Awesome and Effective Online Contests and Competitions to Grab Consumer Attention

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Awesome and Effective Online Contests and Competitions to Grab Consumer Attention

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Want the people to come to you? Then give them what they want.

In the cutthroat world of business today, every aspiring brand has to fight tooth and nail just for a few seconds of consumer attention. Everything from print media to influencer marketing is dominated by businesses trying to sell their wares to increasingly choosy consumers. As such, without attention, how far can a brand really go?

Online Contests are a big Marketing Win

Before your digital marketing team goes bananas, you should know that there is one technique that flips the table – and makes you the center of attention. We are, of course, talking about none other than online contests.

Online Contests – A Homing Beacon

Online Contest

The general model of business is that brands need consumers. With so many choices, consumers can easily move on to the next thing if they find even the tiniest flaw. Thus, good products and services are imperative though not enough.

You need to make an active effort to engage with your consumers, and you need to make use of the best digital marketing methods and tricks up your sleeve.

Online contests is one such fool-proof method. These contests make your brand a household name, boost your social media presence, and help you advertise to people at the lowest possible cost. In other words, all you need is a small investment, and you can have viral content in your hand.

The only thing people love more than free stuff is the free stuff that they get when they beat other people.

Organizing Effective Online Contests

To make sure that your contests don’t fizzle out, here are the strategies that you should employ when organizing these online contests for your customers –

Decide the Type of Contest

Instead of social media follows, ask for genuine content from your contestants
Instead of social media follows, ask for genuine content from your contestants

The first and the most important thing is to determine the type of contest. Many businesses today chose the easy road of “like, comment, and share to win X”, but these contests don’t really do anything for you in the long run. People are more likely to unfollow as soon as the competition is over.

Instead, design something that is fun for everyone involved. This can include writing and video submissions, virtual games and quizzes, or something that gives a chance to your consumers to showcase their fun and creative side.

Decide the Award

Decide the award of your Online Contest

The award is perhaps the single most important thing to be considered. As long as the award is something that the people want, they will do whatever the online contests require of them.

Ideally, awards should include gift hampers or something that will further promote your products, but you can choose something big, such as cash prizes.

If you can afford it, keep multiple prizes for different positions. This increases the people’s chances of winning, and thus their willingness to participate in your competitions and contests. Something as simple as discount coupons may work well here too.

Transparent Evaluation

It is very important to ensure that people do not think of your online contest as rigged. Thus, be sure to detail out the evaluation procedure, and conduct as much of it publicly as possible. You can use mixed methods, such as audience polls combined with expert points, to get the most unbiased results.

Sometimes, people may flood judges with requests and threats when it comes to big awards, such as tickets or trips. So be sure to protect the identities of all those who are involved in the assessment process in order to prevent any mishap.

Show the Winners and Their Hits

Celebrating the victors is an important part of online contests
Celebrating the victors is an important part of online contests

Don’t assume that your online contests will close as soon as the points are tallied and the winners are announced. This is especially true if you have used a public voting system. Be sure that your winners have the opportunity to come out and speak about their experiences of participating in the competition and how they have won it.

This will have several benefits for you too. Firstly, you will get a further boost of promotion, and this also showcases the best of your brand.

It also enables any adversaries or naysayers to see the legitimacy of your competition, and also creates a buzz for the future events that you may hold. Hence, showcasing your winners is a win-win digital marketing strategy.

Do It in Pieces

It can be very annoying and frustrating for everyone involved when a competition takes months to process the results. Your customers may lose interest and may even think twice before entering such online contests organized by you in near future.

Therefore make the progress of the competition a part of your digital marketing strategy. Give everyone updates about how things are going, get the experts or judges to comment on the process, interview customers who have participated – in other words, keep the buzz going.

This will turn your online contests from a one-time attention-grabbing event to a mainstay pull factor of your brand.

Prepare for Issues

Just because you are organizing a contest doesn’t mean that things would go smoothly. There is a lot that can go wrong, from a lack of participation by the audience to problems in collection of submissions, to poor or problematic judgement.

These issues can be even more challenging to deal with when you already have the public’s eye and attention on your competition.

Be sure that you have plans in place to deal with these issues, such as backup judges, preliminary rounds to determine audience interest, and dedicated portals and emails for submissions.

So do you think these online contests can be a great digital marketing tool? If not, what problems do you think might crop up? Let us know in the comments below!

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