How To Choose The Right SECURE SOCKETS LAYER (SSL) Certificate For Your Website?

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

How To Choose The Right SECURE SOCKETS LAYER (SSL) Certificate For Your Website?

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You have created your business and are finally ready to deploy your website.

People are loving your products and a lot of purchases are in the payment stage. However, most of them are being canceled?

Ah, seems like you forgot to add the final piece of the puzzle while constructing your website!

Secured Socket Layer(SSL) Certificates are small-sized data files that digitally bind a cryptographic key to a corporation’s/business’s specifics.

After it’s a successful installation on the web server, it allows secure connections from a web server to any web browser.

Typically, SSL certificates are instrumental in securing online digital transactions that require Credit Cards, data transfers, and login requirements.

Basically it adds a layer of extra security over your standard web transactions so that the information interchange between your business and your prospective consumers isn’t intercepted and by extension, misused.

But Why Use A SSL Certificate?

Digital technology has brought about a revolution in terms of Day-to-day proceedings of organizations worldwide. With facilities of online payment, information interchange, and data storage in the cloud, it has become infinitely easier for business to manage their trade. However, every technology has its pitfalls and the modern-day Internet is no stranger to it. With data breaches and information misuse aplenty during recent times, it is definitely important to add several layers of security to perhaps one of the most important assets of your organization: The Website.

This is where SSL steps in. Over the internet, the communication happens over a client-side computer, and the webserver your organization has deployed. SSL certificates utilize something called Public Key Cryptography, which is used to encrypt all the communications. Even if the message gets intercepted, the message is in a cryptographic code that is almost impossible to break, even when attacked with the brute-force of a computer. This ensures that the user’s data doesn’t fall into the predator’s hand unknowingly.

Apart from this, there are several other reasons to use a trusted and verified SSL certificate. An SSL certificate ensures that the data exchange between 2 servers is secure. A Good SSL certificate also helps rise in the Google Rankings. But most importantly it adds a layer of seemingly impenetrable security layer that helps build and enhance the customer’s trust.

Where Do I Buy A SSL Certificate? What Are The Prerequisites?

The first thing to do before you decide to key in on which SSL certificate you need for your website is to get your domain registered. This is essential because, CAs, i.e, the Certificate Authorities that issue the SSL certificates, need to verify domain ownership before you can obtain a publicly trusted SSL certificate. As of November 2015, CAs have been warned about issuing publicly trusted SSL certificates without proper domain registration in place.

A unique IP address is required for every certificate that you wish to be issued. If you have multiple subdomains running on a single IP address, they can be provided the SSL functionality using a Wildcard SSL certificate. A CSR or a Certificate Signing Request is a piece of text required to be generated on your web server before placing the order for an SSL certificate.

Which SSL Certificate To Buy Then?

Your SSL certificate is the essential step in securing your website, enabling users to trust us with their information with ease and confidence.  While buying an SSL certificate it is essential to weigh the pros and cons of the available options as choosing the perfect SSL certificate for your Business website is determined by its cost-effectiveness and the convenience factor that it provides.

It’s common for the hosting providers and the registrars to offer bundled SSL certificates with their available offerings. This is an easy and convenient way to achieve SSL protection. However, there are various SSL providers aboard the internet ship which provide SSL certificates.

GoDaddy SSL certificates []

GoDaddy India offers SSL certificates at low prices with financing available monthly, or yearly. They offer SSL certificates with SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption – considered the strongest available on the market among all the offerings available. GoDaddy SSL certificates offer a boost up the Google search rankings as well. A major USP of the SSL Certificate offered is the cross-browser compatibility, it supports almost all the major browsers available. With a 24/7 security support available, GoDaddy offers SSL certificates that you would definitely want to consider for your website.

Comodo SSL Certificates []

Comodo has been offering SSL certificates now, and have been on the top of the charts for quite a while now. Their certificates are not only cost-effective but are also equipped with great value-added packages, making them suitable for small scale businesses. They also offer additional tools that help increase the sales number and ensure that the customer’s trust remains rock solid. The SSL certificates from Comodo offer 128/256 bit encryption, dedicated customer support, and a warranty claim. The Comodo’s root certificates are embedded in almost all the major browsers;

Digicert Inc. SSL Certificates []

Digicert In. have a beautiful website outlining the features that are bundled with the SSL certificates that they offer. The features do make their certificates worth purchasing considering they offer symmetric 256-bit encryption, along with an SHA-2 algorithm, the ability to license unlimited servers, and award-winning customer support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They have one of the oldest root certificates in the industry, ensuring compatibility across thousands of browsers, devices, and operating systems. They offer fast insurance and load times as well.

Let’s Encrypt []

Let’s Encrypt provides free SSL certificates is you can set up an ACME server to do the automated updates. They don’t (yet) provide wildcard certificates, and they don’t offer EV SSL. But hey, free!

Verisign []

Verisign (now part of Symantec) is the granddaddy of SSL providers. Not cheap, but the most reliable.

GeoTrust []

GeoTrust has a longer track record and lower price.

You might also consider Thwate [], or Network Solutions.

SSL certificates offer protection to the users of your website from login information theft, cash transaction fraud, and also prevent cyber attacks on your website. Thus there is no doubt that an SSL certificate is an extremely important component of your website and it is necessary to do some research beforehand in order to choose the perfect SSL certificate for your shiny new website!

Are your websites and the transactions on them protected by a SSL certificate?


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