Reddit Marketing: Best Strategies, Tips and Tricks to drive traffic!


Reddit Marketing: Best Strategies, Tips and Tricks to drive traffic!

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Do you know that you can drive a TON of free traffic from Reddit? Reddit – the very popular social media platform isn’t just a fun little discussion site but is also amongst the top 100 websites on the web where you can find pretty much anything – no matter what your niche is.

Furthermore, Reddit Marketing can also do wonders for your business, and your marketing strategies. It has undeniable benefits, more so when coupled with other marketing strategies, which is why most Marketers recommend Reddit Marketing!

The best marketers do not avoid it as a marketing channel, rather they embrace it, and make the most out of Reddit to drive traffic, build community, and increase revenue. If you already know what Reddit is, are on Reddit, and already engaged in Reddit Marketing, then it’s amazing.

However, if you’re not familiar with it, Reddit can seem like a confusing mess of jargons, symbols, and all sorts of weird content. To learn more about Reddit, and how it works, check out this post.If you’re not on Reddit, and you’re not already driving traffic from it, then you’re really missing out on great opportunities.

If you’ve ever wondered how to do Reddit Marketing the right way, then this post is for you! In this post, we discuss about how you can use Reddit for Marketing, and how you can generate more traffic from Reddit.

Why Reddit?

Why Reddit?
Why Reddit?

We are pretty sure that you must be wondering why we would want to use Reddit for Marketing, or Reddit Marketing, if there are other social media platforms like Facebook, and Instagram. Whenever we talk about Social Media Marketing we only look at the big platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.

Most marketers only use these social media platforms, and often tend to ignore the others. However, a great amount of social media activity happens outside of these platforms that many of us ignore.

And, Reddit isn’t only one of the largest social media platforms, but also the most under utilized platform for social media marketing. It is the sixth most visited website in the United States, and the 17th most visited website in the world.

Moreover, Reddit surprisingly beats LinkedIn, and Twitter when it comes to the daily site traffic. Plus, there are more than 52 million daily active Reddit users worldwide, and more than 130,000 active communities on the platform. This clearly shows us that Reddit is big, and active.

By not choosing Reddit for your social media marketing efforts, you are actually ignoring large sets of audiences that could actually be your potential customers!

Reddit Marketing Stategies, Tips and Tricks

Reddit Marketing Strategies, Tips and Tricks
Reddit Marketing Strategies, Tips and Tricks

Let us now discuss about the best Reddit Marketing Strategies, Tips and Tricks.

Join Subreddits and be an Active Part of Communities

Join Subreddits and be an Active Part of Communities
Join Subreddits and be an Active Part of Communities

An important point worth considering is about joining subreddits. Subreddits are sections of Reddit that act as communities where people with similar interests, can post, and interact with each other. Reddit talks about everything out there, and you can find subreddits related to almost anything you can possibly think of.

Find the subreddits which are most suitable for your business, and are related to your products, and services, and join them.

Now that you’ve joined them, and are participating in subreddits, you are thus participating in the communities, and hence can also observe what users like in these subreddits or communities, what they don’t, what type of content is attracting the most audience, and so on.

By joining other subreddits, and actively participating in communities, you will also develop a community or a following on Reddit which is very important, as you need an audience to see your content, and interact with it. Without an audience of your own, everything you publish on the platform is of no use.

Don’t Forget to Engage and Participate on Reddit

Don't Forget to Engage and Participate on Reddit
Don’t Forget to Engage and Participate on Reddit

The key to generating traffic from Reddit, and asserting your dominance on the platform is to curate engaging content, and focus on engagement. One of the most important steps which you can take is to participate in the community.

We mean, think about it. If you’re not completely participating in the Reddit community, and engaging with the users, how would you know how to really leverage the platform to generate traffic?

By participating, and engaging with your audience, you get to know so much more about them – what people like, what they don’t like, what’s popular, and what’s not, and so much more. Your active participation will also help you realize what content works, and what content doesn’t.

Thus, you can understand user behavior, and create the optimal content focusing on the interests of your audience, and also based on what’s trending!

This will help you generate engaging content which you can use to generate conversations around your brand, product, and services, and convince the users to either visit your website or make a purchase. This will also help you build awareness, and a strong, and a long-lasting brand identity.

Consider the Quality of your Content on Reddit

Consider the Quality of your Content on Reddit
Consider the Quality of your Content on Reddit

So, you’re creating content for your audience. Now, the next thing you want is to ensure transparency. By transparency we mean transparency in your content, and marketing strategies.

Users, especially social media users, can smell marketers from a mile away. Similarly, Redditers are going to sniff you out if your main purpose is marketing or promotion which can somehow drive people away, leading to none of your content performing well.

Hence, if you do not want to struggle in getting traffic from Reddit, and therefore in monetizing, ensure that your content is transparent.

At the same time don’t make your marketing efforts look completely obvious. Combine them with a perfect mix of creativity, information, persuasion, and wit. Don’t just tell people to “visit your website” or “buy your product”, but convince them in ways to which they can’t say no to.

But also try to be transparent, and never forget why you’re posting in the first place.

Also, Reddit is very likely to deem your content as spam if you make it too promotional. Even Reddit users are generally not very tolerant of sales-y, and spammy content, so it is better to engage, and participate in conversations at your full potential.

You can, however, overcome this situation with the help of promotions or Ads.

Learn from the Best on Reddit

Remember, and ensure that you replicate the content that’s already doing well on Reddit, and include this practice in your content strategy. By “replicating”, we don’t mean completely copy the copy, and the graphic, but to draw inspiration, and create better versions of the content already doing well.

Drive Conversations around your Business on Reddit

Another great Reddit Marketing Strategy is to create a discussion around your business, product, or services.

By doing so, you can provide your current customers with a platform to discuss your product, and talk about what they like, what they don’t, give you suggestions, and feedbacks, and more. By creating, and participating in threads, you can always keep the conversation going!

However, ensure to keep a tab on the comments, and manage negative feedbacks because you cannot delete other user’s posts, even if the posts are on your own subreddit. So pay special attention to replying to all the posts, and comments accordingly, address issues, and moderate the discussions.

Make use of Reddit Promotions and ADs

Make use of Reddit Promotions and ADs
Make use of Reddit Promotions and ADs

Yes, another interesting aspect you can make use of is the promotion of your posts. By promoting your posts you can gain an upper hand by getting your content out in the front, and center. They work in a similar way when compared to promoted posts on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms.

Reddit Promotions or Ads
Reddit Promotions or Ads

Promoting your posts will help you to target a specific audience that suits your business the best. Your post will be prioritized higher up in subreddits, however there will always be an icon next to the post saying that it’s a promoted post.

Reddit Ads
Reddit Ads

It is best to combine promotion with influencer marketing. An influencer or a famous person who can answer questions related to your brand quickly, and in an engaging, and fun way can do wonders. As, it can be difficult to drive attention if you do not have something interesting to share.

Use a Reddit Content Management Tool

If you want to curate the best content for the communities, and your audience, it is always a great choice to research subreddits on Reddit, and do community research. However, this research can be complex, and time-consuming.

Fortunately, there are some free marketing tools that you can use to research subreddits, and communities on Reddit. By doing so, you will be able to target your audience on Reddit in the best possible way.

And, not only research, but these tools also help you manage your Reddit posts. You can schedule posts, bulk upload, cross-post, and do so much more easily, and efficiently. By using a content management tool for Reddit, you will never have to worry about managing your posts again.

One of the best Content Management Tools for Reddit is Later. Later for Reddit is a great tool (or as they call themselves “Reddit post-management for busy people”) that can help you manage posts on Reddit.

Content Management Tool - Later for Reddit
Content Management Tool – Later for Reddit

With the help of Later, you can schedule your Reddit posts, Discover the best time to post, Bulk upload posts, Post using multiple Reddit accounts, Cross-Post your content, and broaden your reach with ease, and more.

It can help you discover subreddits which is really great if you are new to the platform, and don’t know where to begin or who to follow.

By typing any keyword, for example, advertising, you can get tons of suggestions of subreddits related to advertising. You can check these subreddits out, read the conversations happening, and even find your target audience.

The ranking of posts on Reddit is time-sensitive. So, it is very important to pay special attention to post timing. Later for Reddit helps you ensure that your posts are published when the user activity is the highest. You can schedule posts in advance, and they will get posted at the right time.

If you manage multiple accounts on Reddit, it can be hard to manage all the accounts at once. And, keeping track of posts for all these accounts can be a nightmare. Thanks to Later, you can keep your Reddit game on point, and manage all your Reddit accounts from one command center.

Its easy multi-account management system lets you add as many Reddit accounts as you like. Then you can manage Reddit posts, and schedule them individually for each account.

Another great feature of Later is its Subreddit Analysis Tool. This feature helps you find the best time to post to a particular subreddit. Just type the name of the subreddit, and Later will tell you the best time to post on that subreddit.

And, if you want to cross-post your link to other subreddits, and get suggestions for other subreddits, you can try its cross-post feature, and X-Posts (Its posting a submission to a different subreddit than one you’ve already posted it to), and the Subreddit Finder.

It will help you cross-post on Reddit, and ensure that your posts get seen, and also helps you discover new subreddits worth checking out.

Lastly, you can also upload all your Reddit posts at once in a CVS file to Bulk post on Reddit. So do try Later for Reddit the next time you use Reddit for Marketing, or do Reddit Marketing!

Summing up Reddit Marketing Strategies, Tips and Tricks

In this post, we discussed about Reddit, and how Reddit can be leveraged for Marketing, i.e Reddit Marketing! Reddit is used by Marketers around to world, as they engage in Reddit Marketing to promote their products, and services.

oIt is a great social media platform, however, marketers often tend to leave it behind when choosing the platforms for their Social Media Marketing.

Nevertheless, it is a great platform for marketers or brands to engage, and interact with their customers, build brand awareness, and loyalty, provide customer service, drive conversations around their brand, and much more.

Reddit is a fascinating mix of interesting memes, news stories, facts, art, conversations, social commentary, and technology all packed into one. It is also one of the top websites in the world. So, doesn’t it sound like the ideal platform, for you to leverage the platform, and engage in Reddit Marketing, and promote your business?

That was it for this post. We hope that this post helped you learn how to use Reddit for marketing, and engage in Reddit Marketing. What do you think about Reddit as a platform? Do you think it can be used for marketing? Have you ever used Reddit for marketing i.e. have you done Reddit Marketing?

Let’s keep the conversation going! Don’t forget to leave a comment down below, and let us know! And in case we missed something, feel free to add your insights.

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