6 Tips for a successful LinkedIn Marketing Strategy


6 Tips for a successful LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

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Social media has come a long way. From helping reconnect with old friends through Facebook, to sharing ideas as pins on Pinterest, it has touched almost every facet of human life. Indeed, now social media also plays a central role even in your professional life.

And, when you think of a professional social networking site, LinkedIn is your ‘Go-To’ answer. Therefore, the need for an effective LinkedIn Marketing Strategy.

LinkedIn helps professionals connect with each other and share ideas in their area of work. LinkedIn helps you to connect with other professionals through the mutual connections that you have, sometimes even when you have just one mutual connection.

LinkedIn has also enabled businesses connect with each other and with their respective audiences, gain key insights about their newest competition in the industry, get a professional opinion on an important business matter and more.

Nevertheless, LinkedIn poses a challenge to marketers on how they can best leverage the platform for their business. Off course, if you don’t have a LinkedIn business page yet, it’s important that you create one.

Post that, you need to create a LinkedIn content calendar, and post helpful information, etc. about your business. And then comes the LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

Why a LinkedIn Marketing Strategy?

Social media now works alongside a business helping both to flourish.
Social media now works alongside a business helping both to flourish

LinkedIn is extremely beneficial for professionals and helps them develop a network of connections in their respective industry, to help them in their career. U.S. itself has about 174 million LinkedIn users.

This social media has also helped businesses to grow on it’s platform. LinkedIn enables you to share the products and services that your company offers. The platform also helps you, showcase to the world your new product and service launches. 

If you add links in your content, when you post about your new products and services, it will definitely help your audience find all the answers to their questions. This will not only help grow the traffic on your website but will also enable quality lead conversions on your website.

Content Marketing Institute’s article says that 94% of B2B marketers post content on LinkedIn.

You can also put up content discussing about your company culture and about your business goals for the future, while you also track your competition. Just like Facebook’s competition tracking tools, LinkedIn shares insights on how your competition is playing it’s game.

As per Rawson Internet Marketing, the top six reasons why people follow a social media page is that they can get the latest product information, discounts, promotions, customer service, offer feedback for a product or service, and for entertaining content. 

Being on this social networking site also means that you’ll be discoverable. When you curate content on your LinkedIn page, the SEO driven keywords will help your page content to show up on Google searches.

For all these benefits and more, you need to devise a LinkedIn Marketing Strategy, i.e. after you create your LinkedIn Business/Company page. 

Tips for LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

For an effective LinkedIn Marketing Strategy, make use of these helpful tips

Schedule your Content for Regular Posting

LinkedIn states that if you post regularly, (even if once a month) then your business is six times more likely to gain followers faster, than those who post irregularly. Posting or publishing well thought out content, at regular intervals, is also critical for a structured and well organized LinkedIn Content Strategy.

Moreover, pages that post weekly, on a regular basis, see an engagement rate that’s two times more than others. This also helps your page with a better organic reach.

Content Relevance

Nike uses #MLTBlackEquityatWork to join in the conversation about diversity on Linkedin
Nike perfectly reflected this LinkedIn Marketing Strategy when they used #MLTBlackEquityatWork to join in the conversation about diversity. Picture taken via Nike’s LinkedIn page

Posting articles and information that your followers relate to is very important. So make it a point to join the conversation on LinkedIn with some relevant hashtags that relates to your work or industry. You can also act on behalf of your page, and welcome and support comments, and discussions on your post topics.

This helps you reach a wider audience strata. Content that engages and keeps the audience engaged, is what results in the success of your LinkedIn Posting Strategy. A pro tip – Use up to 5 hashtags for a post, no more, to reach an audience set, who you’d like to attract, and engage with on your page content. 

Also, keep a tab on the insights about the latest industry trends in the consumer behavior. Accordingly, post content that’s relevant. Relevancy attracts engagement. And remember, engagement is good for your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy.

Post Content that Attracts

Sony is a great example of a fine balance between content and graphics, in their LinkedIn Marketing Strategy.
Sony is a great example of a fine balance between content and graphics, in their LinkedIn Marketing Strategy. Taken via Sony’s LinkedIn page

Content should be attractive for it to engage with potential leads. Now the term ‘attractive’ for LinkedIn differs from other social media, such as Facebook and Instagram. 

These are a couple of points that you need to pay attention to when creating a LinkedIn post.

  • Your caption: This should be crisp and should give context to your audience about the content of your post. You can add explainers, how-tos as well as emojis.
  • Graphics: This can be an image, an infographic or a video. You can use any of these. If it has graphics, it’s going to grab the attention of your target audience and draw them to your business page.

Furthermore, also keep a tab on your page analytics, to see what works and what doesn’t for you. If you need help with creating some good content, take a look at this.

Get your Colleagues and Employees involved

Get your colleagues and employees involved in your Linkedin Marketing Strategy
Get your colleagues and employees involved in your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy. Picture taken via Netflix’s LinkedIn page

This is the source that will drive the engagement and your overall LinkedIn Marketing Strategy. Ask your colleagues and employees to share your business page and the related posts. You can also post content that’s supportive and is helpful to your employees.

Moreover, ask your colleagues and employees to tag your page in their own work related posts. When your content is shared by these close network of employees, it can further boost your page engagement and help with your overall reach.

After all, an audience is 24 times more likely to re-share a content, if that has been shared by an employee of an organization. To get your employees more involved, you can make use of the Employee Notifications feature for your posts. Through this, your employees will never miss out on any of your posts. 

You can also share your marketing plan with your organization’s employees to help them know about the goals that you’re aiming for, this time around. Ask them for help, if they post any content that is related to your strategy or work, you can then use it, and repost it on your page. 

Go beyond LinkedIn

Working on a LinkedIn Marketing Strategy also means that you need to promote your page, beyond this professional networking platform. You can add follow buttons on your website, add follow buttons on your emails and also add follow buttons on your other social media handles. 

This would not only fetch you more exposure about the work that you do, and about your area of specialization on the other social media handles, but would also draw your audience to follow your LinkedIn page.

Make use of LinkedIn Ads

As stated earlier, LinkedIn is really good at lead generation. Thus, tap this opportunity by targeting professionals through LinkedIn Ads, while you also invite them to follow your page simultaneously. 

To help with Ads, click on Dynamic Ads and then you can go ahead, and set up your LinkedIn Ads immediately. Off course, these paid ads should work along side the other points discussed above, for an effective and successful LinkedIn Marketing Strategy.

Conclusion on LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

LinkedIn is ‘THE’ professional platform to help you and your brand gain quality followers. LinkedIn pays a high degree of attention to these aspects as professionalism, company culture as well as to valuable and relevant content. Therefore, adhere to this at all times.

If you include these tips in your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy, you will start seeing positive results gradually. It takes time, having a LinkedIn page and boosting it through a strategy is a continuous effort. Ensure that you are consistent and committed to the platform.

What tips do you make use of in your overall LinkedIn Marketing Strategy?

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