ColorTokens Inc Appoints Co-Founder Rajesh Khazanchi As CEO For Cybersecurity Solutions


ColorTokens Inc Appoints Co-Founder Rajesh Khazanchi As CEO For Cybersecurity Solutions

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ColorTokens Inc., a Zero Trust cybersecurity platform company, today announced Co-Founder Rajesh Khazanchi has been appointed Chief Executive Officer.

Nitin Mehta, who is a co-founder and previous CEO, will remain with the company as the Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Rajesh is an experienced leader with a strong track record of developing and delivering innovative products. Since founding ColorTokens, Rajesh has driven innovation in its products, global sales, and go-to-market functions.

Prior to ColorTokens, Rajesh held multiple leadership roles with leading enterprise companies such as VMware, HP Software, BMC Software, and Oracle Corporation. He holds six patents in cybersecurity, application management, and cloud innovations.

“Rajesh and I co-founded ColorTokens several years ago, and it has been a pleasure to watch him grow into a great leader,” Mehta said.  “Within the company, Rajesh continues to be the role model of inspirational leadership. His drive, focus, and vision will help create a formidable industry leader in this large and high-growth cybersecurity market.”

“My vision in founding ColorTokens was to build a leading cybersecurity company with an unparalleled approach to securing our customers in their digital transformation,” Rajesh said. “We have built a world-class, cloud-based easy to deploy Zero-Trust platform that is being validated by industry awards, growing customer adoption and increasing recognition from leading analyst firms. Our unique approach to helping customers operationalize Zero-Trust and our culture of continuous innovation will set us apart, as more customers experience our platform.”

About ColorTokens Inc

ColorTokens Inc. is a leading innovator in SaaS-based Zero Trust cybersecurity solutions, providing global enterprises with a unique set of products and services for securing applications, data, and users across cloud and hybrid environments.

Through its award-winning XtendedZeroTrust™ Platform and context-aware ML-Powered technologies, ColorTokens Inc helps businesses accurately assess and improve their security posture dynamically.

As cloud adoption grows and traditional perimeters get re-defined and new attack vectors and threat actors materialize, corporations recognize their security posture needs to reflect their Zero Trust philosophy.

ColorTokens’ technology allows customers to achieve this by utilizing rich, meaningful contextual information about the application, microservice or resource being protected, so customers can apply Zero Trust with as secure a perimeter as they can.

ColorTokens’ cloud-based SaaS platform can automatically deploy next-generation security controls and increase security posture dynamically without any changes to a client’s existing systems with no new hardware, no downtime, and no reboots.

ColorTokens, with a global team of over four hundred, has global office locations in Santa Clara, New York, London, Copenhagen, and Bengaluru.

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