Tips for an aesthetic Instagram Profile


Tips for an aesthetic Instagram Profile

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Have you ever visited an Instagram profile and just exclaimed, “wow, I want mine to look like that someday”? Well, that is entirely possible. Yes, you heard it right! You can do it too. It’s 2022 and quite obviously, it’s a no brainer that users want to up their aesthetics quotient and followers count on their Instagram profile. 

Being properly set up, all appealing and attractive, your Instagram business profile page can gain attention and traction way too quickly. Almost like the viral puppy videos, that have our heart melting at the first watch itself.

The Instagram app is the most widely used visual social media app. Quite literally, it’s got more than 1 billion users.

Years ago, nobody would’ve ever imagined that having a digital presence on a photo sharing app would actually make a world of difference. But now? It’s almost a mandatory ask, more so if you’re a business looking to expand your reach far and wide. 

Why set up Instagram Profile?

Benefits of Instagram profiles
Instagram profiles are extremely beneficial for social media marketing

Having an Instagram profile page can benefit you in more ways than one. First, the purchasing power on the platform is much higher, also given that 50% of instagrammers follow a business.

This grows and reinforces brand awareness among the users, along with helping the business increase it’s traffic as well as potential conversions. 

According to Lyfe Marketing, ⅓ of Instagrammers used the app to make a purchase. So ecommerce just keeps growing with a nicely done, aesthetically appealing Instagram profile page. Adding to this plus point, 200 million instagram users visit at least one business page everyday on Instagram.

As mentioned earlier, this increases your reach to users, benefiting your business twice as much. The platform also has great ad targeting options, which helps your content get better visibility and reach those who would actually be interested in seeing your ads i.e. your target audience! 

You also get extra features with the business profile such as tools like Insights, Promote, different call to action buttons, etc. These features on your Instagram profile will not only optimize your profile page but also give your visitors a clear understanding of your business. 

Your Instagram profile also helps you to tap into this opportunity of marketing your business. This is achieved through the novel approach of Community Engagement. On Instagram you have a greater potential to interact with your loyal users freely, and address all their concerns, clear their doubts and get their feedback. 

With quality content and marketing of your business, you can build your own community on Instagram which will increase your engagement levels, with your existing and your potential consumers all the way. 

Tips for aesthetic Instagram Profile

Ever felt jealous looking at someone’s personal or business Instagram profile? You don’t have to anymore! You too can make your Insta top notch with the help of some useful tips and insights.

Know your Crowd

Knowing your crowd will help you attract the right set of potential customers to your Instagram profile.
Knowing your crowd will help you attract the right set of potential customers to your Instagram profile

Instagram is great for cold targeting, however for you to really tap into the platform’s potential, you need to know who will be looking at your content.

When you gain an insight on who your business, would like to attract, to it’s page, the better you’ll be able to gain an audience, with the help of your finely tuned content, and an optimized business page at large. 

The way to describe this would be, to create a world for your consumer who would identify with your business page. Additionally, a relevant Instagram profile, that fits the interest and likes of your target audience, would also aid in quality marketing.

Select a Color Scheme

Oatly Instagram profile where they follow a color scheme
Oatley has a color scheme for their Instagram profile. Picture taken via Oatley’s Instagram profile.

Before you get into the nitty gritty of marketing on Instagram, you need to settle on this. When you decide on creating an aesthetic Instagram profile for business, color is amongst the key factors that contributes to it. As per a study, 85% of consumer buying decisions are influenced by color. 

The reason being, the color scheme sets the mood for your feed and other visuals, so consumers know what to expect from your Instagram page. Additionally, each post remains connected to the other, and hence, shows coherence and a sort of balance, that avoids throwing your followers off balance.

Furthermore, consumers also tend to recognize your brand due to this color association. Research shows that this increases by around 80%. Thus, users are more aware of your business, if you choose the appropriate colors for your Instagram business profile page.

Choose a Theme

Instagram profile theme, taken via Pinterest.
Instagram profile theme, taken via Pinterest

Themes are also an important part of Instagram profiles. Here, much like consistency with color, you need to be committed to a theme that communicates your business, in the best possible way. The theme needs to reflect through your hashtags, your community of followers, and through all other aspects.

So, ideally, your theme would be to stick to the composition guidelines decided for your business, and it’s marketing. 

When choosing a theme, remember that it should be something that you are absolutely committed to 100% and would want to continue it in the near future. Of course, if you feel, like this is up your alley, and you can get creative in this while experimenting, please feel free to do so. 

However, ensure to not move farther away from your brand voice. Eg. Imagine your favorite ice cream brand, suddenly began advertising a little too much about the milk that they use in their ice creams.

That would then pose a challenge to your current audiences as well as to your potential audiences, as they will find this difficult to fathom and comprehend. 

Keep your Grid in mind

Instagram grids give a sense of organization that the business has developed, while also capturing the brand voice subtly on the Instagram profile
Instagram grids give a sense of organization that the business has developed, while also capturing the brand voice subtly on the Instagram profile

Grids on Instagram profiles are much like storytelling, except that this is all about your business. When a potential customer ends up on your Instagram account, they should immediately get a sense of what your business is all about and what your offerings are.

This is one of the core aspects that makes up for a beautiful feed and you need to nurture it. 

One way of checking whether the posts designed are suitable, is to check the grid beforehand on apps like Planoly, Preview, Later, Plann and Unum. Each has features of scheduling and trying out different grids on the app, for free with a few limitations, such as you can post for free only for 30 days, etc…

Edit your Pictures

Taking pictures from a mobile can save tons of money, otherwise spent on photoshoots for an Instagram profile.
Taking pictures from a mobile can save tons of money, otherwise spent on photoshoots for an Instagram profile

You don’t need a DSLR camera to take professional looking photographs. Most businesses even use a simple smartphone to do the job.

Although perfect pictures are rare to capture with a mobile phone, it’s absolutely possible to make your photo look pro with some editing. Editing can give character to your photographs and complement your grid style.

Additionally, since it’s an Instagram profile for your business, the posts need to look well in sync all across your theme, colours and photos. Again, if you’ve got a creative flair for clicking or editing photographs, go on and use that to your advantage, it would only add to the aesthetics of your Instagram business profile page.

Go Beyond your Instagram Profile Posts

Instagram stories are one of the most common engagement features, and used by most business instagram profiles
Instagram stories are one of the most common engagement features, and used by most business instagram profiles

To your advantage, Instagram comes with many features that can add value to the content that you put out there. In addition to the posts feature, you have Instagram reels, IGTV and Stories that you can leverage to increase your engagement with your followers on the page. 

Each feature can inspire some great content that would attract a wider target audience to your business and possibly even convert a decent percentage of them, if done the right way. 

Instagram Stories have tools like Polls, GIFs, Hashtags, Stickers, Ask me a question, etc. which can boost business engagement with real time clients, as a result of direct communication on the platform. 

Because of this, people tend to feel connected to the brand and want to know more about the brand, and take deep interest in the brand’s – Behind the scenes, Product releases, and more.

Conclusion – aesthetic Instagram Profile

Launching your very own Instagram profile for business is of utmost importance in the 21st century. It makes you stay relevant and at the top of your game. If you haven’t already created a page, here’s a guide to help you set up one.

Additionally, creating an aesthetic page will definitely make consumers come back for more content. It’s a smart, efficient and creative way to add to the quality of Instagram marketing. 

Learning to make an aesthetic page is not necessarily an art, rather, it’ll showcase your ability as a marketer, to adapt your skills and develop them further. Moreover, an attractive Instagram business profile page attracts the right kind of consumers and reinforces the trust in your brand.

So what steps are you taking to make your Instagram profile page look all attractive and appeal to the aesthetics of your existing and potential consumers? 

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