How to Promote your Website for Free?

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Getting started with a website isn’t a tough task anymore; you can now easily create blogs, and websites. There are several platforms to create a free website, and you can choose any of them. We have also published an article on Creating a Free Website.

Now, if you already have a website or blog, you need other websites, and platforms where you can successfully promote your website. In other other words, you need websites to promote your website for free.

The biggest challenge these days is in attracting, and getting the audience on board a website. When you need to expand your website or business, you need the audience, and without the audience, there is no point in having a website.

Here we have jotted down the five sites that help in growing the audience of a site. For a couple of them, you just need to submit a link whereas the others require a well thought out strategy for the website promotion. The common denominator of these five sites is that they are all free of cost.

How to Promote your Website For Free?

  • Google My Business

Google is the number one search engine in the world. You can safely say that Google is not just a search engine, but also a well-known brand. Google has many products, and one of its best product is Google My Business. You can promote a website through Google My Business.

You can submit a link, and can also provide additional information about a website or business. Then it adds this information to its data banks, and ensures that the link is made available when the users search for content related to a respective site or business.

By using Google My Bussiness, you can also easily create a website for free. You can also add images of your business. Then there is a review option that helps you to connect with the customers directly.

Google My Business also provides insights, and analysis of the website such as the number of searches for the site, the number of visits to the site, etc.

The websites created by it are mobile-ready, and ads too are available on the platform.

P.S.: Google loves its products, so if you are posting on Google My Business, you will definitely get good results.

  • Submit Express

Submit Express claims that it provides a link to the top 70 search engines of the world including Google. Submit Express uses a list of search engines to provide them with links.

You need to follow some rules to submit a link. You need to use the right keyword within the meta tag. To take care of this, Submit Express also provides a free Meta Tag Generator. However, you can submit your URL only once a month, and you can just send the first page of your website. The rest is crawled by the search engines directly.

In short, you need to submit the index or home URL of the website, and then Submit Express’s robots click on all the internal links, and fetch the required internal URLs, and then submit the same to the Search Engines for indexing.

  • Reddit

Reddit works on the basis of links submission, and the primary focus is on the content. You can submit a link to the main page of the website as well as to the individual pages, products, images, etc.

Reddit helps in increasing the traffic to a website by providing the audience with the links. It also helps you to improve the SEO of a website by connecting the links to textual descriptive content.

All you need to do is submit a URL, provide the title, and choose a subreddit. You must carefully select a subreddit for the link because the selection of a random subreddit doesn’t help.

You need to search for the subreddit that has the maximum subscribers, and that the content too is in accordance with the description of the subreddit. You also need to comply with all the rules that are stated in the right-hand side of the platform, else the link is removed.

And, multiple removals result in the profile being categorized as a spammer.

P.S.: When you start out, you can post links of different websites (on appropriate Sub-Reddits) as this helps to increase the Reddit Karma, and once you have accumulated a significant number of Karma you can post for your website, and get amazing results.

  • Digg

Digg allows you to submit a link, and promote it with the world for free. Digg delivers great results for the beginners as well as for the experts on the web. It brings forth the most exciting, and the most talked-about stories on the internet. Digg has millions of users that help to grow a site by increasing the traffic on a site.

You can also add up your story or article.  Once you are registered, you need to go to, and submit your link. Then you need to wait for a while, and thereafter check your analytics 🙂

Digg is the simplest one in the list, you don’t have to follow some specific steps to submit your links; you just need to submit the URL, and that’s it. Everything else is taken care of by them. And, yes, this platform works like charm as we too have been lucky to experience it.

  • Facebook

You have all heard about Facebook, most of us already have an account here. Facebook has plenty to offer to website owners.

Facebook Page

By creating, and using a Facebook page, you can promote your sites very quickly. All you need to do is build up your page likes, and regularly post a few interesting articles. This results in more, and more traffic to your sites daily.

Facebook Group

You can create a Facebook Group where you can share all the desired information regarding your site, and thus quickly promote your website.

Facebook Group allows you to create, and nurture your site community, request visitors to submit their queries in the community/group, and then you can respond, and engage with them. This way the visitors soon start loving your site.

These are the best destinations in the world wide web where you can easily promote your sites without even spending a single penny. Though free, it requires a bit of work to get started, and then you need to religiously follow the rules, and regulations of each site, least your URL, and site be banned or blocked.

Some other sites such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Mix are also very helpful where you can promote your site, and its content for free.

Especially LinkedIn is an excellent platform to boost traffic to your site if you have business, and professional content.

Also, let us know in the comments section down below where else do you think you can promote your website for free?

You can also let us know if you need any social media services, as we at Bridging Points Media provide world-class services when it comes to Social Media; Social Media Optimization, and Social Media Marketing.

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