SOCIAL MEDIA Content Checklist for your business

SOCIAL MEDIA Content Checklist for your business

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Ever since social media was discovered, every marketer has had to take a relook at their business strategies. This article will help you to get started or to improve if you already have an existing SOCIAL MEDIA Content Checklist to up your Social Media Content game.

Given that the average time spent on social media was 2 hours and 22 minutes in 2020, it’s not shocking to know why businesses are carefully considering their content for social media. The thought of using social networks for your brand can be intimidating and seem like a huge commitment, because it is. 

But is it all worth it? The answer is, yes. It’s worth all that time, patience and work if your social media content is well targeted. Many times, people take the first step of getting their business on social media but don’t go beyond. Since social media is constantly evolving, the user behavior and trends too, tend to evolve and adapt. 

Nevertheless, it’s important to know that to introduce your business to the world of social media means that you need to get it right all the way. 

Pay Attention to these SOCIAL MEDIA Stats 

  • Facebook’s revenue grew 22% YoY due to advertising budgets during the pandemic.
  • Forrester’s report says that digital customer service interactions increased by 40% in 2021. 
  • According to Emarketer, mobile users spent an average of 4 hours on screen in 2021.
Emarketer's social media insights.
Emarketer’s social media insights, taken via Emarketer

Focus Areas for your SOCIAL MEDIA Content

Now that you’ve understood, why getting your business on social media is such a great idea, let’s take a look at how you would you craft your social media content that bears fruit. 

What are your Social Media Goals? 

Setting goals for any life activity is important. It helps you to stay focused and you can then deliver much more on the results. Similarly, your business’s social media handles should have clear cut goals and objectives to follow. 

Accordingly, content can be created depending on your goals and objectives. For some companies, the website traffic on their ecommerce platform is more of a priority than their overall brand awareness or say even sales.

So in such cases, goals and objectives for their social media must be adapted to or matched to their overall goals for their business.

Thus this can then reflect way better in the results than having multiple goals with no content focused on any of these goals. Hence, decide on the goal that you plan to achieve with your social media content.

How do you plan to keep your Social Media Consistent?

Consistency is the key to any relationship and this applies to social media as well. Since people tend to spend most of their time on social media, you might as well build a relationship with them, which can also prove that your business is trustworthy because you are consistent. 

Furthermore, this practice can also put your brand out there before the right audience and spread the word about your business far and wide. However, consistency varies from business to business, and as per statistics, posting 1 – 5 times a month can get you better results than posting content daily. 

Moreover, there needs to be a consistency in your brand voice as well. It reflects that your brand has a certain human persona to it.

Is your Social Media reflecting your Brand Personality?

Ever heard of the phrase “personality matters”? Well, that’s true even in the case of social media for your business. Today, followers and potential customers want to see the human side of your story.

You could start off by conducting an exercise of personality attributions for your brand. After finalizing it to just one personality trait, own it with your content! 

Take a look at Burger King. Their social media post reflects the witty-fun side of their brand. Then with such witty posts as below, the engagement too increases since the content is relatable to their target audience.

Burger King's Instagram handle post.
Burger King’s Instagram handle post


Measuring the success of your Social Media Content?

This question can only be answered in three words – research, experiment and insights. 

In addition to using the previous questions and answers to your advantage, it’s important to be selective about your content before posting it. Think about what content is trending on social media and then create a way to distinguish your content, for you to stand out from the crowd.

Keep in mind that people are viewing your content, so research and think well before you post. 

Experimentation with content and the flow of social media engagement is a content hustle. Since behavior patterns and trends keep evolving on social media, it’s always great to experiment to see what your followers like and dislike. 

Insights are core to your content. Only crafting digital content would not suffice, as it needs to bear fruit in the form of the goal you had earlier visualized and finalized. Always measure the developments taking place on you social media handles, be it Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter. 

Then you will understand if your work has produced the desired results, and if not you can always tweak it and change it around.

This way, you’ll be able to produce quality content that’s worth your followers time and attention. Hence, your conversions too will stay strong and committed. If you’re unsure about how to finalize a social media strategy, here’s something to help you. 

Un-focus Areas for you Social Media Content

While we have addressed the social media questions, still there are aspects, that the brands tend to get into, that can ruin their social media presence. So it’s important to be in the know of these mistakes. 

Don’t Give into Negativity on Social Media

Often there are followers who comment, share or troll the brand communication. This is just a part of the big move to the world of social media, and it’s not worth your business’s time or energy to give into this. Giving into such petty issues can only ruin the reputation of your own brand in front of your loyal followers. 

You don’t want that happening now, do you? 

Avoid giving into negative social media comments.
Avoid giving into negative social media comments. Picture taken via Unsplash

Moreover, as also mentioned earlier, the content of your social media should reflect the human side of your business. So rather focus on the positives of your company and share content accordingly. Avoid gloomy content since not everyone can relate to it at the same level. 

Don’t Sound Commercial on Social Media

“Share this post to win a gift.” 

Ever came across this phrase on your personal social media handle?

Earlier businesses would make a big mistake of using this and similar bait content to gain followers and engagement, however, this won’t work in your company’s favor, forever. Instead, focus on building a community of loyal followers who like your content because they can relate to it. 

You also don’t want to keep promoting your brand’s products in each and every post. This will degrade the quality of your content in the long run.

In place of this, if your business goal is to increase sales, you can still focus on your product by involving some trendy, witty content to catch the attention of your potential customers. 

Don’t Repeat same Social Media Content all over again

Repetition shouldn’t be done, especially when you have some good engaging content lined up. 

Use original content that speaks of your brand as it develops. Businesses evolve over time and the old you, 5 years ago, could be best remembered with a #throwbackthursday post. 

Don’t Focus only on Social Media Following numbers

Quality followers are not seen in numbers but by their engagement rates. If your analytics shows that your engagement rates are skyrocketing, you’re already acing the social media game. 

In such cases, you can rather grow your following with tempting promotional ads rather than ruin your feed to gain a few followers. 

Don’t Forget about Social Media Follower’s Comments, Shares and Likes 

Your followers are the life line of your social media handles. When they comment, share or like your posts, it means that your post is engaging with it’s community. 

Comments and shares show that these followers who could also be your potential customers trust in your brand and it’s products, enough to share it among their friends and family. Always respond to them to keep the engagement rate up. 

Conclusion on SOCIAL MEDIA Content Checklist

Social media content is a tricky business that few can handle well. It’s constantly evolving and the learning never stops. But if your business is out there, it can thrive with the right type of content. 

Social media ideas for content.
Social media ideas for content. Picture taken via Unsplash

Remember that the results are not immediate and can take time. Be patient in such cases and spend time to research the social media handles, as well as the trends in content that are going around so that you’re not left out of the loop.

And off course, keep your social media content checklist ready before you finalize on anything that needs to be published. What do you think about your social media content? Do you use this or any other content checklist for your social media?

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