These Content Marketing Tips Are All You Need

Content Marketing

These Content Marketing Tips Are All You Need

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Quick! There are customers to enthral, products to sell, and profits to earn!

In today’s age of digital marketing, churning out content can become a tedious job. It becomes even harder when everybody else is also trying their hardest to gain the market’s attention.

To make your written words stand out, you need more than just inspired writing…

Grow your business with these content marketing tips

You need the tips and tricks that can help you get what you want, no matter the context. Fret not, for we have the best advice for your content marketing needs right here.

Mail It, Nail It

The perfect email is like a letter - you can't wait to open it
The perfect email is like a letter – you can’t wait to open it

Emails are a fast, cheap, and an effective way of communication that can help you to privately reach out to hundreds and thousands of people. However, many dismiss most of their emails as spam or dismiss them as boring digital marketing gimmicks. Here is how to make the people read what you want to say –

Heading Matters the Most

The most time you should spend writing an email should be in coming up with a good subject line, as the subject line decides whether or not your email is opened in the first place.

Customise the email by using people’s names. Choose to use clickbait or to divulge the details based on the scenario (think discounts vs a new product announcement). Adding in time limits, and of late, experimenting with emojis, are also a few ways to capture attention.

Be Mobile Friendly

Most people today open up their emails on the go. Make sure that your content is mobile-friendly. Too many images or heavy embedded material can take too long to load and open, and can be difficult to navigate on a small screen.

If you want to show what’s on offer, direct them through a link to your website or your social media account instead.

Tap Into Psychology

People will click right out of the email if it’s very long. Keep it short and simple. Use italics and bolds (but sparingly) to direct people to the most relevant aspects. Creating tension through Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) or entice people slowly and steadily through the Foot in the Door technique.

In other words, research before you start a content marketing campaign on the email.

The Sign Off

If you do not add in a proper sign-off, people will dismiss your email as a phishing attempt. Include a name, a position, contact details, and your website and social media handles. The sign-off is also the perfect place to reiterate a CTA (call to action), by providing a link, a discount code, or other pointers that people can act on.

Social Media Success

No digital marketing strategy is complete without social media
No digital marketing strategy is complete without social media

Many social media platforms are dominated by visual content, but words too have their own importance. Here are some ways in which you can make your words count –

Add to the Visual

Sometimes, it is better to add the content onto the visual instead of charting out a lengthy caption. Useful in particular for platforms such as Tumblr and Instagram, this helps to ensure that people do not skip out on the fine print. Make sure that your font and style match those of the visual.

Use the Peripherals

Use the stories, the about us section, bio, and highlights and some other great aspects of your account to engage in content marketing. You can use these for periodic updates, or can even create running jokes that will have people checking your content again and again. In essence, don’t  just stick to posting on the feed.


Sometimes, the best digital marketing strategy is to make people feel heard. Respond to queries, comments, observations, and even criticism in a fresh, funny, but sensitive way. Many brands (think Wendys) have built a tremendous reputation among the younger generation simply by giving timely responses.

Caption Curiosity 

Short captions that link back to your previous content will surely have your followers visiting your profile. It is a very subtle clickbait that can work wonders in increasing exposure. Split content into two posts, talk about how the content relates to a previous one, or give an update.

Be sure to not use this too much, as you’ll risk frustrating your audience otherwise.

Web Wiz

Your website is your ultimate expression online
Your website is your ultimate expression online

Your website is your ultimate repository about you and your brand. Most of your digital marketing is aimed at getting people there. Word choices there can thus have a very important influence. Here’s how to go about it.

Introduce Yourself

Even if the person has landed from your social media account, the first thing they should know is who you are and what you do. Play to your strengths and connect with your audience emotionally. Another great tip is to highlight a social or environmental angle of your business.

The words that you use here should not be boastful unless you can back them up with data, and certifications.

Maintain A Blog 

A blog is a great way to increase the Search Engine Optimisation of your platform. At the same time, it can help you plug in your products and services in subtle ways. After all, people are much more likely to buy, say, painting materials when they hear and learn of the benefits it has for them and their mind.

Formatting Matters

Websites need to uphold the greatest standard for the language. Moreover, content should be properly aligned, free from typos and grammatical errors, structured and should be simple and easy to read. Don’t add in too much technical language to sound like an expert – you might scare away your readers!

Adding bullet points, or a table of contents at the top, is a good way to ensure that people grasp the essence of your text.

Avoid Plagiarism 

Creating one’s own content can be a hard task, but the cost of plagiarism is too too high. People are unlikely to trust your website again, and what’s stopping them from going directly to the source of your information the next time? Plagiarism can also turn ugly if the original creator takes things public.

If you do like some content, reach out and ask permission – a mutual shoutout benefits both!

Content marketing can be tricky in today’s scenario, but these tips and tricks can help get you more than halfway there. The rest is on the creativity of your writing skills!

So how do find our content marketing tips? Has there been some more content marketing tips and digital marketing strategies that have worked for you? What if you were on the receiving end of these tips? Would they work for you? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments below!

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