Top 5 On-The-Go Apps That Help In Data Analytics

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Top 5 On-The-Go Apps That Help In Data Analytics

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Now is the era of data and everything, from research to management, is driven by it.

In the modern-day world, data has become an integral part of human life and even our day-to-day activities have started revolving around it. Be it the online classes that are conducted or the YouTube premiers held, be it the smartwatch one possesses or the smart TV one uses, everything is driven by one or the other forms of data.

Owing to such paramount of data available to work with, the demand for data analysts, market researchers, and DBAs is sky-shooting. Besides, every company – small or big, needs a DBMS and people to maintain it and fine-tune it so that the very foundation i.e., data could be well protected and kept updated. Thus data analytics, data science, data science applications, data science software, datacamp are the buzzwords.

DPS Mobile Apps for Lawyers

Today Apps Fuel Our Lives

And so, in order to interpret, analyse and train data and data-driven processes as effectively as possible, researches are being conducted day in day out, as a result of which there are a large number of applications available to enhance your skills.

Thence, to prepare you as you embark on your journey of data analysis, here are 5 amazing apps that will definitely help you think critically and analyse data more efficiently.

1. Elevate

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Elevate is a customised brain training program intended to enhance your intellectual skills. Selected as the App of the Year by Apple, this amazing app not only helps you sharpen your analytical and critical thinking skills but also helps in left-right brain coordination. Consisting of 3 practices per day, this app is definitely a must for anyone desiring to venture into the data analytics field.

2. Udacity



This app needs no separate introduction. Being run in association with so many tech giants, Udacity offers a plethora of courses that one may need to reach the desirable level of technical proficiency in whichever field they wish to be a master of. Engaging user interface and on-the-go extensive learning are what makes this a worthy app to be installed in your devices.

3. Tableau

Ud 1


Now is the era of big data. Be it start-ups or established firms, be it e-commerce or digital marketing, big data has become the backbone of the industry. But coming to think of it, big data can literally have data that is too big and voluminous to comprehend and analyse at once. But fret not; for Tableau is there. A streamline mobile version of the Tableau software, this allows its users to easily filter data and analyse it on-the-go. Be it performing mathematical calculations or data visualisation, this handy app makes it possible with a single touch.

4. Lumosity

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Remember how we loved playing mobile games during our childhood years? But as time passed by and life speeded, our fascination for games faded away. But, as per researches, games are the best way to train your mind, sharpen your skills and to develop the required acumen pertaining to the field one wishes to venture into. And, Lumosity is an app which does just that.

A customised brain training program, this app offers several different modules, games, and exercises to help you strengthen your core thinking skills. Realising that in the modern-day world it is imperative to be logical, reasonable, practical, and agile, the app developers made sure that this app helps you mold your reasoning skills, fasten your reaction, help develop the right approach to the practical realistic problems, and so on. So, if you want to be the next tycoon out there, download this customised training app and enjoy learning with fun.


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Brain activity is one of the most in-demand research fields in today’s world. And why not, when it is the brain which controls everything. Most of us are aware that hearing alpha music helps us have a sound sleep, but do you know why?

Neurontin is a well-developed healthcare app that is aimed at improving brain activity in order to boost one’s efficiency. From improving memory to enhancing intelligence, from developing your logical thinking skills to molding your approach towards real-time problems, the numerous activities in this mobile application makes sure that everything is done to challenge your brain, sharpen it and skyrocket your efficiency.


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