Top 10 Amazing Websites Built With AngularJs and NodeJs

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Top 10 Amazing Websites Built With AngularJs and NodeJs

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Node.js is an open-source free Java Script based server environment that runs across several platforms like Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, etc. It can generate dynamic page content, act operations on the files on the server, collect form data, and modify the data in the databases.

On the other hand, AngularJS is a JavaScript framework that can be conveniently added to the HTML platform, thus extending the HTML attributes with Directives, simultaneously also binding data to it with Expressions.

Angular JS And Node JS

Angular JS And Node JS

Thus both of these prove to be one of the best suites for website development, making them faster, robust, aesthetically acclaimed, and SEO friendly – all in one go.

Thus below are the top 11 popular-high-traffic websites built with AngularJs and NodeJs which have brought a revolution in people’s lives and in the way they lived (lifestyle). They are: –

1. YouTube

Built on the AngularJS platform, YouTube doesn’t need an introduction. Ever since its inception it’s graph has been exponential in terms of attracting audiences, so much so that in today’s modern era it assures to have become synonymous to Video Streaming and broadcasting where people around the globe can enjoy nearly all sorts of music, videos, films and much more.

Its supreme popularity amongst people across the globe also makes it the heaviest traffic website in the world.

2. Yahoo!

Known as a popular search engine and a related service provider like news, messenger, emails, sports, etc… it makes use of the Node.js platform as its primary technological stack to carry out its server-side development operations.


Known as the world’s largest e-commerce website with more than 300 million active users worldwide, it uses node.js core components to carry out futuristic projects on its web platform. For example, it introduced Alexa – an AI-based system, facilitating customers to shop online via voice commands.

Thus, Nodejs has an event-oriented, non-blocking I/O model which is well suited for Alexa as it comprises of trigger-based inputs and is one of the biggest ecosystems of open source libraries around the globe.

4. Netflix

Netflix, in the recent past, has very well come up to compete with the television industry (small screen) and is aiming to replace traditional television soon, through the plethora of web series it offers. Not only this, in this age of convenience, it has also equipped its users with the video-on-demand technology, which has revolutionized the time-bound watching period trend.

Today, it is the world’s largest online media streaming platform, providing almost 7 billion hours of various videos to more than 50 million customers in over 60 countries per quarter.

It uses the Node.js platform as a part of java development services, to reduce time constraints like from a 40 minute + startup time earlier to moving to a minute with its implementation.

5. eBay

A heavy traffic e-commerce website, eBay is estimated to have 168 million active users, using node.js for their backend development, as their primary backend language, to handle processes like real-time requests.

6. LinkedIn Corporation

All those in various professional fields would be well-versed with the name of LinkedIn as it is one of the largest social networking platforms where professionals strengthen their networking, seek jobs, and/or make job postings.

It uses Nodejs as it supports JavaScript, allowing one to write in the same language, both the client-side (Angularjs) as well as the server-side code.

7. PayPal

All those who are busy on e-commerce website purchasing items on and off are quite familiar with Paypal, as their online payment gateway provider.

It was one the first adopter of Node.js platform when it was in its initial stages of development and used it to handle the business availability options, alongside taking care of the huge website load which resulted in pages being 200ms faster than its previous versions

8. Flickr

With an estimated 122 million registered members and over 3.5 million new images uploaded daily, Flickr is one of the bigger community and social networking platforms wherein users can easily share any sort of multimedia content amongst their various groups.

It uses Node.js for their server development and real-time updating process.

9. Paytm

Especially during and after the sudden demonetization process in India, Paytm gained huge popularity as a provider of facilities and an e-commerce platform, online banking, money transfer, and digital wallet.

It uses both Node.js and AngularJs for its backend and frontend development respectively.

10. Gmail

For most of the users, their first email account would have been in Gmail and then, just like YouTube, it too doesn’t need an elaborate introduction. It is an email service provider that ever since its inception has been on the top owing to its secure and less error-prone services.

The modern version of Gmail dealing with the one-page application is founded on the AngularJS and other java development services and frameworks, relying on rich JavaScript logic and local data models, allowing numerous clicks within the browser without a server delay.

Which other popular sites are build using these frameworks?

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