Top 9 Must Learn Programming Languages In 2021

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Top 9 Must Learn Programming Languages In 2021

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Programming languages are the hidden features responsible for the success of any software, web, and digital application, and the catch is that they are forever becoming better and newer ones are being created daily.

And so, based on various parameters like popularity, career-prospects, trends, open-source, etc…, below listed are 9 programming languages to give it a try this year.

1. Java

An open-source language, JAVA is used to develop server-side applications and has been in large demand because of its dynamic applications in the field of app development across various platforms like web, mobile, and smart devices.

It is the most commonly used and most popular choice of mobile developers as a programming language, like in the case of highly-rated apps Temple Run, Angry Birds, and Candy Crush Saga, all of these are developed on it. Even many government agencies and Fortune 500 firms prefer Java over others due to its robust and secure framework/nature.

2. Python 

Gaining popularity from a couple of years down the line, Python is an open-source, dynamic programming language that is easy to learn, is user – friendly, and has a simplified coding structure, especially with the inbuilt Whitespace indentation feature.

Thus, it is also considered to be a suitable language option for the beginners dwelling into the field of app development. Additionally, it’s suitability for web development, 3D rendering, and scientific computing also makes it an apt language for the masters to experiment with.

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Welcome To The World Of Computer Languages


Moreover, now with companies like Google investing in Python, its popularity and usability have seen a rapid increase, examples of which can be seen in the form of its use in applications like Reddit, Instagram, and YouTube.

3. PHP 

Initially developed as a web development language, PHP is an open-source scripting language, now primarily being used for developing dynamic websites and creating server-side scripts. Not only this, but it is also widely popular owing to its ease of learning, and the independence of its platform and OS.

So far, PHP has been used in the development of more than 200 million websites, including highly popular and heavily used ones like WordPress, Facebook, and Yahoo.

4. JavaScript 

Mainly known for dynamically adding interactive elements to the web applications and browsers, JavaScript is a language preferred by most developers for front-end developments, though it can also be used for backend developments when used in association with Node.js. It is a language that can be easily used to create animations and controls for web interfaces.

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5. C

With many of the modern languages such as C++, Java, and Python having roots in C, C is one of the oldest programming languages which is highly preferred for writing software and application codes and is especially known to create high-performance computing and embedded systems where speed and flexibility are the crucial parameters.

It is also adorned with wonderful features like the flexibility of use, easy memory management, and strong coding support. Not only that, but C is also considered to be the foundation of several popular operating systems like Linux, Windows, and OSX.

6. C++ 

Developed from the programming language C as one of its advanced versions, C++ is an object-oriented language highly used for the development of GUI and graphics-based software.

While C is mostly used to build basic applications, C++ application development, on the other hand, mostly deals with the development of higher-level applications like video games, some of which may include the very popular Fifa, Halo, and Call of Duty.

7. R 

First introduced in 1995 in order to program complex statistical analysis and visual graphics applications, R language is an open-source language supporting a number of robust features, and running on all major platforms like Linux, Windows, and macOS.

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8. C #

Developed by Microsoft to offer coding support for its .Net framework, C# is an object-oriented programming language containing the functionalities of both C and C++ and is used for the development of server-side applications and Windows software. This language is being extensively used for various Microsoft applications and programs which are .Net framework based, such as Bing, Windows, and MSN.

9. Swift 

Rather a new language introduced in 2014 by Apple for iOS and OS X application development, Swift is a programming language that uses the features of both Objective-C and C languages, thus becoming the perfect platform for the creation of intuitive apps. It is simple yet powerful and no sooner from its inception, it has become an obvious choice for the development of such apps.


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