How To Create A Free Website/WIX Website? (With Pictures)

Wix Website

How To Create A Free Website/WIX Website? (With Pictures)

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Undoubtedly these days websites play a dominant role in any business, work or trade.

Even for small businesses and start-ups, a website is a must these days. This is to interact with customers with an objective to increase reach and therefore profit.

So let us know more about ‘How To Create A Free Website?’ In this article, you will learn how you can create a free website/blog and book a free domain without paying even a single penny. Before you proceed further, let’s know ‘What is a website?’

A website may be interpreted as a set of interconnected web-pages that are accessible on the Internet by the people worldwide.

Who Can Create A Website?

Well, anyone. If you have started any business or any work; (no matter large or small) you can create a website. Even if you are a painter, a public figure, a writer, a professional in any other field; you can create a Website.

Why Should You Create A Website? Advantages Of Building/Creating A Website

  • If you have a website, then it is crystal clear that you are digitally available to be searched and reached.
  • People prefer an online search before asking someone about the same. So if you are available in the search results, then the chances being in the consideration set of the people searching online increases.
  • Though there are so many advantages of having a website, the most prominent advantages are you can have more traffic, leads, sales, and profit.

Where can you create Free Websites?

There are hundreds of platforms available on the web where you can create a website for free. You may choose any of them; it is entirely dependent upon the type of features you want, service you want, etc.

Here’s a short list of platforms are pretty convenient to use and best for blogging/creating a website –

  • Blogger
  • Tumblr
  • Weebly
  • Wix
  • WordPress

Let’s discuss how you can create a free website using Wix as it is the easiest one from our experience.

Advantages Of Using Wix

  • No coding knowledge is required.

  • At Wix you get easy drag and drop tools.

  • Customization is very easy.

How To Create A Free Website At Wix?

Let’s know the steps to create a free website at

  1. For the very first, go to On the center of the screen, click on Get on get started
  2. In the next screen, you will see a login page, click on the Signup button to create an account at Wix.
    sign up at
  3. Now in the form, submit the details asked, and click on Signup.
    Alternatively, you can create an account via Google or Facebook logins.
  4. If you come across a questionnaire page, you can either give your time or skip that. (Optional)
  5. Now in the very next screen, you can see two options coming in front of you:

choose the best optionA. If you choose the first option, you will be asked to fill in some details; and Wix will automatically create your website.

B.Whereas, if you go with the second option, you can choose from many templates that better suits your need.

B. 1. Click on ‘Choose a Template’.

B. 2. Now from the left panel, choose the preferred category and then click on the desired template.
choose wix tempatle

Note: It is not necessary that the category you choose is what you are working on, maybe the template you want is under a different category. So try visiting other types for a better experience.

B. 3. Hover over the desired template, and click on Edit.
edit desired wix template

B. 4. Now you will see an editor (Theme Editor) on your screen. And this is what you will be dealing with regularly.
edit your teamplte
With this editor, you can customize your site the way you want. Just go and play with every tool.

B. 5. Now the last step, how to publish your Wix site? Well, that’s easy too. Just click on the publish button that you see on the top-right corner of your screen. (Next to preview)

B. 6. When you click on it, you will see a new pop-up asking for the URL of your site. Generally, it consists of
create site url
: The username could be changed from the profile section, and site name must be of at least four characters long.

B. 7. And at last, click on Done button.

Congratulations! You now have a running website at zero cost.

Disadvantages Of Using A Free Website

  • For the very first, if you create a website at Wix, you will notice that it will display some ads, such as ‘Get your free site at Wix’, and a few other ads too. This may kill the professionalism of a new business or a corporate website.
  • Next, though doing customization is easy, but this customization is not always up to mark or this customization does not live up to your expectation. You might want to add or modify a few features but due to some previously installed features, you cannot do it.
  • Now adding additional features, requires you to go with their premium plans, thus it is needed to re-start or modify your website planning.
  • Also, if it is known that a website is created at Wix (which anyone can create) then the trust factor placed on a website or business is impacted.

But have no worries, we at Bridging Points Media, provide the stablest of service for Website Design and Development. We’ll help build a website with all the features of a world class website..

We believe in quality, we believe in trust, we believe in you.

By the way, if you still have any queries or face issues while creating a free website, please feel free to share in the Comment section.

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