Create a highly engaging Facebook Business Page with 7 steps

Create a highly engaging Facebook Business Page with 7 steps

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Have you ever wondered why some businesses are just next to perfect with their Facebook Business Page? Are you one of those who wants to get to that level of social media marketing? Well, it may be a little difficult, but not impossible.

There are a number of businesses that have succeeded in not only making their Facebook Business Page look aesthetic but also very welcoming to their target audience. That is not a very rare thing to achieve today. 

Given that Facebook has 2.80 billion active users per month, it’s reason enough for you to get your business active on the platform and it’s natural to want it to do really well like some others.

Facebook Business Page, really important?!

Own a small business and have a tight advertising budget? Facebook can help. Many small to medium sized businesses use Facebook for marketing because it is much cheaper and enables a better audience reach. 

Facebook is a platform that’s widely used by people across all ages. So if you think of a Facebook Business Page being a waste, think again. It’s a great marketing strategy for a social media win!

Facebook should ideally be a part of their social media strategy, especially for small and medium businesses.
Facebook should ideally be a part of their social media strategy, especially for small and medium businesses.

Facebook is also considered to be the king of social media with a potential reach of 59.0% of all social media users. The adaptability of Facebook, ever since it’s inception has attracted more users. So, scrolling for long hours while consuming content on Facebook is not much of an issue. 

Moreover, since Facebook is so well optimized for mobile, people have very easy access to it. A total of 98.3% of users consume content on Facebook via their mobile phones, vis-a-vis their laptops. Imagine the variety.

78% of American online shopping consumers claim that they found a product that they were looking for on Facebook.

In today’s time, customer support is an aspect of business that you cannot choose to ignore. Quality customer service enhances customer experience for your products and services. So in such cases, having customer support easily available through your Facebook Business Page is the best for your business.

Quality customer support helps gain the trust of potential and current customers, furthermore they’d also recommend your brand to their friends and family. An active Facebook Business Page will help you provide quality customer service and support and help you achieve just that.

In addition, having a Facebook Business page is extremely beneficial, as you can also have your products and services listed on your page. Isn’t this great?

As Facebook has a very wide set of audience, hence if you’re specifically targeting a certain audience, you can find them on Facebook and promote your products and services to your target audience, which they can then purchase on the platform itself.

With a Facebook Business page, you’ll be out there in the market. However, how do you check up on your competition? Your Facebook Business page helps with that too. Within the insights feature on the FB Page, you’ll be able to track the growth of your competitors around you.

Just add some Pages owned by your competitors and you can go ahead and track their progress alongside yours.

Now, let’s go about step by step on creating an optimized Facebook Business Page for your business.

A highly engaging Facebook Business Page – Steps and Tips

Most businesses make a Facebook Page but somehow, it’s not as impactful for them, unlike their other social media accounts. So here’s a mandatory list of steps and tips for you to do for your Facebook Business Page, for it to have engagement and do really well.

1. Create your Facebook Business Page

The is obviously the first, the most basic and the most important step before the rest of the process. Without creating a page, you won’t be able to incorporate any of the next steps suggested, nor will you be able to experience a successfully running FB Business Page.

All you have to do is click here. It will lead you to a page creation window where you will be required to select one of the two options. “Community figure or public personality” or “Business or Brand.”

Of course, since you’re creating a page for your business, you’ll need to choose the latter. Then, you need to fill in the other basic details like categories, page name, etc. Though your page name cannot be changed, however you can always change and shift to other categories at a latter stage.  

2. Choose from the Templates 

This is the next important step for developing a business-friendly Facebook page. Selecting a suitable template is useful, especially if you want your business to get easily recognized and shown to the right target audience.


This is the default template setting that Facebook provides, if you want to launch your own Facebook Business Page. The tabs available here are About, Posts, Videos, Home and Like. You can also add more tabs to the Facebook Business Page like Events, Notes, etc. 

Professional Services

Using this template can be great, especially if you’re aiming for your potential customers to contact you directly. Under this, there’s a good number of tabs available that can help you get closer to your goal.

For this template, the best would be to start off by introducing yourself and what your business primarily does, before delving into sales directly. 

Cafes and Restaurants

This one is quite straightforward. If your business is one that caters to the food and beverage industry, then it’s best that you use this template. Here you can put up important details like the menu, the type of cuisine served, the restaurant timings as well as photos and videos of your food and restaurant.

The main highlight of this template is on high resolution photos, since photos can attract the right target audience here. 

This one's an example of a Restaurant template for a Facebook Business Page. Notice the tabs like reviews, photos, videos, etc. Here visuals are the main focus of the Page.
This one’s an example of a Restaurant template for a Facebook Business Page. Notice the tabs like reviews, photos, videos, etc. Here visuals are the main focus of the Page.


Are you running a store? Then here’s your template match. This one can show off your products, services, sales, and the latest news about your brand’s products and services.

However, there’s a catch to this. You need to keep your Facebook Page busy with the latest deals, product postings, etc. such that your customers are up to date about what’s happening.

3. Optimize your Facebook Business Page

This means that you need to fill in all the rest of the details about your business. After that is completed, make sure to add a profile picture of your business logo or business in general, as well as a cover photo or a video as per your preferences. 

If you don’t have any photographs, you can always make use of free sites like Canva where you can rather create a relevant graphic that will represent your company. Remember that while your profile photo cannot be changed drastically, your cover photo can always be made more engaging for your target audience. 

Post this, add other details on your Facebook Page. These details are in the form of About, Story, Company Overview and Milestones.  It’s understandable that with so many sections to fill out on a Facebook Business Page, it can get quite overwhelming to understand what must be written in each space.

Here's an example of Walmart's optimized Facebook Business Page. It includes all the important information that is relevant for their customers.
Here’s an example of Walmart’s optimized Facebook Business Page. It includes all the important information that is relevant for their customers.


In this section you need to add a one liner that perfectly blends and describes your brand. This can be a simple straightforward description or it could be a quote that can best be associated with your company.

This is important because as and when a potential customer comes across your product or service on Facebook and hovers the cursor over your name, the about or the about us section, briefs the visitor of the nature of your work.


Here you can write the ‘story’ of your company. In this section you can write about how your company was founded, your founders, if there is some thing unique about your company, your founders or your products and services too.

You can take the liberty to write long stories but remember it’s always better to keep things short and crisp, and to the point on social media. 

Company Overview 

While this is almost similar to the ‘About’ section, you can choose to put something different from it. You can describe your company in a simple manner. No need to get creative all the way here, since the ‘Story’ section should be your canvas. A maximum of 2 paragraphs here would suffice.


This is the section where you can write about about your company’s achievements and accomplishments in the past years.

4. Think of a Captivating Username

This is the easiest part, that there is in the entire process. A username helps the audience recognize your business easily, as well as helps with engagement, when visitors or other businesses tag you. 

A few tips here are to not use any foul language, to avoid any prejudice driven ideas or language, and to stick to the number of characters prescribed by Facebook. If someone’s already claimed your username, you’ll need to tweak yours a little, such that it still matches with your business ideals. 

If your store is specific to a locality, you could also choose to incorporate that into your username. 

McDonald's Facebook username for Canada uses localization
McDonald’s Facebook username for Canada uses localization.

5. Add Team Members

For your Facebook Business Page to be functional, you need to add team members so that they can work on it, along side you. To add collaborators, you need to go to Page Settings and then click on Page Roles.

You can add 4 different types of Page Roles depending on what each employee is required to do, as his or her job role. 


This person has full access and can perform every function on the page.


This role enables the team member to post as the page, edit any part of the page, check insights of the page, send messages and view which post was put up by who.


This page role allows employees to create ads, view, delete or respond to comments and insights, send messages and also check out who has replied to what, from the page.


Quite as the role suggests, team members under this can view insights, comments, likes and can create ads. If you’re new to this role, here’s a guide to help you understand what you need to avoid to run a successful Facebook ad.


Analyst’s role is comparatively limited. If you don’t want an employee to make any changes to the page, then you can add them under this role. It enables them to view comments and see which post was put up by who, as well as check out page insights. 

6. View your Facebook Business Page as a Visitor

Once you’re done with the final set up, your last check should be this. Taking a look at your page, as a visitor can help you gain better insights on what your Facebook Business Page may still be lacking, or what you can further add to make it more interesting.

As such, it will be easy for you to recognize errors when you view it as a visitor.

7. Create your first Facebook Business Page Post and Pin 

What makes social media interesting for a business? It’s content. So the next step is to post about your business. It can be anything – from talking about your achievements to a picture of your team.

Your first post creates a long lasting impression, so think what’s best and relevant for your brand before you go ahead and post. If you’re pinning a post, make sure it adds value, to not only to your Facebook Business Page but also to the current and future customers. 

Most businesses use pinned posts to indicate their values, voice and information that would attract future customers. Here's an example of Samsung doing the same.
Most businesses use pinned posts to indicate their values, voice and information that would attract future customers. Here’s an example of Samsung doing the same.

Conclusion on creating a highly engaging Facebook Business Page

Facebook is a great social media platform to increase your last mile reach and reach your target audience. Once you set up your Facebook Business Page, and run Facebook ads, and spend some time doing this, you’ll also probably start loving the entire process and the overall platform.

Since Facebook’s targeting is so very specific, it allows you to really go into the depth of your audience’s behavior and what they really prefer about your business. Of course, take it rather slow and always remember to be responsible (and measure through insights) throughout the process.

When are you creating your own Facebook Business Page and if you already have done so, what are your suggestions and tips to optimize the page experience further?

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