Bridging Points Media Publisher Network

Bridging Points Media serves relevant ads on publisher websites and personal blogs.

Bridging Points Media’s objective is to monetize its publisher’s traffic and optimize their revenue with relevant and competitive advertisements.

Requirements for participating in Bridging Points Media Publisher Network –

In respect of or in relation to any site (or portion thereof) used by the publishers in connection with the publisher’s participation in the Bridging Points Media’s Publisher Network, the publisher may not engage in any activity that is or constitutes, or that involves, facilitates, advocates or promotes any prohibited activity.

Bridging Points Media does not work with publishers that contain, link to or promote certain types of content. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Illicit drugs, sale, export or use of illegal substances.
  • Illegal gambling.
  • Illegal activity.
  • Harm to minors in any way.
  • Terrorism, sedition or other illegal activities.
  • Obscene, pornographic, sexually explicit or indecent material or similar activities.
  • Profanity, libelous, defamatory, threatening, harassing, tortious, or similarly abusive activities.
  • Discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age or disability or any other unlawful basis under applicable law, violence, hate or promoting against any individual, organization or group.
  • Offering of any MP3, MPEG and/or other proprietary materials for download, sale or otherwise, in any case without the permission of the owner of the Intellectual Property Rights or otherwise infringing the Intellectual Property Rights of any third party.
  • A conflict or violation of any law, rule, regulation, self-regulatory principles, privacy policy or any Intellectual Property Rights or other rights of any person or entity.
  • Fraudulent activities or impersonation of any person, including any Bridging Points Media’s representative, or misrepresentation of affiliation with any person.

Getting Started

The publishers/publications can soon start earning money from their existing traffic.

  • To join the Bridging Points Media’s Publisher Network, the publisher must be either an entity or an individual who is at least 18 years old.
  • To use (or continue to use) Bridging Points Media’s Publisher Network the publisher must provide Bridging Points Media with truthful, accurate and complete registration information. If any such information changes, the publisher must immediately update their registration information.
  • Bridging Points Media has the right to verify the truth and accuracy of any registration information at any time. Please be advised that if any information determined by Bridging Points Media is found to be misleading, inaccurate or untruthful, Bridging Points Media may restrict, deny or terminate the publisher account and the publisher’s access and use of all offerings.
  • Any and all information provided as part of the registration process or otherwise shall be truthful, accurate and complete, irrespective of any independent verification or other determination made by Bridging Points Media.

Please create a Bridging Points Media Publisher Account. If you are already registered, then please sign-in.

(If you are having trouble signing in, please write to [email protected] or call at +91- 9266 663 044)

Login Requirements

  • It must be an e-mail address.

    The users can login with their email ID. For example: [email protected]

    Requirement #1

  • E-mail must be unique on our system.

    Multiple users cannot use the same email ID. Only one email ID per user is acceptable.

    Requirement #2

Password Strength Requirements

  • Include at least one number.

    For example: [email protected]

    Requirement #1

  • Minimum length is 8 characters.

    Passwords less than 8 characters are not acceptable due to security concerns.

    Requirement #2

  • At least “Fair” level is required.

    Fair Level means that the password should not be simple. An example of fair level: [email protected]

    Requirement #3

  • Include at least one capital letter.

    For example: [email protected]

    Requirement #4

  • Avoid using plain dictionary words.

    You should never use plain dictionary words. For example: Mypassword, Password, HappyMe, ColorRed, BestPerson, Iamthebest etc.

    Requirement #5

  • Special characters are recommended.

    Use special characters to increase the complexity of the password. For example: Mexiz(A*73##&1

    Requirement #6

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Website Information
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Publishers must strictly comply with the below ad serving policies for serving campaigns routed through Bridging Points Media:

  • The publishers must not make unauthorized modifications, reverse engineer, disassemble, decompile or attempt to derive source code of any offering.
  • The publishers must not modify, resize, reformat, edit or otherwise alter any content provided by Bridging Points Media unless expressly authorized to do so.
  • The publishers must not to hack, abuse, adversely interfere with, infect with viruses, worms or other malicious or destructive code, or use or cause to be used in extraordinary and unreasonable or inappropriate ways or amounts, any offering.
  • The publishers must not modify, circumvent, impair, disable or otherwise interfere with any tracking codes and/or other technology and/or methodology required or made available by Bridging Points Media to be used in connection with the publishers use of any offering, including the promotion and display of qualifying links.

Bridging Points Media also reserves the right to refuse a publisher as determined by it’s sole discretion.

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