Module 13
Display & Programmatic Advertising
You don’t worry about whether you are using private marketplaces (PMPs) or open marketplaces – you just worry about where you can find your audience, period. What is programmatic? It just means media trading is becoming a computer-aided activity. Premium digital media buyers and sellers value the data and efficiencies provided by programmatic.


Precision programmatic marketing uses unstructured data to build custom audiences and optimize them on the fly. We as an industry are heading in an exciting direction where programmatic merges with native and is fuelled by data and a transparent, objective framework – everyone wins.


With Programmatic advertising rising ever higher up the marketer’s agenda… Move in at the cutting edge technology of Programmatic.


  1. What is Online Advertising?
  2. Types of Online Advertising
  3. Display Advertising
    1. Banner Ads
    2. Rich Media Ads
    3. Pop-Ups & Pop- Under/Behind Ads
  4. Contextual Advertising
    1. In-Text Ads
    2. In-Image Ads
    3. In-Video Ads
    4. In-Page Ads
  5. Track & Measure ROI of Display/Online Advertising
  6. What are the Payment Modules?
    1. CPM
    2. CPC
    3. CPV
    4. CPL
    5. CPS
    6. Payout Terms
    7. Payout Period
  7. Different Online Advertising Platforms
  8. Companies that provide Online Advertising Solutions
  9. Create Banner Ads using Tools
  1. Evolution & Growth of Programmatic Advertising
  2. Advantages of Programmatic Advertising
  3. Myths of Programmatic Advertising
  4. Real-Time Bidding
  5. How Programmatic Advertising works?
  6. Types of Programmatic Advertising
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