Key Benefits Of Video Localization

Videos And Video Marketing

Key Benefits Of Video Localization

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Videos is ‘THE’ most important tool in digital marketing. Approximately 100 million people watch videos daily and 50 percent of businessmen rate videos to provide the best return on investment. Therefore the importance of Video localization.

If you consider that 80 percent of the YouTube viewers are from outside the US then it means that the majority of these people are spending ample time browsing for products, music, and software. This has increased the importance of video localization for global consumption.

Video Localization

Video localization is about changing the video according to the culture, the language, and the region of the target audience. It includes dubbing, adding subtitles, and making changes according to the language and the cultural nuances. 

Video localization is used for product demos, marketing demonstration, e-learning, corporate announcements, and many more.

With the help of video localization, you can adapt your product according to the target audience and in this way, you can expand your business across the borders and it becomes easier for global customers to interact with your brand.

Top Benefits Of Video Localization

Let us have a look at the top benefits of video localization –

Boosts Emotional Attachment

Videos are the best way to increase internet traffic to your website. Recent research revealed that 82 percent of global internet traffic will be from videos this year. Videos impact the audience on an emotional level. In the business world, emotional association means brand awareness and more sales.

It is estimated that 64 percent of consumers will buy products and services after watching videos. If the content of the video is in the customers’ native language, then customers are more likely to spend time on your website and purchase products.

Improves SEO Rating

Video localization is the best way to reach potential customers and improve the SEO ratings. This means customers can find you easily on the web when they try to know about similar businesses and products.

You can add metadata in your videos by adding captions and subtitles so that customers can search and find you easily.

Facilitates Global Expansion

Adding subtitles in different languages in your video increases your SEO rating and it makes your brand available in global markets and even to those who are looking for similar products in their native language. 

Global consumers prefer to buy products and services that are there in their native language. Thus, translating your promotional videos in their language can help! It also depicts that you are concerned about your customers’ preferences and you have adapted your business strategy according to their needs. 

For reaching the global market you need to do a complete research so that you can devise your localization and marketing strategy accordingly. For example, people in Europe and Asia prefer dubbed content because of their history and that they do not want to look at the screens all of the time.

So you need to dub your content according to the target market’s preferences. In this way, you can strengthen your brand image and ensure a higher return on investment.

Leaves A Positive Impact

Cultural sensitivity when considered while engaging in video localization reaps many benefits. It creates a positive relationship between your company and the potential customers.

Make sure the graphics and the images used in the videos do not offend any culture or religion. You need to understand the culture and the nuances of the target country to show your customers that you care about them.

Subtitling In Other Languages

Subtitling in English is not preferred because the content in Chinese, Russian, and other languages are growing at a faster pace.

Only 20 percent of the world population speaks the English language as a first language and it is recorded that 72 percent of consumers spend ample time on the websites that are there in their mother tongue or native language. Thus the localization of videos gives more opportunities to connect with potential customers.

Take Away

Localizing your video content is beneficial if you want to expand to and in global markets. A simple translation is not enough. You need to localize them as well, in order to retain key information in the target language. Simply put, video localization delivers your visual and audio content more effectively.

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