The Top 10 Best E-Learning Websites And Apps To Upskill Yourself

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The Top 10 Best E-Learning Websites And Apps To Upskill Yourself

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This quarantine, many people have been faced with a tedious career question. 

Have you upskilled yourself? 

If you’re one of those people looking for a quality E-learning website offering some good content, then you’ve come to the right place. This article will help you understand which E-Learning website is the most suitable to your upskilling needs. 

E-Learning which is the delivery of learning sources, courses and training online, has become one of the most common forms of studying especially in the past one year. It has a wide range of consumers – from kindergarten children to eager learners in their 60s and 70s. 

The Global Research Report  shows that the E-Learning market exceeded 200 million USD in 2019 and is expected to grow at 8% CAGR by 2026. It’s not that surprising given that the pandemic had forced schools shut, shifting their focus to digital learning. 

This has encouraged other Digital Learning Management Systems like G-Suite for Education enabling students and teachers to connect over a large distance.

E- Learning Websites best for children and adults

Live E-Learning over video

How Can An E-Learning Website Help You?

There’s a number of benefits to learning online. Firstly, you are free to learn at your own pace. You may choose to pause a session on these e-learning websites and continue it later in the day or week. It’s all up to you! 

Secondly, it’s cost-effective. You’d be saving so much more time and money otherwise spent in travelling! 

Thirdly, you can change your location of learning anytime, anywhere. Since sources, videos, assignment submissions, etc. shift online, the pressure of sitting in a classroom for 4 to 5 hours is reduced for teachers and students. 

Here, the learning is on your terms. 

The Top10 Best E-Learning Websites You Should Explore

There are numerous e-learning websites that you may come across with just one simple Google search. But knowing whether quality content is offered on each and every suggested site is quite impossible. So here’s a list to make it easier for you. Let’s dive in. 

Use the right E-Learning Website suited for your requirements

Use the right E-Learning Website suited for your requirements. Picture taken via Unsplash


Well, this one is mandatory when you’re talking about E-Learning. 

Coursera is a MOOC, which stands for Massive Open Online Course provider. It has institutes like Stanford, Imperial College London, etc. supplying certified courses to the digital learning space. 

On completion of a course, this free platform gives you recognised credentials related to the specialization. This learning space is suitable for every professional wanting to upskill.

According to Coursera’s Learner Outcomes Survey, 87% adults claimed that they had benefited by getting promoted after completion of the course. 


Here, basic courses are made available to digital learners. These are recorded classroom lectures taught by experts at the institution. There are courses available in the audio version as well making it accessible for all. 

The coursework is flexible with the ability to pause and continue a course whenever desired. OpenYale courses are user-friendly as it has a number of options available like redistribution and mixing of course modules. 

The courses taught here are at an undergraduate level and the platform doesn’t offer any recognised credentials on completion of the course. 

If you’re keen on restarting your study process after an incredibly long time, this would be your ideal fit. 


Like Coursera, edX is an e-learning platform which offers digital learners courses from a variety of institutions like Berkeley University of California, Harvard University, Boston University, etc. 

As per their statistics, edX has 15,000 instructors online with more than 3000 courses available to users. 

While edX is not a free course provider, the quality of study material and variety offered here is extremely tempting for someone who’s serious about in depth learning

Stanford Online

Created by Stanford University, this e-learning site offers courses in different subjects – from writing to engineering. The levels of course learning available here are Masters Degree, Graduate and Professional Education Certificates.

This platform has paid as well as free courses to choose from, so, in case you have a change of interest, you can select a different course and get on with learning right away. 

Stanford online, too, has the option to learn at your own pace and hence, is hassle free for professionals with a 9 to 5 job, home makers, freelancers, etc. 


TEDEd is one of the best E-Learning Websites

TEDEd is one of the few quality E-Learning Websites. Picture taken via


Similar to the famous Tedx talks, TedEd offers learning opportunities for students, and helps educators as well as parents educate youngsters better. The lessons on TedEd are interactive and simplified making it a highly recommended e-learning website for children as well.

The variety ranges from modules on the Civil Rights movement to Algebra and Geometry. This learning platform is free of charge and contains quality content and study tools


If you’re someone who’s been waiting to learn web development, then W3School is your perfect match. Here, web languages are taught in a simplified manner enabling literally anyone to learn web development easily.

The variety here includes free lessons on JavaScripting, HTML, PYTHON and much more. This e-learning website is suitable for those wanting to upgrade their skill set in this field.


This one is another course provider which has about 480 million lessons under it’s belt. Udemy has specialized field experts and professionals delivering lessons on subjects like Cryptocurrency and Basics of Microsoft excel. 

Here, lessons are available in multiple languages and the forum has paid as well as free courses

Modules here are prerecorded and delivered over video along with some notes. Udemy is a great e-learning website for those who would like professional training and learn at a varied pace

Udemy offers a variety of courses in different languages.

Picture taken via Unsplash

Khan Academy

At this e-learning website, lessons are available free of cost.

Khan Academy is suitable for children looking to gain a better understanding of their lessons. It is also a great website for adults to study basic lessons in the subject of their interest. The modules here are simple and straightforward, drawing reality driven examples for the lessons.  

If your child has difficulty understanding certain concepts, this e-learning website is sure to help them through!

Open Culture

Here, just like Khan Academy, lessons are delivered in the most simple language possible. The learning ranges from stitching to philosophy classes

Unlike the others, Open Culture has a wide variety of e-books, movies, podcasts, kindergarten level to grade 12 courses available to the users during and after the learning process.  

This one is suitable for individuals of all ages wanting to learn a new skill or hobby online. 

Alison Courses

If you’re looking for a simplified lesson on hard skills, soft skills or just trying to learn something new from your usual working field, then Alison is the best one for you.

At Alison, lessons are available in the subjects of Technology, Language, Science, Humanities, Health, Business, Math, Marketing and Lifestyle. Here, learning levels are certificate and diploma courses. Alison is perfect for the busy professional with less time in their hands. 

With Alison, it’s easy learning.  


And that’s the end of your exhaustive list of e-learning websites to tease the curious cat within you. Each of these websites are tailored according to the type of people they cater to – be it students or working professionals.

Now’s the time when learning has become the most accessible resource to hone your interests. So when are you getting started?  Which E-Learning website has helped you the most?

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