that it offers one-on-one communication. Besides, texts have a much better chance of being given the due attention and time, and over 98% messages are opened and read.

On social media, people might just scroll past your adverts. Thus, even bulk WhatsApp Marketing helps gain undivided attention of clients.

It’s End-to-End

Advertising on other portals means that people often have to jump through some loops – follow a link, go to a website, etc. On WhatsApp, you can go from advertising your products to the placing of orders to giving updates on shipment and delivery, all at the same place.

This helps in creating a convenient record for both customers and businesses, and thus makes WhatsApp an ideal platform for business communications.

Getting It Right

Given the significant benefits detailed above, many brands have increasingly become aware of WhatsApp as a marketing tool and have been tapping into it eagerly. Here are some tricks that can help you too, to get started – and to stay one step ahead of the incoming competition.

Set Up A Business Account 

WhatsApp Business Account

It is imperative that you do not use a personal account to communicate with clients. Set up a WhatsApp Business account. Small businesses can make use of the free WhatsApp Business account, while bigger companies can use the paid WhatsApp API version.

A business account allows business profiles, quick replies, labels and automated messages, which in turn allow flexibility, convenience, and efficiency in dealing with customers.

Leverage Groups

Why and How WhatsApp Groups are helpful for businesses?

WhatsApp Groups can be a great place to engage with multiple customers on the go, and to encourage interactions between clients as well. These groups can be marketed as ‘exclusive circles’ that promise first looks and previews or discount codes for the most loyal customers.

However, this method would require the phone numbers of your customers, so make sure you take measures to protect privacy.

Provide Customer Service

One of the most notorious departments of any brand these days is no doubt the customer service department. An already disgruntled customer hates nothing more than repeatedly calling up the department – only to be put on hold or dismissed.

Making customer service a part of your WhatsApp Marketing strategy can help remove these issues. You can use a chatbot or a customer care executive, who will be able to handle multiple people at once.

Imbue Luxury With Personalized Shopping

Customers love individual attention, but not everybody appreciates the sales representative shadowing their footsteps. WhatsApp provides a solution. Customers can be put in touch with representatives online, who can curate designs and collections for them based on their past shopping history or guidelines.

This saves customers the trouble of sifting through the entire catalogue of products, and makes the transaction speedier.

Get Creative and Fun

WhatsApp Marketing is Your Untapped Mine of Success

While business communications should always have a level of professionalism, marketing is all about getting new people in. And this is made possible when you project an image that is sincere, but fun too. WhatsApp is the perfect medium to engage in small contests and games with clients and customers.

Consider Absolut Vodka’s unique access game. In order to gain invitation to a very exclusive party, customers had to go through the fictional character Sven. It quickly turned into an incredible game of bribery, music, and shenanigans – and boosted Absolut’s marketing through the roof.

Focus on Content Quality

WhatsApp Marketing is great, but only till the customers opt out or worse, mute your brand completely. In order to prevent this, you need to keep your content engaging. Here are a few methods to do this –

  • Firstly, strike a balance on volume. You do not want to bombard the person with too many texts. For promotions, something every once or twice in two weeks is good enough. Details related to transactions should, however, be given promptly.
  • WhatsApp has many unique features, including stickers – gifs and images that people can use exclusively on the platform. A great way to promote your brand is to create some fun stickers and share them with your clients – as they circulate in their circles, so does your brand name.
  • Lastly, be sure that your content doesn’t contain too many emojis or links. Such messages can look like a scamming span, and despite what the elderlies may believe, young people do not like emojis to such a great extent.

WhatsApp Marketing is one of the most unique marketing opportunities available to brands today – it is one-on-one  but can reach hundreds easily. So be sure to add it into your repertoire.

How do you feel about WhatsApp Marketing campaigns? Do you think that this is a personal space that brands should not get into? Let us know your opinions!

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