Top 5 Business Productivity Boosting Apps

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Top 5 Business Productivity Boosting Apps

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In the modern world, everyone is busy running and competing.

From academics to professional life, it is the deadlines and the stats which govern our lives now, more often than not. Aiming to be more productive and competent professionally, workaholism has become integral nowadays and thus has become a key part of our daily lives.


Boost Your Business Productivity Curve

The term productivity is relative and may carry different meaning for different people. For someone, it may be to write 50-60 lines of code while for others it may be to compute the excel data, for someone it may mean to make that one perfect painting while for others it may mean to track the stocks and invest well. Nevertheless, the parameters may be different but what is common to all of these is the desire and the need to be productive in whatever you do.

And so, for making your journey of productivity a little more easier and fun, and to boost it further, here are the 5 apps that are definitely going to help you achieve your targets – with their small but useful hacks.

1. Lucidchart

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Developed by Lucid Software Inc in 2008, it is a one-stop web-based solution for visual communication and cross-platform collaboration. I

t is a proprietary platform that allows the seamless sharing of drawings, revising, and sharing of data charts and extrapolation of diagrams across the collaborators so as to ensure constant workflow.

From brainstorming to designing, this handy app is a sure boost to productivity and increases the gains exponentially.

2. CloudApp

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Packed with features like screenshotting, webcam recording, GIF creation, image annotation, and many more, this easy-to-use enterprise-level app launched in the year 2016 has been a constant companion of many since then.

Bringing screen capturing and some of the most useful features to the cloud, this visual communication tool is the perfect mode of interaction with your colleagues, customers, or clients.

With more than 3 million users, this incredibly affordable app is a must for all those seeking to skyrocket their productivity.

3. HubSpot CRM

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HubSpot CRM

Founded in June 2006 by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, this intuitive and automatic handy tool takes care of all the business nuances.

From logging mails to managing data, from call recordings to schedule planning, and from pipelining the processes to capturing leads, this app is an all-in-all storehouse of amazing features to make your life much easier.

Often quoted as one of the best CRM software products for small-medium businesses, this 100% free app is an essentiality for every person, firm, or business aspiring to rule the market arena.

4. Slack

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Primarily a business communication platform, this app was developed in the year 2013 by the American software company Slack Technologies and today is one of the most rapidly growing and expanding platform.

With support from corporate giants like Airbnb, Oracle, Target, this incredible app offers many IRC-style features to make your business life a bit easier.

From organized chat rooms to targeted channels, from cloud integration to seamless media sharing, this incredible productivity booster has several prestigious awards to its name and is one of the most widely used platforms across the world.

5. Hootsuite



Social media is the pulse of the modern-day economy. Be it professional sites like LinkedIn or be it apps like Instagram or Facebook, an organization cannot survive the cut-throat competition of the modern-day world until it is backed up by strong social media marketing strategies. And so, to help you in the same, Hootsuite comes handy.

Created by Ryan Holmes in 2008, this social media management platform has a staggering 16 million user base and is one of the most popular platforms around the globe to boost work productivity.

From social network integration to ease the updating of the company handles to robust task scheduling features, this is definitely an app that every organization venturing into social media marketing must-have.


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