Top 4 INSTAGRAM MARKETING Tips And Benefits – To Grow Your Business!


Top 4 INSTAGRAM MARKETING Tips And Benefits – To Grow Your Business!

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Ever since it’s inception, Instagram has swept the internet. 

Being an audio-visual app, engagement with it’s users continues to remain at an all time high and counts up to 1 billion users yearly. 

It has evidently grown from just being a photo sharing application to an app that can be used for it’s many other features as well, such as Instagram stories, messaging, shop, etc. even by and for businesses. 

Today, most successful brands are using this social media platform to their advantage by just incorporating a couple of useful Instagram marketing tips and strategies. 

Well, this isn’t as surprising given the fact that humans, tend to love anything – from those cute dog videos to those cool artistic tutorials that makes everything look so fun and easy. 

So why not use Instagram to grow your own business to it’s real and full potential? 


Instagram marketing is a part of the larger forum of social media marketing. It’s a way in which businesses grow their reach and sales through the Instagram app using various features and tools there. It enables brands to connect to their consumers beyond just the sales of their product.

Why use INSTAGRAM MARKETING? Let the statistics explain –

  • The app has about 1.16 billion users as per the latest statistics.
  • 500 million people use the Instagram story feature daily.
  • A majority of 70% users are below the age of 35. 
  • 83% of IG users find products or services related to their needs on the app.
  • Brands spent 23% higher on Instagram as compared to any other app.

Is it worth the money? 

Yes! If you’re expanding your online presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., Instagram could be the next social media app that could get you trending among the young and hip Instagram users. 

This app is an excellent way to connect to your client base by the way of building an online community and engaging your audience with the relevant trends. Today, many people tend to check a brand’s IG account first, even before venturing onto their website. 

Plus, with an aesthetic feel to your account, you could keep your Instagram followers count endless. 


Step 1: Finalize your Instagram marketing goals 

Different brands have different goals and purposes for their Instagram accounts. So the best way forward is to define the outcome that you desire from this Instagram business account. This is a combined job for the  content creators as well as for the marketers. But it all basically comes down to:

  1. Instagram marketing for Lead generation 

  2. Building a community for effective engagement 

  3. Growing your Instagram followers

If you’re keen on just making your profile sales focused then a lead generating strategy is for you. On the other hand, if you’re looking for higher engagement rates on the app, then your strategy needs to emphasize on relatable content on the account.

While, if you’re just looking to be Insta famous, you can do that too by incorporating a little bit of lead generation and community building strategies. Nonetheless, engagement is of utmost importance in both the cases. 

Step 2: Define your target audience for Instagram marketing

Using the insights on your Instagram business account, you can get a unique understanding of the type of audience your content attracts with every post, story, reel or IGTV.

You just need to click the Insights button on your Instagram account to get details of your target audience in terms of age, gender and demography. It’s that simple!

Instagram Marketing: using the Insights button
Using the Insights button for Instagram Marketing

Step 3: Always keep your business account optimized

Create a good bio for your IG account with the voice and values close to your organization. Define in the shortest manner what your business offers to it’s target audience. A good example of this is Sephora where they have creatively used the Instagram bio space to define their service. 

Also, make sure to make your bio SEO friendly to stay fresh and at the top in the search list. 

Instagram Marketing Strategy with Sephora
Sephora’s Instagram handle: @sephora

Step 4: Create Instagram content that represents you

When you are finished with the basics of your Instagram account, then focus on this step as this step is the next big aspect for your Instagram marketing. Decide on your brand voice while keeping a tab on your competition and how they market their brand.

This way, you’ll get an idea of how you should go about the whole process. 

Eg. If you’re a beauty brand, like MAC, you need to make sure that your account communicates the service it offers such as makeup/beauty, lipsticks, etc. while also representing it’s brand voice.

MAC Cosmetics Instagram Marketing
Mac Cosmetics Instagram handle: @maccosmetics


Builds trust among Instagram users

Since Instagram gives an audio and visual sense to your brands content, it tends to associate a “face” to your brand and to your company. “Who are you?” – Instagram basically reveals your brand to the world, and answers this critical identity-crisis related question.

The more your brand reveals about itself through videos, pictures, etc., the more your followership grows. In a way, your customers relate to your brand voice and then, don’t even mind recommending you to their friends and family.

You’ve gained their trust. 

So with Instagram marketing tips and strategies for your business, it’s a win-win situation for all.  

Easy Targeting and lead generation

Well, expanding your brand presence is great and all that but, how can that be done for lead generation? 

Just like the digital ads, such as those on Google and Facebook, Instagram too, can go into great depth for your advertisements. Instagram has got features like location, demographics, age group, interest and all the more necessary targeting to expose your content to the right consumers.

So it’s quite simple and fruitful to run your ads on the platform. 

If you specifically have your Instagram marketing strategy focused on lead generation, getting started with a lead generation ad would be a great idea. Of course, ads are always a part of marketing and when you plan to use Instagram ads, make sure you have a Facebook ads manager account.

Then, you can go ahead and use the lead generation ads option. While we are talking about lead generation, you can also explore general digital lead generation here LEAD GENERATION STRATEGIES: Ways To Generate More Leads And Sales.

Creates quality Instagram marketing content

Instagram’s content potential can be as endless as the sea, if you’re creative. With tools such as filters, account tagging options, hashtags, Instagram stories, Instagram reels, IGTV as well as assessment tools like insights, you’ll be able to create some or the other quality content that won’t tire your audience.

You can go beyond basic product marketing and focus on your brand voice and values. 

You need to keep in mind that each post, story, etc., should be worth your target audience’s time and attention. So create content that is fun, engaging and relatable. 

An additional tip for Instagram marketing could be to consider using trends related to your brand. Participating in these trends could increase engagement on your IG account.

Increases sales

Just like the stats reflect, many users tend to discover the products they’re looking for on the app itself. And with a good Instagram account with high engagement rates, sales through the account could be a regular activity.

Today, consumer needs, too, have gone beyond just the basics of a product or a brand. They also focus on the brand voice and the ethical practices followed by a company. 

A great example of this is TripAdvisor, where they not only sell their service but also show their target audience who works behind the scenes and how much of work goes into their end result. These gestures at times, builds confidence in a brand, thereby, increasing their sales. 

TripAdvisor as an example of effective INSTAGRAM MARKETING
TripAdvisor showing company culture as a part of their INSTAGRAM MARKETING STRATEGY


Thus, in any case scenario related to marketing, staying relevant is the key. So a balanced implementation of these Instagram marketing tips and strategies can help you achieve your marketing goals. 

But, it’s also important to remember that this is a long term investment. Once Instagram accounts are created, content needs to flow. Hence, stay consistent with your Instagram marketing tips and strategies.

What do you think of Instagram as a tool for marketing? Do you think it’s relevant for you? How do you market your brand over Instagram business? 

Let us know in the comments!

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