How To Create A Blog At Google BLOGGER/BLOGSPOT?

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How To Create A Blog At Google BLOGGER/BLOGSPOT?

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You already know what a blog is, and how to create a blog for free.

If not, please have a look at our articles where we’ve discussed the blog and also about creating a free blog at (

In this article, we’ll discuss – how you can create a blog at Blogger or say Google Blogger which is also known as

What is Google Blogger?

What is Google Blogger?

Google Blogger is a product of Google and is a Content Management System, where you can create, edit, delete, and manipulate data which includes media. It is also known as Blogspot or just Blogger. This being a product of Google, has gained a lot of popularity amongst all the available Content Management Systems.

Most new bloggers prefer using Blogspot as their primary blogging platform.

Why bloggers prefer Blogger?/Features & Advantages of creating a blog at Blogspot

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  • Free SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)

Not so long back Google had announced that they will not prefer users to visit such sites that do not have the SSL certificate installed. After this announcement, Google has also launched a free SSL featured service for its Blogspot users. The Blogspot users can now install the SSL certificate on their blog for free.

  • Completely Free

Most bloggers or new bloggers don’t want to invest anything upfront; uncertain how rewarding their blogging experience would be. This problem is sorted out by Blogspot as they provide the free service of blog creation.

  • Zero Downtime

Since Blogspot is hosted on Google’s Server, so there are very little chances that the blog will experience downtime due to heavy traffic or chocked bandwidth.

  • Unlimited Storage And Hosting

Blogger as a blogging platform provides unlimited storage and moreover, the hosting is also free.

Steps to create a blog at Google Blogger /Blogspot

To create a blog at Blogger, you need to follow the below steps –

  1. Go to Now you can see two options, Create Your Blog and Sign In. (At the top right corner) Click on any of the buttons.
  2. After you click, you are finally redirected to Gmail. The reason for this redirection is, both Blogger and Gmail are the products of Google. As per Google’s policy, to access any of Google’s product, you need a Gmail Account.
  3. Now you need to fill up your credentials in Gmail and continue further.
  4. After this you are led to Blogger where you can create our Blogger profile.
  5. Here you see an option where you are asked to input your display name. Your display name is one, which will show up below every post you write. It is therefore recommended that you choose to have your blog’s name as your display name. Pen down the display name and click on ”Continue to Blogger”. You have now successfully created your Blogger Profile.
  6. You are now in the dashboard, you see an option on the center of the page “CREATE NEW BLOG, ” and/or on the top left-hand side, you see “NEW BLOG“. You need to click on this to write your first blog on Blogger.
  7. Now you see a pop-up window asking for: Title – ”Give the title of your Blog” [You need to write your blog’s name]
  8. Address – It is the URL through which the visitors will visit your blog. Once you write down your desired URL, the system will auto-check the availability of the chosen URL. If the chosen URL is available – select it, or try different combinations.
  9. Theme – Here you can choose any of the default themes you like. You can even upload a custom theme.
  10. After all these steps, now you click on ”Create blog”! Hurray, you have finally created your blog!! Congratulations!!!
  11. Here you might get a pop-up window asking for a custom domain – for now, just click on No thanks; you can do this later.
  12. Now on the top left corner, you see a link “View blog” – click on it. Then you can see the blog what you have just created.

Congratulations you are finally done creating your first blog on Blogger.

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If still there are issues regarding the creation of a blog on Google Blogger, please do let us know through the below comment section. We at Bridging Points Media provide all kinds of assistance and development (Blog, Website.) Please feel free to reach out to us for the needed service or for a free analysis of your blog/site.

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