Top 10 Reasons Why BLOGGING Is Beneficial For Business And Marketing


Top 10 Reasons Why BLOGGING Is Beneficial For Business And Marketing

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The first blog on the internet was written way back in 1994.

Initially envisioned as a unique platform to share a person’s thoughts, experiences, ideas, cultures, or values – basically an online journal or diary with a sublime following, Blogging has come a long way since it’s the first appearance in the late ’90s. Blogging has expanded to multiple fields and its popularity has exploded as a result.

Today, Blogging offers a platform used by millions, from the elite to the nonchalant commoner, to the large scale Multinational Businesses to the newly formed Startups. Blogging is no longer a hobbyist’s pastime; it has transformed into an extremely useful tool for the businesses of today. But, a question pops up in the mind.

How and why are blogs so beneficial to businesses of the modern world? Why do businesses adorn the blog culture so much?

1. Easy To Deploy, Cost-Effective To Maintain

One of the primary reasons why blogs have a world-wide fan following is simplicity in the fact that a beautiful and enticing blog can be created with minimal effort and the only requirement thereafter is the development and publishing of engaging content that requires research and credibility. There is a popular saying that goes like this, “ The pen is mightier than the sword”.

Blogs are very economical in the long run for businesses, requiring minimal effort to maintain and update.

2. Drives Traffic To Your Business

The key to viral popularity in the modern era is defined by the magnitude of visitors your Business website receives. There are infinite ways to drive traffic to your websites, but the ones that actually result in increased traffic consistently include blogging as the primary reason. Every new blog post means another indexed page on your website, which translates to an increased opportunity to show up in search engines, driving more footfall towards the Business.

Social media acts as a great medium for the discovery of your Business as people share the Blog content you create on the plethora of social networks available –  Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and so on – exposing the business to a wider range of audience which at not has a clue about your business.

3. The Potential Customer

Now that your business website has plenty of incoming traffic, there’s a wonderful opportunity to convert this traffic into potential loyal and long-term customers for your business. Just like every blog post ends up being an indexed page, every new blog post means thousands of potential leads. You can offer free giveaways such as free e-books, free trial software, free seminars, free white paper, basically any asset for which anyone would like to exchange their information for.

This is how it’s possible for your Business blog to convert the incoming traffic into leads for the sales team of your Business Group.

4. The SEO Connection

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is not a stranger to any business. Every corporation understands the impact of relative positioning on the search index can have on their business. Less than 1% of people ever go to the second page of Google Search results. A recognized benefit of a business blog is the ability to improve the Business’ website SEO. All the leading search engines are constantly indexing the web servers aboard the internet for enticing and engaging content, and needless to say, blogging offers an easy and creative way to solve this content-conundrum.

A well managed and regularly update the blog, that offers relevant content to your blog can go a long way in boosting your Business’s rank on the Search Engine Index.

5. The Loyalty Factor

Having a ton of customers is appreciated by every business, but having loyal customers is essential for any company. Blogs offer a platform for the business to engage with its customers and understand their grievances if any.

It also allows your business to have conversations with its targeted audience in order to learn about the customer’s experience with the product/service as well as receive and work on the feedback that they’ll provide.

6. The Expertise In The Field

Another benefit of having a company blog is that its content gives your customers or readers the confidence to trust in you and your brand as an expert in your particular field. Many times this benefit is overlooked. Regardless of the reason the blog was built in the first place, in the end, there are readers behind it.

If this is kept in mind while building the blog, your blog posts might be more suited to enforce a strong brand connection with your readers and might eventually be able to persuade these readers to return to your business website for relevant information or even purchases.

7. Brand Awareness

One of the most important elements of any marketing involves around the term, “Brand Awareness”. Brand Awareness defines how synonymous your product is with the common populace. It’s of paramount importance to any Business.

Blog posting with images of the workplace and work experiences will allow the business to show a personal side to its day-to-day workloads, that the existing and potential customers might not be able to identify with extensive ad and marketing campaigns.

8. An Opportunity To Share

The modern world connects everyone with everyone else. In true words, the modern world has evolved into a Global village thanks to the ever omniscient technology. The social network has kept expanding its horizon at a rapid pace. Another powerful feature of a business blog is the opportunity to create share links that when clicked, lead the user to your blog, creating the potential for viral traffic and immense growth in a less amount of time.

With the excess options available amongst the social networks to choose from, outgoing visitors of the blog can share a link about it, or tweet about it, and so on! This is the beauty of free marketing.

9. Long-Term Results

The best part about creating a blog is the fact that once a blog post is created, it gets indexed. Sure it may not bring in traffic immediately, but now it has been ranked and indexed in the search engines that the common populace uses so frequently. This effectively means that though the blog post may be written in the past, it will however continue to generate traffic and revenue for days, weeks, and years to come in the future. Think of it as a Facebook wall, where your past posted pictures continue to harbor likes, shares, and comments despite being posted in the past.

It also helps add a tinge of credibility to your business and help in the long term marketing solution. It can also even act as an archive for your business.

10. Testing Out New Ideas And Campaigns For Cheap

Taking new steps, hoisting new ad campaigns is tough and I dare say, a tough task to undertake with a lot of variables. Business blogs offer a platform to not only tease the readers about the new ideas and campaigns to pique their interest but actually showcase and have their ideas tested in the real world and also iron out the potential issues from the feedback received from the readers of the blog. It also offers a platform to depict PR-related information such as product launch dates and so on. It is undeniably easy to get the public’s attention if you have built up your own audience using your property, instead of pitching your story to journalists with the hope that they might publish it.

Blogging has since long evolved from being just someone’s hobby. It has created waves in the business market, creating a level playing field for the Fortune 500 Companies as well those shiny new, upcoming startups. It is pretty clear that Blogging can be a boon for business and marketing, not only being easy to deploy but also cheap to maintain, the only pre-requisite being someone educated plentiful in your business field and willing to research and create educating and engaging content and update it frequently.

Do you blog? What is your blog name? What benefits have you experienced from blogging?


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