PPC Marketing and PPC Ads to boost your business

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PPC Marketing and PPC Ads to boost your business

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Ten years ago, would you have imagined that the words that you type, to search for something on a search engine, would actually have monetary value for businesses? It’s amazing how technology has evolved through all these years, especially in the field of digital marketing!

Today PPC Marketing is one of the most used, amongst all forms of marketing by digital marketers. However, it could be a bit complex to understand, and if not figured out correctly could be quite a tedious task to work out, if included in your business’s digital marketing strategy. 

Digital marketers usually use PPC Marketing to grow their website traffic and conversions. Hence, it’s a big win for them and their businesses. In this article, let’s take a look at what PPC really is and how it helps your business.  

What is PPC Marketing? 

As per PPCHero, PPC or Pay Per Click Marketing is a form of digital advertising. Through these ads, businesses calculate their costs, depending on the number of times their target audience clicks on their ads. 

PPC Campaign Goals 

Increase Brand Awareness

If your business has just been launched, and you’re trying to attract some loyal customers, brand awareness is the way to go. This ad objective of PPC Marketing helps your brand get familiar, and popular amongst the netizens.

According to SmallBizGenius, brand awareness increases by 80% through Google paid ads.

Lead Generation

Most brands want to reach out to their target audience, and in such a scenario, companies prefer to run lead generation ads that would attract their target audience.

As per a study by Formstack, 17% marketers depend on PPC ads for lead generation.

Grow Sales

Big brands use PPC Marketing to grow their business.
Big brands use PPC Marketing to grow their business. Picture taken via Unsplash

According to Wordstream, 64.6% of searchers click on commercial Google Ads.

Imagine the kind of sales, that’s generated from such a high number! Well, professional digital marketers have known this for a very long time. And, this is also why some businesses flourish better than others.

PPC Marketing just doesn’t stop there. With PPC Marketing, there’s a variety of ads that your business could use to achieve its campaign specific goals.

Platforms for PPC Marketing

Amazon PPC

Amazon is a great platform for PPC Marketing for your business. Amazon advertising is growing very fast, and has become very popular in the recent years. Your business can achieve sales and success through Amazon PPC marketing, pretty easily.

Emarketer states that 46% of all product focused searches happen on Amazon. 

Google PPC

Google is the most commonly, and the most widely used platform for PPC Marketing by businesses. Google not only displays PPC ads on it’s own platforms such as YouTube, but also on partner websites.

According to Digital Third Coast, 67% of smartphone search traffic originates from Google. 

Microsoft PPC

Microsoft PPC allows advertising on most of it’s own, as well as on partner websites such as Yahoo. A study shows that Microsoft and Yahoo search engines have 30% of all search engine traffic and result up to 6 billion searches a month.

Although the user base is lower vis-a-vis Google, however, if you know whom you’d like to target, then it is a good fit for your business.

Types of PPC Ads

In addition to the PPC ads that would show up when you search for something on a search engine, the other forms of PPC ads are – 

Display PPC Ads

PPC Display ads serve on websites and blogs.
PPC Display ads serve on websites and blogs

Display PPC ads usually have an image, a motion graphic, or a video in it. To run a display PPC ad, the ad creative needs to comply with the prescribed format, dimensions, and weight requirements. These kinds of ads appear on various websites and blogs.

You would have definitely seen these ads before.

Text PPC Ads

PPC Text ad
Looks familiar? This is how a PPC text ad looks like

Just as the name suggests, these are text based ads. Advertisers create an ad copy, and then launch the ad campaign. The ads would then appear on a webpage that you open, or when you hit the search button on a search engine.

The format and the limitations in character varies from platform to platform. Here, the focus of the ad creative is on getting the keywords right. If you get the keywords right and create a copy that looks almost natural, then you’ve aced the PPC text ad format. 

Shopping PPC Ads

Shopping PPC ads
An example of shopping PPC ad

Well, the above is an example of how the shopping PPC ads look like. They present you with a number of product options, for the product that you were searching. 

Benefits of PPC Ads 

Have you noticed that if you search for a product on Google or Amazon, you still continue to see the ad of that product even after a few days. If you run PPC ads, then you would definitely benefit from them in these ways –

Control over Ads

You’re in complete control over the cost of your paid ads. If you do not want to continue your ads for a while, you always have the liberty to pause your ads. However, you need to remember that PPC ads perform best if continued over a long period of time.

Ad Targeting

Ad targeting is a requirement that most businesses look for when opting for PPC Marketing. PPC ad platforms allow you to target specific set of users, according to your requirement. The platforms also allow you to tweak your bids, according to your ad targeting parameters of location, time, and more. 

Easy Tracking

With PPC Ads, you are in complete control as tracking is very easy.
With PPC Ads, you are in complete control as tracking is very easy

If you’re concerned about the tracking of your ads, this is done with utmost precision. You’ll get to see the ROI on keywords and specific ad groups as well. Google Ads, in particular, is very transparent with regards to tracking – traffic, leads and conversions.

Quick Results

Once you set up your ads, complete with other essentials that need to support these ads, the ads can then be put up for approval on the platform. This usually takes up to a few hours, and once approved, you’re good to go!

If your bid is high enough, then you win the auction easily, and your ads start serving almost immediately. Your ads then, also start receiving clicks pretty soon. 

Conclusion on PPC Ads

Thus, to enjoy the benefits and to fast track your business, you should start with PPC ads for your business, as soon as possible. PPC Marketing can get you immediate results, especially if your bid is on the higher side for a particular keyword.

It’s going to be a trail and error process, before you finally unleash the real potential of PPC ads for your business. Have you used PPC ads for your business and have you benefitted from it?

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