9 Fail-proof Online Business Strategies for Newbies

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9 Fail-proof Online Business Strategies for Newbies

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Think you’re too late to make a presence on the internet? Think again! We bring you these 9 fail proof online business strategies!!!

Businesses, especially small ones, need to be online today in order to survive. It is where you find customers, build your network, and where you are judged for your work. Without any digital presence, your businesses will remain cloistered to the few people who know about it, and you will never grow or earn profits.

At the same time, entering the digital realm can be a little intimidating. But, you do not need intimate knowledge or expertise of technology to get started.

Here are the nine reliable online business strategies, especially for newbies to get you off your feet asap –

1. Don’t Jump the Gun

Don't Jump the Gun

First impressions matter a lot. Many buy domain names and open up social media accounts, but end up taking weeks and even months to put up content. Don’t do this. You will loose precious audience as people who visit your platform and find nothing there are unlikely to come back.

Instead, make sure that you have some content ready in hand to go up as soon as you open up your platforms. It can even be something as simple as a beautifully crafted ‘coming soon’ display.

2. Mind the Aesthetics

Aesthetics are an important part of every brand presentation

Aesthetics are an important part of every brand presentation

We all know those websites – the ones that look clunky, weird, outdated and almost garish, lacking any sense of coherence and organization. Not only does this put off customers, it also makes it difficult for them to actually purchase something if they like it.

Mind the Aesthetics

Website aesthetic is central to your brand, both for convenience and representation purposes. From the colour palette to the font to the images used, be sure that what you put up is original, clean and simple, and navigable without hassles. The same is true for your social media platforms.

3. Use Your Existing Network

Use Your Existing Network

A common, innocent mistake that many business owners make is to expect the likes and follows to flow in organically. While that will certainly happen, the internet is a very competitive place. Effective online business strategies require the leverage of your existing network.

So, make sure that all your friends, family, and existing customers and any other people you know beat the digital drums about your arrival. In this way, you will reach multiple networks at once and boost your visibility.

4. Analyze The Data

Analyze The Data

Consider the first few weeks as a test run for your established platforms. Are you getting the number of visitors and visits you thought you would? What are the best channels working out for you? Are people really following through from your social media and checking out your website, where your products actually are?

Keeping track of such data today is very easy, thanks to inbuilt tools offered by both analytics websites and social media platforms. You can quickly figure out which areas you need to work on more, and what are the online business strategies that are not worth pursing.

5. Make the Right Partnerships

Partnerships with digital creators are important to boost brand presence

Partnerships with digital creators are important to boost brand presence

Influencers and internet personalities are a great way of launching your brand online. However, it is important to not simply go for the most famous person you can find – what is the guarantee that their audience will like your products?

It is a much better option to go for somebody whose engagement with their community is higher.

Also, make sure that you give product-influencer match a good look. A lifestyle blogger may be your best bet if you sell home décor, while a painter or artist is the one to tap if you sell crafts.

6. Don’t Hesitate to Change

Don't Hesitate to Change

Some things, such as your brand name and logo, are a permanent part of your business. But, there is a lot of other things that you can change and experiment with. If you are launching a new product or turning over a new leaf in your business, let your online profiles reflect that.

Change the theme, bring in some fresh updates, and don’t hesitate to experiment with something new and radical that reflects your current position better.

7. Iron Out Issues

Iron Out Issues

There are few things more annoying than broken links, non-uploading webpages, and tools and options that just cannot be found.

If somebody points out an issue with your website or your social media handle, make sure that you reply to them personally, give them periodic updates about what is being done for the situation, and give out a public update when the issue is resolved.

This ensures that people do not give up on your platform simply due to technical issues.

8. Be Ready for Negativity 

Be Ready for Negativity As great as the internet is, it is also populated by trolls and unscrupulous competition. There will inevitably be times when people will leave you horrible reviews without any fault of your own, trolls and scams will target your platforms, and competitions will take out mudslinging campaigns against you.

As infuriating as  these issues may sound, it is important for you to always take the high road. Starting a fight online can quickly lead to escalations and turn your brand into a meme, which takes away from your repute.

9. Hire An Expert

Hire An Expert

Still a little unsure about how to manage everything? Get an expert! This simple solution ensures that you can focus on the business end of things while your online presence is looked after. Experts can help design tailor-made online business strategies for you, which can get you the best result for the least price.

You can also take up learning sessions from the experts so that you are able to manage day to day functioning effectively.

With these online business strategies up your sleeve, you are ready to take your business to new heights!

What strategies would you recommend to those who are taking their business online? Let us know in the comments below!

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