Top 10 Undeniable Benefits of Intranet for the Workplace


Top 10 Undeniable Benefits of Intranet for the Workplace

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The business world and the Workplace culture have drastically changed over the last few decades.

With new advancements in Technology, workplaces are now able to work more efficiently than they used to some years ago. The advent of the internet revolutionized workplaces as we knew them, and now with every passing year, Intranet is becoming one of the most necessary tools in modern business.

There are so many undeniable benefits of the intranet. But the true potential of the intranet is often ignored by companies or employees who just don’t know anything about it or its usage. This article contains everything you need to know about Intranet and its benefits for the workplace.

What is Intranet?


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Wikipedia defines Intranet as a computer network that is utilized for sharing information, operational systems, collaboration tools, and other computing services within a workplace or an organization. It is often confused with the term “internet” but it is different in the essence that it is locked up and only people within a workplace or an organization can access it.

It is an effective tool to facilitate internal communication and collaboration, employee engagement, time management, record management, and so on.  There are a plethora of things it can do, but its main purpose is to provide a workplace with the information, collaboration tools, and resources they need to work towards their ambition.

It can serve any team, in any business, within any industry. Its benefits are even greater today when millions of people are accessing technology every day. So, how can your workplace benefit from a well-designed intranet to stay in sync and be productive?

Here are the Top 10 Undeniable Benefits of Intranet for the Workplace.

1.  Improved External and Internal Communication

Communication is one of the most crucial elements responsible for the smooth functioning of the workplace.  It is of utmost importance to a thriving business. Having a well-established intranet system can help a business to communicate well both internally as well as externally. Employees can easily communicate, collaborate, and share resources with each other with the help of the Intranet.

Employees can easily interact with the team they contribute to. Features like instant messaging and live chats also help in reducing the cost and time associated with meetings and travel.

It can also bring multi-location teams together. In short, it improves person-to-person connections and helps them deepen across your company, especially if you incorporate a social element into your intranet. Your employees can share opinions, useful information, and constructive feedback, and other executives can interact transparently with staff.

2.  Better Employee Engagement

Employee disengagement can greatly hamper the smooth functioning of the workplace. It is really a hard topic to crack and can, in turn, negatively impact your business. It is common for employees to feel a sense of disconnection from each other as well as the workplace in general.  Things, like forming connections, getting assistance, feedback, and information, and learning new skills, can prove to be challenging.

Modern Intranets offer several software solutions to increase employee engagement and eradicate all these problems. It acts as a platform where employees can gain access to a holistic environment for networking and collaboration, HR information and support feedback, corporate communications, knowledge sharing, and more.

It’s the heart of a company culture, where people from across the workplace come together and form one unified team.

3.  Efficient Data Management

A company deals with a lot of information and has a lot of data to store. In most cases, it is stored and accessed across platforms like Google Drive, Emails, Relational database management systems, etc, making data management a complicated task.

Intranet can provide you with a living library and one-stop destination for storing and managing data in a way that it becomes easily visible, searchable, and up-to-date. It can manage all the company documents and keep them secure from external audiences.

Data and Information stored in an intranet can take many forms like documents, blog posts, and even company polls. But, it’s also important for an Intranet system to have strong search capabilities so that people can quickly locate and get access to relevant information.

4.  Easy and Better Access to Information and Resources

A well-designed Intranet can act as an information hub for your workplace. An intranet is a deep pool of information. One can find everything from Important Business updates to the most recent trends in the market. All this data and information is crucial for the employees in helping themselves as well as the organization.

An intranet with amazing search tools and a simple UI will enable employees to connect with other networks and find the information they need. One can easily find any document on a system, through detailed and easy-to-use search functions. For example, Rather than making their way through emails and folders, the employees can gain access to important information at a glance in a dashboard format.

5.  Reduces Paper Usage

In today’s eco-conscious world, taking care of the environment and promoting sustainable practices is one of the major priorities of companies around the world. Since a workplace involves a lot of paperwork and documentation, it is obvious, that a lot of paper is used. Since Intranet allows us to do a lot of things digitally like digital copies of company documents, memos, and many documents can be edited, published, and shared on the intranet, this saves a lot of paper.

6.  Allows Easy Information Sharing

No matter how big or small your workplace is, there is a lot of information to share. Since the intranet can allow people to connect with each other more efficiently, it can also facilitate information sharing among the employees. Intranet helps in the growth of organic knowledge sharing because and it’s easier for people to connect with each other.

The employees can also get involved in forum-style conversations. They can even write and release a blog series that can help in disseminating their independent learning throughout the organization.

Ultimately, this will result in rapid growth in the workplace’s knowledge and intellect. For example, with the help of Email, instant messaging, and social means, employees can get the resources they need from peers faster than ever before.

7.  Saves Time and Money

A lot of money and time can be saved with the help of an efficient Intranet system. Even though initially, a business can incur installment costs, it can help in reducing costs and time wastage in the long run. For example, memos and other important information can be quickly distributed and searched for, while maintaining privacy, all within a fraction of minutes.

A lot of time and money can be saved when accessing information, seeking and sharing with the help of Intranet, or while maintaining a database. Thus, it can help a business save both time and money.

8.  Improves Employee Productivity

Ultimately, an intranet can improve the productivity of all the employees. Since everything they need is in one place, it makes their work less complicated which further improves their productivity. A quality intranet makes the workforce more creative, collaborative, communicative, and productive. An intranet can provide them with all the tools they need to efficiently perform their role.

9.  Employee Support for HR and IT

The Human Resource department and IT teams spend a lot of their precious time answering queries, supporting consumers and employees via email or phone.  This process can take up a lot of time and money and can even prove to be tedious and frustrating. Users may have to wait a day or more for an answer, and then more hours or days if they have follow-up questions.

An interactive intranet system eliminates most of these complications and frustrations. It provides access to self-service resources like FAQs, videos, how-to articles, videos, and tutorials. This saves everyone time and headaches. It also provides a peer support platform where employees can post queries and answer queries for everyone to see and interact.

Most intranet software even comes with pre-built HR and IT support spaces for this purpose. Due to all these features, the HR and IT staff don’t have to endlessly answer the same set of queries and can focus on other higher-priority areas.

10. Strengthening the Overall Workplace Culture and its Transparency

A workplace is not a workplace without its workforce, and modern intranets are about these people. Better interactions and collaboration allows your workforce to know each other better.

A company can use the intranet as a space to publish updates and news and announcements, to communicate their company culture, to recognize employees and teams, and gather feedback. This ultimately enriches and strengthens your company culture in the process.

An intranet can also be the key to building a transparent company. The strongest workplace culture is one that is built on the principles of transparency and open work. An intranet network plays a critical role in providing a platform where anyone can interact and contribute to anything shared within the organization.

This allows for greater transparency between executives and all employees and stronger levels of trust and understanding.

Wanna learn more about Intranet and its benefits? Check out the following video!

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