Going Stale? 7 Innovative Ideas to Revive Your Blog in 2021


Going Stale? 7 Innovative Ideas to Revive Your Blog in 2021

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A good blog can do more than an influencer.

When it comes to digital marketing, maintaining your website is essential. And maintaining a good website requires a good blog. Effective blogging is not just about promoting your products and services – it’s about connecting with your audience through your words.

When you write good blogs that are creative, informative and fun to read, you present yourself as a trustworthy and a reliable expert, it also increases the visits to your website, and makes people more likely to buy your products and services.

Tap into these innovative ideas to jumpstart your blog

But only if creativity were a tap we could turn on at will. No matter how expansive your website and brand may be, you are bound to run out of ideas sooner or later. Fret not. There are always new frontiers to explore.

So if your deadlines are approaching and your cursor hasn’t moved in a while…

Tap into these innovative ideas to jumpstart your blog –

1. Bring An Outsider 

Bring An Outsider 

This might feel like a lazy cop out, but an outsider can bring in a fresh perspective and a new writing style that revitalises your blog. You can bring in a domain expert, a user or a long time fan, or even a competitor or somebody who disapproves of your product.

In fact, an outsider can be the best way of injecting controversial or niche ideas into your blog without damaging your reliability and reputation. For a productive collaboration, make sure that the blogging is undertaken only after all the details – word count, theme, and payment, are ironed out.

Mutual promotion of the blog by both you and the contributor can also boost your digital marketing presence.

2. History Lesson Time

History Lesson Time

In today’s dynamic and fast-moving world, everybody wants to stay on top of new information, and blogging plays a big role in that.

However, your industry may be going through a lull, or there may just not be enough content that would appeal to everyday non-experts of the domain. In such a case, it is time to look backwards instead of forward. 

Virtually every product or service offered today has a fascinating history attached to it. There are experiments, mistakes, eccentric figures, big battles, and many more things that make for a great read. Delve a little into history and you can create a blog or even a series of articles that would delight your audience.

If your company is also of a significant age, you can delve into your own beginnings and the historical context around which your brand developed.

3. Revisit Old Work

Revisit Old Work

Once again, if you have been blogging for a while now, you can revisit your earliest blogs and critically analyse them. The pain might be akin to those old memories popping up on Facebook, but visiting old blog articles can help you see how far your brand has come, where it was right, and what mistakes were made along the way.

From a digital marketing perspective, it can show that you are willing to be open about your experiences and missteps, which makes you more reliable and honest.

To make the process more interactive, you can also invite comments from your audience and see how they judge your past work as compared to your newer blogging style and theme.

4. Go Visual

Go Visual

Blogging is no longer only about words. In fact, the best digital marketing strategies do more with images than with words. So if you feel that you can no longer write thousands of words, switch to images for a while. The ideal format for this could be comics, which can help you convey a story in a mixed media.

If your brand leans towards lifestyle, fashion, design, digital work, or a younger generation, you can also experiment with digital and abstract art. However, be sure not to over do it. A visual piece works best when it is surrounded by informative content. Put up only artwork and your blog will soon turn into a gallery. 

5. Crowd Source Ideas

Crowd Source Ideas

The best way to get an engaging audience is to ask them what they want to read about. Crowd sourcing ideas can help you identify what your audience is interested in, and this information can also be critical in designing better products and services. However, there are some things that you need to be careful of here.

First, people might take offence if you ask for ideas and do not implement them, so be sure that you are ready to cater to everybody. Next, make sure that due credits are given to those who give you ideas or information. Not doing so can lead to massive backlash from your audience, which would be the last thing you’d want.

6. Debunk Myths 

Debunk Myths 

Every profession has its own set of urban myths, misconceptions and misinformation that a large section of the population believes in. It can be very fun and exciting for people to discover the truth behind these tales.

What’s more, you can come across as a brand that is well-versed in your domain,  which in turn improves both the likelihood that people will come back to your blog, which is essential for business growth. And, they will trust you when it comes to buying products and services.

7. Tell Them How They Win 

Tell Them How They Win 

What’s the one thing nobody can resist? The chance to make some good money, of course. Instead of treating your audience as customers, treat them as partners and clients. Explore and explain how your products and services can help your audience get more from their professional and personal lives.

Such an approach will also make your blog more interactive and encourage audience questions, comments, feedback and success stories, which can be a great word of mouth tool – something that can work better than even digital marketing to get you results.

Writing is hard, and creating quality content is harder. But no matter how niche your domain, you will find something or the other worth exploring out there. These ideas will help you get out of that blogging slump in no time.

What are the other innovative ways to revive your blog? Please share your views…

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