6 Must Know Strategies To Get Your SMS Marketing Right

SMS Marketing

6 Must Know Strategies To Get Your SMS Marketing Right

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Remember SMS? Those old-timey messages you used to get?

Digital marketing has completely redefined the way brands interact with their consumers. Instead of the well thought out and carefully curated print ads and TV ads, there is an increased demand and focus on smart-aleck, constant and engaging advertisements.

SMS (which stands for short message service), had their time in the spotlight for a brief while somewhere in between.

SMS Marketing

Many assume that since nobody uses SMS as a service today, relying instead on the instant messaging apps – that SMS marketing is no longer relevant. But SMS can be the hidden trick up a marketer’s sleeve, and believe it or not, it is still a very relevant method of marketing. The trick lies in using it correctly.

The Benefits of SMS Marketing 

Benefits of SMS Marketing

While it may not be a good idea to ditch everything else and focus only on SMS, there are some very important benefits that this SMS Marketing strategy can provide, which makes it an ideal addition to your overall marketing strategy –

  • SMS are much less likely to get lost in the digital clutter that people navigate everyday. In fact, look at your own phone – your WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, and your every other digital platform is likely to be chock full of notifications. On the other hand your SMS app is more likely to be free and empty. Putting in your campaign here just feels like the right idea, doesn’t it?

SMS Marketing statistics

  • SMS can be sent out in bulk, and are a great way of directing people to your websites and other online platforms. Savvy advertisers often send SMS about upcoming sales with direct links and discount codes, which tempts people to at least check out what’s going on – and that’s just two clicks away from a sale.
  • SMS also have high customizability. Consumers want to know that they are being acknowledged as individuals. All it takes is using their names and thanking them for their trust in you for them to commit to you for the long haul. Many companies also send customized birthday wishes via SMS, another savvy strategy to keep their brand stay highlighted in the customer’s mind.
  • Given the points above, SMS Marketing is a very cost-effective and convenient way of boosting your marketing strategy. It can add to your presence, and help you reach consumers who prefer not to have an online presence, particularly on social media.

Intrigued? Let’s learn about how you can undertake SMS marketing effectively.

Getting SMS Marketing Right

How to do SMS Marketing

In order to make the effective use of SMS Marketing, there are certain strategies that you should adopt.

Don’t Tell, Direct

Don't just tell them rather Direct them what to do in your SMS

The main purpose of SMS marketing (or really, any marketing strategy), is that you want the consumers to see and purchase what you are offering. How will they do this if you don’t tell them where you are?

A common mistake many SMS’s make is that they announce giant discounts or new product launches – and then give no information or links about where the consumers can get their hands on them.

Without such information, potential consumers of your products and services are liable to simply close the message and not give it a second thought. So make sure that your SMS Marketing always contains relevant information. This will not only entice consumers, but also encourage them to act.


Having a timeline to avail a certain offer definitely helps in SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is also a great way to promote your limited discounts and deals. Adding in a time element also makes the message urgent, thus encouraging the customers to quickly act on the contents before they lose the opportunity.

You can also customize these messages using prior data and send them to those who are most likely to make the purchase, such as those users who had bought similar products before.

Proper Lang. Pls 

Use Proper Language in SMS - Avoid Abbreviations

Even in SMS Marketing, nobody really likes SMS lingo. Proper language and content is just as important in SMS as it would be on a billboard. Use short, clear sentences and avoid complicated words. Remember that a lot of SMS is also dismissed as spam and never read, so you want to make the right impression.

A good subject head – short, simple, and preferably with your brand’s name, is also ideal.

Give Them A Choice

Give Them a Choice to Opt Out From Receiving Your MessagesNo matter how subtle, nice, or heavily discounted, many consumers simply dislike being bombarded with constant advertising. This makes them more and more likely to ignore your messages and what you are offering. So, give them a choice to opt-in.

Emails are often automatically placed in spam folders or lost in unread piles, so SMS is a great way to send messages to those who have opted in for some reminders or discount codes.

It also becomes a very easy job on your part – all you have to do is design the message and have it automatically send across on the designated day and time. You save on marketing, consumers save their sanity – and both sides are happy.

Hello, It’s Me

People have an affinity for text messages - 95% of Text Messages are opened within 3 minutesSMS is also a great way of helping consumers keep track of their appointments with you, and for collecting feedback after a session or purchase. Many people dislike communicating on call about such things, which they can find awkward or inconvenient.

SMS allows them to speak frankly, have a record on their phone, and get to things whenever they have free time. All of this shows care and consideration from your side, which translates into better consumer loyalty.

Make It Exclusive 

Customize and Personalize Your SMS

General SMS Marketing strategy can be used on everybody, but for the most loyal or highest paying customers, you can use SMS to provide exclusive discounts and other goodies. In contrast to social media, SMS feels more intimate and personalized, so it is an ideal channel to create exclusive campaigns.

SMS Marketing is here to stay. So, it is up to you to make the most from this cost-effective and convenient strategy, and with these tips that we have helped discuss above, the task of SMS Marketing doesn’t get much easier than this. 😊

Available SMS Delivery Options

Do you think SMS Marketing is a good option for businesses? What type of SMS Marketing do you like? Do you think that mostly SMS’s tend to be dismissed as spam? Let us know in the comments below!

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