Digital Consultancy

A strategy is the plan of action to reach a certain goal, while tactics is a specific action that is part of the strategy.

Our ‘Digital Consultants’ use the company’s existing business model to evaluate the market potential and then create a business and marketing strategy that works successfully for the brand, allowing them to achieve their goals.  Our consultants research, plan and advice to ensure that a business utilizes digital marketing to reach and engage their best and potential customers on the right platforms.  

Our ‘Digital Consultants’ also engage in ‘Digital Transformation Consulting’ (DTC) and help organizations to leverage their digital capabilities and maintain a competitive advantage in the market. Through DTC our consultants help formulate policies and strategies to benefit business leaders and all stakeholders. Digital Transformation projects sometimes involve a mix of setting new goals and changing existing processes such that the business moves up to the next level.

Our Digital Consultants are highly skilled professionals with specialist knowledge and training in online marketing and other digital domains who know how to target consumers in the right ways to see the results that a business needs. Our consultants collect data, organize that data, pull out insights and come up with recommendations for the company that balances each area of work and prioritizes the most important aspects. Our consultants help expand the business and move it into new markets, improving their success and boosting their revenue.

Our consultants know how each social media platform and other digital channels connect with each other and how these connections can be used to effectively market a business.

BPM’s boutique consulting arm helps organizations make digital strategy a key driver of business growth and brand value. Our Digital Consultants help businesses of all shapes and sizes, from small startups to huge corporations.

BPM provides FREE digital consultancy to:-

  • Small & Medium Digital Publishers
    • The publication can be in English or any vernacular language.
    • The publication can be news, classified, ecommerce, focusing on a specific vertical, social or any other site.
    • The publication can be site based or app based or both.
  • SMBs / SMEs
    • Small & Medium Businesses & Enterprises who want to establish a digital presence.
    • Small & Medium Businesses & Enterprises who already have a digital presence but want to take it to the next level.
  • Small Retail
    • All Mom & Pop stores.
  • Entrepreneurs
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Wannabe Entrepreneurs who want to have digital presence.
    • People managing their business from home.
  • Educational Institutes
    • MBA Institutes
    • Engineering Colleges
    • Medical Colleges
    • All Coaching & Preparatory Classes
  • NGOs
  • Individuals who want to build a strong digital presence
    • Politicians
    • Celebrities
    • Astrologers
    • Others


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