Adsense: 12 Tips To Maximize Revenue with Google Adsense

Google AdSense

Adsense: 12 Tips To Maximize Revenue with Google Adsense

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Want to boost your Google AdSense earnings?

Well, you are in the right place. Google AdSense provides an easy and effective way for your business to earn revenue from your online content.

This way you not only use the content for the greater good, but you also monetize the content and earn revenue from it.

With the help of Google AdSense, you add advertisements to your websites based on your site’s nature, content, and visitors.

When you display these advertisements, Google shares a certain amount with you from the amount that it has received from the advertiser. This way, you can generate revenue with Google AdSense, easily and efficiently.

So, what exactly is Google AdSense, and how you can use it to generate revenue? Plus we also share the key tips to boost your earnings with Google AdSense.


Google AdSense is an advertising and marketing platform that is designed to place different types of advertisements on websites.

However, for the advertisements to be displayed on the website, the website needs to follow the standards as laid down by Google AdSense, also referred to as AdSense Policies or Google AdSense Policies, or Google Publisher Policies.

The main objective of Google AdSense is to show the visitors different and multiple advertisements and in return, the website’s owners get paid.

The amount of money that the owner of a website earns is dependent upon the types of ads being served and the number of ad impressions and ad clicks. The small publishers mostly earn through the “Cost per Click” model (CPC) also otherwise called “Pay per Click” (PPC).

The large publishers also benefit from the “Cost per Mile” i.e. “Cost per Thousand Impressions” (CPM) model as these large publishers generate a lot of page views and related impressions on the displayed ads.

Google AdSense is one of the easiest methods for monetizing your online content such as a website, a blog, etc. However, to leverage AdSense’s full power, it is crucial to use it carefully as well as intelligently.

Google is also responsible for designing and managing AdWords. It is through this Google AdWords Program that the advertisers place ads on the websites. The advertisers can choose through AdWords all the respective sites that they want their ads to appear.

In turn, it is through AdSense that the publishers choose all ads that they want to be displayed on their website and what all kinds of ads they want to be blocked from their website.

Apart from revenue for the sites through display ads, Google AdSense also offers a Custom Search Bar. If you incorporate your website with AdSense, the AdSense platform also provides your website with a search bar that is incorporated with the google search engine.

This not only enhances the website’s overall features but also provides value to the visitors and helps them save time by helping them easily and quickly find what they were looking for. Plus you also generate additional revenue through the searches happening through this search bar enabled on your site.

The Google AdSense Program is very simple and can be seamlessly integrated into your website. Nevertheless, to integrate it with your website, you must follow a certain set of rules and standards as laid down in the Google AdSense program policy. And you need just one Google AdSense account to manage multiple websites.

Top Tips To Generate Revenue With GOOGLE ADSENSE

Focus On Website CONTENT

We have now discussed that your website needs to be approved by Google AdSense for you to start displaying advertisements on your sites. However, it is of paramount importance to understand that even though your sites are approved for the AdSense program, these sites could still be reviewed at a later stage.

AdSense does these routine and timely checks to ensure the quality of its AdSense program. This simply means that you just cannot bombard your website with unnecessary web pages with hardly any quality content. It won’t be possible to get these “extra” pages indexed or monetized.

Instead, focus on the quality of the content that you are making available to your users. Any given day, prioritize quality over quantity. If your website contains quality content, Google will consider it as a content-rich website that will help you not only provide value to the visitors but also aid in your AdSense strategy.


The user experience on your website can make or break your website. No one likes to scroll through websites that are clumsy, difficult to navigate or don’t run well on their device.

You may have the best ad placement possible on your site, but if your site is not offering a rich user experience, for example, your site is not optimized to work on all devices, you could lose many website visitors long before they click on your ads.

So, please make optimizing your website an integral part of your AdSense strategy. For starters, you can use Test My Site with Google to run simple diagnostic tests that will help you identify all the issues and errors on your site.

It will help ensure that your website works well on mobile devices and is fast and responsive. Next, you can sign up for Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

Google Analytics will help you keep a record of your website visitors and Google Search Console will help you with performance issues or other errors that could harm the user experience on your website.

Make Your Site VISITORS Stay

If you are a website owner and are using Goggle AdSense, then you are going to get paid only if the visitors view and click on the displayed advertisements. Now, there is no reason to serve advertisements on your websites if the visitors hardly click on them.

Therefore, you need to ensure that the visitors spend time on your webpage. If your website is bland, less informative, or difficult to use, the visitors are likely to leave your website. You simply lose your visitors and therefore the potential AdSense earnings.

That is why you need to create a site that is not only just attractive but also makes the visitors stay and stick to your website.

Thus you should focus on providing a rich user experience to your visitors that makes them dig deeper and delve into your site.

You can fulfill this objective by having a clear-cut strategy in place, for example, you need to have clear navigation at the top of your page, which makes navigation easier so that the site visitors easily find what they need.

Additionally, ensure your content links out to other content or to other sections of your website. That way, if the user is not interested in the type of content that is served, he can always move to some other piece of content that is of interest to him.

If you interlink your content, the user is most likely to check out that piece of fresh content instead of simply abandoning your site.

These simple steps will engage your visitors and make them stay on your website. The more they stay on your website, the more the page views and the ad views. This means more ad engagement resulting in higher Google AdSense earnings.

Don’t Let Your VISITORS Forget Your Site

You must provide your website visitors enough channels to get back to your site. For example, through social media handles, and through email opt-ins.

The objective is to offer multiple channels which the visitors can utilize to connect and follow your site. This will help you always stay connected with your visitors. Every time you publish a fresh piece of content, you can also share it on your social handles, which will help your visitors get to your website.

This way they engage more with your site and the site ads, resulting in more impressions and clicks, adding to the revenue.


AI Tools can help improve your AdSense earnings. These tools help manually test out the various possible ad placements and ad sizes on your website, the two critical elements for maximizing AdSense revenue.

A good example is Ezoic. Ezoic is an amazing tool that is free to use and is available for all bloggers, provided your blog has more than 20 thousand page views a month. This tool automatically configures and experiments with advertisements and offers a rich experience for the users.

This tool manages advertisements on your webpage and helps boost revenue while also maintaining a beautiful user experience.


The placement of the advertisement is a major factor that impacts the (low/high) click-through rates.

It is advisable to place and display your AdSense ads around your content and above the fold. For example, instead of placing the advertisements at the bottom of the page, place them around your best content such as near the blog posts or near the sidebar.

Blend The ADSENSE Ads With Your Site DESIGN

You can also blend the advertisements with the design of your website. If you are using AdSense, make sure that your website design has enough space for the advertisements to be displayed.

This will ensure that the advertisements don’t make your website too cluttered or clumsy. Some of the best-performing ad sense sizes are 728×90 (Leaderboard), 300×250 (Medium Rectangle), 468×60 (Full Banner), 120×600 (Skyscraper) and 160×60 (Wide Skyscraper).

If you want to boost your AdSense earnings, it is also advised to configure AdSense ads to match with the visual elements of your website like the background and the color scheme. You can also incorporate other visual elements such as images to improve the overall user experience of your website.

Also, ensure that there is ample space between the ads and the content so that the ad placement is not against the AdSense policies.


AdSense does factor in the content of your webpage. For example, imagine you are the owner of a gaming website. AdSense serves ads related to gaming accessories, consoles, and other gaming-related stuff on your website.

This, however, does not imply that other kinds of ads will not do well on your website. If there is a connection between the content of your webpage and the ads that are displayed, i.e., if the ads are relevant, they will generate engagement and higher click through rates (CTRs) and will boost your AdSense earnings.

To make this happen, use AdSense section targeting. This is a quick and easy-to-use feature that lets you add simply two lines of code before and after the content. This helps in conveying to the advertisements what your content is all about. In other words, this will help serve contextual ads for your content.


It is a common belief that image advertisements work better than text advertisements.

As a result, most website owners block certain types of Ad or Ad categories. However, it is not true that image ads always have higher payouts or that they always perform better than text ads.

What matters is the quality of the ads and not its nature. So, blocking certain types or categories of ads can be detrimental to the overall earnings from AdSense. So, always be open to all types of ads.

Blacklist Certain URLs

Imagine you are using Google AdSense and generating tangible revenue from these ads. But what if the ads that are being displayed on your website are your competition?

This will not only affect your AdSense earnings, but can also impact your business, negatively.

There are many advertisers who pay very little for their ads. To prevent these ads from serving on your site, you can block these advertiser URLs in the AdSense dashboard. You can compile your list of such URLs and block them.


The category blocking feature is a helpful element of the new AdSense interface. This feature helps you analyze what categories of ads are doing well and what categories of ads are not.

After finding out the categories that are not doing well, you can easily block those categories. This will help you filter out and publish only those ads that are performing well for you. By keeping a track of the ads, you will be able to display only the ads that are best for your site. This will help you boost AdSense earnings.


AdSense is also beneficial if you are publishing content on YouTube. Google AdSense lets you monetize your copyrighted videos using the YouTube Partner Program.

Apart from helping you generate revenue from the ads that are displayed on your video content, this program gives you access to many YouTube resources like direct access to the Creator Support team.

However, before you apply, you must go through a standard review process that is meant to check if your channel meets the set policies and guidelines as laid down in YouTube Partner Program.

Only channels that meet these requirements are accepted into the program. Hence, do check out the program details if you look forward to monetizing your video content on YouTube.

Please let us know in the comments section, your suggestions for optimizing the AdSense earnings.

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