Module 2
Website Planning & Creation
You should not just build websites, but rather build websites that sell. Websites promote you 24/7. No employee will do that.


A successful website does three things: 1. It attracts the right kinds of visitors. 2. Guides them to the main products or services that you offer. 3. Collects contact details for a future ongoing relationship.


Be adept at planning a website and even at creating it.


  1. Based on Functionality
  2. Based on Purpose
  1. Book a Domain Name & Webhosting
  2. Add Domain Name to Web Server
  3. Add Webpages & Content
  4. Add Plugins
  1. Identify Objective of Website
  2. Decide the Number of Pages required
  3. Create Blueprint of every Webpage
  4. Plan for Engagement Options
  5. Best & Worst Examples
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