Spicetree Design Agency bags digital communication mandate for LiasesForas

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Spicetree Design Agency bags digital communication mandate for LiasesForas

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Spicetree Design Agency (SDA), an integrated digital marketing venture, will now be delivering breakthrough digital communication to its new client LiasesForas, the only non-broking real estate research company in India.

Through the alliance and effective digital communication, SDA will create positioning of a brand that stands for the “Accuracy” of its service offerings.

The image of a strong and accurate brand for LiasesForas is also made stronger by the fact that Property Science is backed by the parent company. The latter has invested over 20 years in data and research to come up with this product.

LiasesForas is the only non-brokerage real estate research company in India.

LiasesForas, founded in 1998, is the only non-brokerage real estate research company in India. The company is a strategic partner of the highly diversified DMG Group, operates in 40 countries across the world, and accounted for $3 billion in revenue in 2014.

DMG information handles over 95% of the United Kingdom’s valuation workflow for lenders and much more in the real estate sector. Landmark UK (a subsidiary of DMGi) identifies and translates environmental and property risks into facts, insights, and opportunities.

Speaking about this, Shiraz Khan, Founder-Director, SDA said, “Our objective is to build a very reliable, trustworthy and genuine reputation for Property Science in its industry for property valuation. We are aiming at making it a go-to app for all property valuation and related information.”

“To start with, our immediate goal was to get as many registrations as possible for the virtual launch event. We were successfully able to garner over 500 registrations for the event. We are also driving maximum relevant traffic to the Property Science website by optimally utilizing all digital tools.” He added.

Speaking about the alliance, Pankaj Kapoor, Managing Director, LiasesForas, said, “SDA has been our marketing partner with our business evolving in the consumer and B2C domain. With web strategy, social media marketing, and paid campaigns, they have increased our reach to the consumers both in B2B and B2C segments. They bring comprehensive strategies, execution, and ideation to the table that has helped us reach our objectives in a faster, easier, and cost-effective manner.”

Spicetree Design Agency (SDA), an integrated digital marketing venture.

Spicetree Design Agency’s journey began with a thought shared by the Founder Director, Shiraz Khan who was later joined by Mehmood Khan, whose marketing and networking skills have amplified the reach of the brand. From humble beginnings, the brand has matured and expanded immensely.

Today, their decade-long clientele uses the venture’s expertise in the expansion and launch of their new products and services.

From web design and development, print designs, digital marketing (SMM, SMO, SEO, Mailers, Retargeting) to brand identity and consultation in products and services, SDA covers every possible domain.

Spicetree Design Agency’s expertise lies in developing groundbreaking strategies that precisely cater to the client’s need and drive real, measurable results. Over the years, the venture has steadily but effectively broadened its horizons from graphic designing to the realm of digital marketing — with the philosophy of complementing creatives with science, intact to date.



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