The Best FACEBOOK AD Formats Worth Investing In for 2021

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The Best FACEBOOK AD Formats Worth Investing In for 2021

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We all know social media is a great tool to communicate with our audience and maintain and grow our network. It has revolutionized the way we communicate and share content. However, social media isn’t just amazing for communication and for just being a part of virtual communities.

Nowadays, more and more businesses are utilizing the power of social media to advertise their products and services. For example, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are some popular choices of advertisers to advertise their products and services.

There is barely any brand that isn’t using social media to advertise. The social media platforms offer a wide variety of ad formats to choose from. From social media posts to video advertisements and to targeted and paid advertisements, social media can help you advertise your brand in an effective manner while targeting the desired audience set.

In this post, we are going to discuss advertising on one such social media platform – Facebook. Facebook is one of the strongest advertising platforms and is also the most cost-effective way to market your brand and advertise your products and services. We’ll discuss what Facebook advertisements are, and the best Facebook advertisements worth investing in. Let’s get started.


If you have ever used social media, you probably have already heard of the social media giant – Facebook. One of the most widely used social media platforms, Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004 while he was still enrolled at the Harvard University. With more than 1 billion people using Facebook worldwide, it is the world’s largest social network.


As is obvious by the name, Facebook Advertising is an advertising method used to deliver promotional marketing messages to the social media users on the said platform.

Advertising on Facebook is simple and sophisticated. Moreover, the ads are available in a variety of formats. Plus, Facebook offers a very wide reach as more than a billion people use Facebook every month.

The process is also not that complicated. With the help of its self-serve tools, you can target audiences with great ease. Moreover, you get analytics, in the form of Facebook Insightsreports that help you track the performance of every advertisement that you have published.

Also, Facebook’s Business Manager provides you with a one-stop-shop for all your marketing and advertising needs.

However, the art of mastering Facebook advertising is a little bit tricky. With so many formats and options available, one can get confused when it comes to the choice of the best form of advertisement. Well, don’t worry. Following are some of the best Facebook advertisements that are worth your money.

The Best FACEBOOK AD Formats Worth Investing On –


The carousel advertisements are the type of advertisements that lets you show more than a single image i.e. multiple images or videos, links, and even calls to action in a single advertisement.

The viewer can easily scroll through these elements of your ad by swiping (on mobile devices) or by using the arrows (on a computer screen). It is not only attractive but also offers an interesting way to incorporate more than a single file format in an advertisement.

Carousel ads are interactive and more attention-grabbing as compared to the single image or single video format. They are able to increase engagement as well as the time spent on the ad.

You can Feature multiple products that link to different landing pages. This can help you boost your click-through rate. It is also a great way to showcase multiple features of a single product, explain a process, and tell a story to illustrate a compelling narrative.

And guess what? Creating a carousel advertisement is not as complicated as it sounds. Just go to the Ads Manager section and you are ready to go.


Another eye-catching way to create amazing slideshows from the images/photos that you have is a Slideshow Advertisement. These are lightweight and affordable video-like ads that are created by using motion graphics, text, and sound in your advertisements.

These Ads use five times fewer data than videos, due to which they are quick to load and play amazingly well on a low connection speed without compromising much on the quality.

With the help of Slideshow Ads, you can easily explain and demonstrate the working of your products or your services. The first image should aim at providing the context of the advertisement and the following images can demonstrate more on what you have to offer. Also, you can supplement these pictures with appropriate text.

You must be thinking that since they are video-like ads they must be difficult to create. Fortunately, slideshow ads are easy to create and are also affordable. They can be created in minutes from desktop or even mobile phones. The editing is also easy.

And all these perks offer most of the experiential benefits of a video. You can also use stock images available in the ad creation process or use any existing video that you may have.


Video Advertisements are one of the most popular advertisements on social media. Even on Facebook, video is the most popular type of content. Most of the content that appears in the feed is videos due to which many brands are now switching to videos to advertise.

Also, videos are a great way to engage people and are more eye-catchy. Thus, utilizing videos in your advertising efforts is a great choice.

Like any other social media platform, Facebook offers the option to upload and share videos. For businesses, video ads are an effective way to tell a story and to advertise products and services. Not only do the videos grab the audience’s attention but they do so for a longer period of time.

The best aspect of Facebook Video ads is that they let you upload 360 degree ads which is quite a cool and creative feature where the users can simply drag their fingers or turn their devices to see a different aspect of the ad. However, 360 ads require special pieces of equipment to create them.

A Facebook video ad should be a minimum of one second and a max of 240 minutes. However, it is advised to keep it a minute long, although you can also keep it longer if you so need.

You can also use these video ads in your stories, In-stream, and in the Facebook feed.

It is easy to create a video ad. Just go to the Ads Manager section and start creating compelling videos for your brand. It also gives you the choice to select the objective that supports you and your audience, placements, and optimization. You can either use images that you already have and add text, or can simply upload your own videos.

The main aim of such ads is to increase user engagement by giving the viewers informative, fun and enjoyable content that they can watch and respond to.

However, video ads are not as successful as the other types of ads to increase website traffic or to convert them into sales as the audience cannot click through these video ads. In a normal ad, the audience can be redirected to check out your website. However, you can always include links and a call to action in the caption of your videos.

Let us know through your comments the Facebook Ads that have performed the best for you. Check out our blog for more!

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