G-SUITE For EDUCATION – Your Digital Classroom

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G-SUITE For EDUCATION – Your Digital Classroom

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It’s one of the few important things on almost everyone’s bucket list especially after the Covid pandemic first broke out. 

Now, educating yourself isn’t much of a problem online but handling the coursework efficiently? That can be a real task!

That’s why Google’s G-suite for Education which was founded on an urgent note for Italy’s Education Minister, has now become an important tool for many educators around the world. 

Since it’s inception in the education world, G-Suite has managed to take over the e-learning space. Nearly 40 million students and educators are taking advantage of the Google Classrooms tool on G-Suite for various purposes like assignment submission, class reminders, meetings, etc. 

G-Suite for Education

G-Suite Via Unsplash

What Is G-SUITE? 

Google workspace, earlier known as G-suite, is as Google calls it, a digital platform for teams to work together. In technical terms, it’s a cloud-based service by Google that enables you to use and work on it from anywhere.

Apart from being fully functional for office use, G-Suite has many other tools within the workspace with functions and use for classroom and education purposes as well. 

With G-suite for education, you can easily handle classroom related tasks like allotting classwork, assessment distribution, giving feedback to students and much more.

Imagine doing all of this without having to note it down on a piece of paper. You log into your account and all of your work is well organized according to your convenience. If you’re a mentor, an educator or a teacher, G-Suite is definitely a sigh of relief from all that extra work. 

Why Use G-SUITE For Education? 

G-SUITE For Education Doesn’t Cost

The basic plan of G-Suite for Education is absolutely free. With this free plan, you can use different services within the cloud ecosystem such as Google Classrooms, Docs, Gmail, Sheets, Slides (for presentation purposes),  and Sites.

If your institution has other special requirements then you can go ahead with the G-Suite for Education Plus or contact G-SUITE’s customer support. 

Also, if you’re facing any technical or other difficulties related to your G-Suite account, you can reach out to their customer support which offers an one-on-one approach. 

G-SUITE Is User Friendly And Accessible

G-Suite for education is quite an easy service to use. If you or your kids have got a Gmail account, then, it definitely won’t be a hassle to navigate through G-Suite. It’s so user-friendly that it’s users have grown from 90 million to 120 million according to Bloomberg

Plus, as mentioned earlier, their customer support is always there to assist you in case anything goes wrong.

This service is also widely accessible. With tools like braille readers, closed-caption, etc., digital learning can be an experience for everyone to enjoy. 

Efficiency Flows With A G-SUITE Account

As mentioned earlier, G-Suite has many tools that can be accessed by students and teachers. Now, given that a large number of teaching functionalities have shifted to the digital space, G-Suite for education allows students to turn in assignments online. 

Adding to this, other aspects such as coursework for students, reminders on assignment submissions, etc. are well organized and easy for teachers to get back to at any time of the day.

This reduces the manual workload of the teaching staff and helps the students to work in close collaboration with their professors and classmates.

G-SUITE Is A Secure Learning Platform

G-suite for education is a secure digital space for students and teachers. The teachers can add or remove student users instantly. Accessibility can also be limited as per the specified preferences by changing settings to suit the learning requirements. 

You can also protect sensitive data with a unique tool called Automated Data Loss Prevention which will keep your information in Google Drive and Gmail safe.

Gmail in G-Suite for Education

Gmail data secured in G-Suite for Education. Picture via Unsplash

How To Use G-SUITE For Education?

As discussed earlier, G-Suite for Education is a basic plan. Hence, it includes productivity tools like Google Classrooms, Docs, etc. which most people find familiar. These tools are accessible from Kindergarten to Class 12, as well as to other higher learning institutes and to U.S based homeschools. 

As a matter of fact, if you’re homeschooling your child then you can also use the Google Workspace for Education for homeschools as well. Meanwhile, here’s how you can set up your Google Workspace.

Find Out If Your Institute Qualifies

According to Google’s basic standards, your organization must be an accredited institution that has nationally or internationally certified courses at these three levels (primary, secondary and higher) and is government recognized. Other requirements are as specified here

Sign Up With G-SUITE For Education

This is a simple step by step process to get your institute onto the platform. 

G-Suite for Education Signup

Signing up process on G-Suite for Education

Step 1: Click on the Sign up link for
Google Workspace for education.

Step 2: Fill up all the required details.

Step 3: Read the consent terms and conditions of G-Suite for education, click agree and continue.

Step 4: Verify your domain ownership and set up other services for the users.

Domain Verification

This step is to ensure that no other entity or being uses your domain for workspace purposes. For this you need to :

  1. Confirm that you own the domain.
  2. Keep the essential qualification documents ready. 

After you complete the above steps, then you can add more users to your domain and change settings according to your requirements.

E-learning on G-Suite for Education

E-learning on G-Suite for Education

So if you’re looking for an easy way to move your educational process online, G-Suite for Education is the most effective option available to you. This Google service encourages collaboration between the institute’s faculty, students as well as the non-teaching staff.

Additionally, Gmail being the most commonly used email address, people quite understand the functionality of the tools within the G-Suite.

Plus, the learning platform is secure, keeping admins in complete control along with it’s DLP (data loss prevention) provision. DLP or Data Loss Prevention is a set of mechanisms to ensure that any unknown user does not access or temper with any of your sensitive data.

With the help of regulatory compliance like Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), etc. DLP classifies certain organizational data as sensitive and sends alerts when there’s a breach on any compliance policies.

In this manner, the system reports weaknesses in the system. If you’d like to know more about DLP then click here.


It is one of the most suitable digital learning spaces for our day and age given that more than half of our educational curriculum world over has shifted to the digital sector.

Do you think G-Suite for Education has impacted digital learning? What do you think is the most efficient feature of this platform?    

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