If FACEBOOK And TWITTER shut down tomorrow?!


If FACEBOOK And TWITTER shut down tomorrow?!

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Social media and specifically Facebook & Twitter have become an integral part of your daily lives.

From learning about the latest news to knowing about what your friends and relatives are up to, all this and more is consumed through the platforms of Facebook and Twitter. Facebook and Twitter have become an all in one platform to fulfill all of your needs in this digital age – including reaching out and engaging with your prospective business partners as well as friends, and relatives from across the world.

Facebook also serves as a free online vault for your photos, videos, stories, and messages. These platforms help you access your media files from anywhere, anytime and from any device.

Now suppose Facebook & Twitter shut down… What will be the impact and what will happen next?

• As a first #FacebookAndTwitterShutdown will trend on the available social media platforms and these platforms will stand to benefit as a good chunk of users will move to them and the frequency of engagement on the then-existing platforms will also increase.
• If Facebook and Twitter shut down without notice, you stand to lose your photos and videos, if you have not backed them up.
• You will lose your business and friend connections if you have not taken the list offline or to other media.
Communication with your business and your social circle will be badly disrupted and you will look for similar platforms to communicate with them.
• Facebook and Twitter have a huge audience that is segmented and tapped for marketing, promotions, and advertisement. Corporates, SMEs & startups will have to look for similar and alternative avenues to effectively reach out to their audience.

Though a shutdown of Facebook and Twitter will help establish more real-life connect – other platforms will emerge to step in.

What is your take friends? Will Facebook and Twitter ever shutdown and if they do then what more could happen?

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