Module 5
Search Engine Marketing
Today it’s not about ‘get the traffic’. It’s about ‘get the targeted and relevant traffic’. The potential capacity for reaching targeted audiences instantly – makes using of PPC as a key marketing strategy a no-brainer. While SEO can take a while to get you the desired results, SEM will deliver immediate results.


Nobody reads ads. People read what interests them. Sometimes, it’s an ad. You need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in. You need to use a range of techniques to produce successful outcomes for your business, including in-depth keyword research, competitor analysis, and split-testing.


Know what it takes to be an expert at Search Engine Marketing.


  1. Consumer Journey
  2. What is SEM?
  3. Why SEM?
  4. What is Google AdWords?
  5. Why Google AdWords?
  6. Google Network
  7. AdWords Terminologies
  1. Inorganic Search Results
  2. Google AdWords & PPC Advertising
  3. Overview of Microsoft Adcenter (Bing & Yahoo)
  4. Set up Google AdWords Account
  5. Structure of an AdWords Account
  6. Campaigns, Adgroups, Keywords, Ads, etc.
  7. Types of Advertising Campaigns – Search, Display (including Videos) & Shopping
  8. Difference between Search & Display Campaigns
  9. Shopping & Mobile – Specific Campaign Types and why & when to use them
  1. How does Adwords Rank Ads?
  2. Adwords Algorithm – Adrank in detail with examples
  3. What is Quality Score?
  4. Why Quality Score is important?
  5. What is CTR?
  6. Why CTR is important?
  7. Bids
  1. Standard
  2. All Features
  3. Dynamic Search
  4. Product Listing
  1. Different Types of Location Targeting
  1. Types of Ad-Extensions
  2. Add Ad-Extensions in your Campaign
  1. Find Relevant AdGroups Options using Tools
  2. Create AdGroups using Tools
  1. Types of Keywords: Broad, Phrase, Exact, Synonym, Negative
  2. Pros & Cons of Different Types of Keywords
  3. Keyword Strategies
  4. Find Relevant Keywords
  5. Keyword Research
  6. Use Keyword Planner Tool & Estimator
  7. Add Keywords in AdGroup
  8. Keyword Match Types
  1. Ad
  2. Ad Format
  3. Ad Text Policies
  4. Ad Text Best Practices
  5. DKI
  6. Display & Destination URL
  7. Landing Page
  8. How to write a Compelling Ad Copy?
  9. Ad Metrics
  10. Best & Worst examples of Ads
  1. How does SEM Auction work?
  2. Bidding & Budget
  3. Different Types of Bid Strategy
  4. Manual
  5. Auto
  6. Advanced Level Bid Strategies
  7. Enhanced CPC
  8. CPA
  9. What are Flexible Bidding Strategies?
  10. Pros & Cons of different Bid Strategies
  1. What is Conversion Tracking?
  2. Why is it important?
  3. How to set up Conversion Tracking?
  4. Add Tracking Code in Website
  5. Check Conversion Stats
  1. How to Optimize Search Campaigns at the Time Of Creation?
  2. Optimize Search Network Campaigns using the Keyword Planner
  3. Optimize Campaigns via AdGroups
  4. Optimize the Search Network campaign using Match Types
  5. Optimize the Search Network campaign using Ad Text Best Practices, etc.
  6. Importance of Quality Score in Optimization
  7. How to increase Quality Score?
  8. Importance of CTR in Optimization
  9. How to increase CTR?
  10. Importance of Negative Keywords in Optimization
  11. Evaluate Campaign Stats
  12. Optimize with Conversion Report
  13. Optimize with Keywords
  14. Optimize Performing Keywords
  15. Optimize Non-Performing Keywords
  16. How to Decrease CPC?
  17. Analyze Competitors Performance
  1. Difference in Search & Display Campaign Settings
  2. Types of Display Campaigns – All Features, Engagement, Mobile App, Remarketing
  3. GDN Campaign Creation/Display Campaign Creation
  4. Use Display Planner Tool
  5. Do Campaign Level Settings
  6. Create different Adgroups
  7. Display Ad Formats
  8. Ad Gallery Tool
  9. Create Text Ads
  10. Create Banner Ads using Tools
  11. Upload Banner Ads
  12. GDN Targeting options
  13. Ads Placement
  14. Finding Relevant Websites for Ads Placement
  15. Ad-Scheduling
  16. CPM Bid Strategy
  17. Ad-Delivery
  18. Conversion Tracking
  19. Advance Settings
  1. What is Remarketing?
  2. Set up Remarketing Campaign
  3. Advanced: Create Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA)
  4. Advanced Level List Creation
  5. Custom Audience
  1. Universal App campaigns
  2. Mobile-specific Bidding & Targeting Strategies
  3. Measure Mobile Ad Performance and Conversions Report Editor
  4. Optimization Strategies
  1. What Shoppers do and how they browse on the internet?
  2. What Retailers need – New Advertising Technologies
  3. Google Shopping sets Retailers up for success
  4. What are Google Shopping Ads/Product Listing Ads?
  5. Why Product Listing Ads?
  6. Where do they appear on Google?
  7. Features of Google Shopping
  8. Create Shopping campaign on Google AdWords
  9. Steps to create Product Listing Ads
  10. Track Performance and Optimize the Campaigns
  1. YouTube Ad Formats
  2. YouTube Campaign Creation
  3. YouTube Analytics
  4. Video Campaign Optimization tips
  1. Connect your Marketing Objectives to AdWords Solutions to achieve Business Objectives
  2. Run Live Ad Campaigns on Google by spending an amount
  3. Set up Google AdWords Account to run ads on and Google’s associated properties
  4. How to create Ad-Groups, write catchy Ad Text, select Keywords to run and Optimize your Ad Campaign’s Performance
  5. Create and run Responsive Ads on Google Display Network to show your ads on all Devices
  6. Create In-Stream and Video Discovery Ads to Target Audience based on Demographics and Interest
  7. Sign up for Merchant Center Account and create an Ad Group to run Google Shopping Campaign
  1. Google AdWords
  2. Merchant Center
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