Your Lead Generation is Down Due to These Unexpected Reasons

Lead Generation

Your Lead Generation is Down Due to These Unexpected Reasons

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Thanks to the internet, the world is your oyster – but what if you don’t bring along the right equipment?

Stable and profiting businesses can quickly become stagnant if the brand doesn’t make an effort to bring in new clients and customers to the fold. This is why lead generation is so central to businesses. The term refers to the practice of turning strangers into interested and prospective buyers.

Leads are essentially those who have shown an interest in your brand through some action – checking out your profiles, visiting your website, asking about your products and services, etc.

Indeed, lead generation can be seen as fine-tuned marketing – instead of casting a wide net, you go out with fishing rods and catch those who are more likely to be receptive to you.

Earlier, lead generation used to rely heavily on the soft-skills of the marketing department – the ability to influence people in door to door sales,  getting word around in specific circles, or organizing workshops and seminars to gather interested people and pitch them products and services.

Thanks to the internet, the process has become much simpler. All it takes is some good research and data analysis to find out who should be your target audience.

Lead Generation Down?!

However, just because its possible doesn’t mean its easy. Many brands have struggled to bring in new leads despite trying every trick in the book. The internet is a very saturated and competitive place, and numerous competitors are likely targeting the very same set of people you want too.

So, how are they winning these people – and you losing them?

Lead Generation is Going Nowhere

Lead Generation

You’ve made the perfect marketing pitch. You’ve sent it to the right people, and oh look, they are interested in what you are selling. And then? Crickets.

It is very important to remember that lead generation is not an advertisement or marketing campaign. The end goal is not awareness, its sales. 

There is no use boasting about how good your products and services are if you do not tell people how to buy them, assist them through the transaction, and get their feedback and finally encourage them to tell others about you.

Again, with so many competitors and attention-seekers trying to capture the very same person, all it takes is just one place where the person isn’t coddled for choice, for the person to vanish.

Thus, developing good end-to-end strategies is essential.

The Lead Generation Process is Mechanical

Is Your Process of Lead Generation Mechanical?

In this age of AI and chatbots, brands find it much easier than ever to shoot out emails and openers to thousands of people across the world. However, most of these emails end up being dismissed as spam or trashed.

This can be even more particularly harmful in the case of a possible lead – a person who is taking the pains to check out your content or products and services would not want to have a frustrating conversation with a chatbot which is capable of just three standard responses.

Thus, it is always important to humanize lead generation. When you send off offers or details to leads, sign off with a name, position, and personal email. Even if you are using a chatbot, humanize it by assigning names and ensure that a person is always ready to take over if the potential customer so desires.

Through Lead Generation You’re Collecting, Not Leading

How to do a good job at Lead Generation?

Don’t take the ‘social media’ approach to lead generation. The goal is not to have the highest visibility, the highest likes or views. Ten thousand people viewing your content is of no use if only ten end up buying your products and services. However, if fifty buy out of five hundred views – that’s something, isn’t it?

A major problem with many lead generation strategies is that they treat the process as one offs. But life gets in the way everyday. A person may be interested in your products and services, but may not have the money, or they’re stuck at office, or they have some event to attend to.

All of this basically means that you need to follow up. Timely but spaced out reminders helps you catch people at the right time. It’s even better when you sweeten such reminders with offers, discounts, or notifications of upcoming sales.

Your Branding’s Off

Why is your Lead Generation not working well?

If you want leads to convert into sales, you need to stand out from the competition. That means developing an unique image, sticking to your mission and principles, and leveraging the positives ranging from employee strengths to customer testimonials.

Instead of relying on just social media, create your own buzz through talks, seminars, competitions and through other fun and interactive activities. Let people know who you are, what you do, and why partnering up with you or choosing your products and services is the right move for them.

There’s No Facts

How to do effective Lead Generation?

Just not good business image, but facts and data are equally important. Would you trust an enticing offer from this seemingly incredible brand that has provided no information about who it is, what it does, who its customers are and what they say? You’ll probably report the message as a scam.

Trust has two important facets. The first is your public image, which involves reviews, testimonials, social media and your followers, and the media’s opinion of you. And then there is the data facet, which includes case studies, researches, facts and figures that show why you and only you are the one to choose.

Focus on both of these  angles to maximize your lead generation. Keep the above pointers in mind when you develop your lead generation strategy, and you are sure to see your leads converging to multiple and repeat sales again.

Do you agree with our tips above? What other tips and techniques do you think people should follow for lead generation? Let us know in the comments below!

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